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Isaiah4 Whitney (Isaiah3, Thomas2, John1), son of Isaiah3 and Sarah (Woodward)(Eddy) Whitney, was born 1 Jun 1700, Lexington, MA, was baptized Jul 1700, Lexington, MA,[1] and died 9 Aug 1737, Harvard, MA, aged 38 years.[2]

Marriage intentions were published 15 Nov 1728, Stow, MA, for him "of Lancaster" and Elizabeth Farrow.[3] There is no marriage record. If they married, then she must have died soon, and no children are recorded from this couple.

Isaiah married, before 3 Jan 1733/4, probably Stow, MA, Elizabeth5 Whitney, daughter of John4 and Elizabeth (Barnard) Whitney. She was born say 1710, probably Stow, MA, and died between 8 May 1756 and 15 Jul 1757, Harvard, MA, the dates of her will and its proof. She, called "wid.", married secondly, 30 Sep 1740, Harvard, MA, Jonathan Sawyer, Jr.[4]

The vital records of Lancaster, MA, show the marriage of "Josiah" Whetney and Elisabeth Whetney on 24 Apr 1733. This is virtually certain to be the marriage record of this Isaiah4 Whitney and his wife Elizabeth5 Whitney, the printed vital records (and perhaps the originals) being erroneous.

"Stow, Massachusetts, 1683 - 1933, compiled in honor of The Two Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Town;" published by Rev. & Mrs. Preston R. Crowell of Stow, Massachusetts; n.p.d. - says he moved to Harvard and purchased lands of Caleb Sawyer on "Bare Hill" in 1722. Was a blacksmith. Joined the Harvard church in 1733; his wife in 1734. She lived to be 106 years old. Had 2 Children,-- Betty, Isaiah No. 3.

Elizabeth5 (Whitney)(Whitney) Sawyer left a will on 8 May 1756, Harvard, Worcester, MA; mentions granddaughter Betty Bruce. Her estate was probated on 15 Jul 1757, Harvard, Worcester, MA; will proved.

Pierce says the following:[5]

He was born in Cambridge farms, Lexington, Mass., in 1700, and soon after marriage moved to Harvard where he purchased land of Caleb SAWYER on Bare Hill in 1722, where he followed his trade, that of blacksmithing. He joined the Harvard church in 1733, and his wife the following year. He died intestate in 1737. The inventory of his estate was made Sept. 5, 1737, by Jonathan WHITNEY and others.
A warrant calling a town-meeting on Monday, the eighteenth day of May, 1730, discloses the ambition of the villagers at Bare Hill, an article in it being:
Also to Consider Conclude and act what may then be thought proper to be done in Settling off a part of ye Town of Lancaster by meets and bounds or by allowing a dividing line to be made, begining at the Southern end of ye Causey near to the House of Samuel WILSON and Run West northwest to ye west line of Lancaster Old township, or so much Land lying on ye northerly side of sd Causey as may be judged soficient for to make a Township with that part of Stow and Groton whose inhabitants have agreed and Covenanted with the petitioners. Among the petitioners are Isaiah WHITNEY, John WHITNEY and Jonathan WHITNEY.

Children of Isaiah4 and Elizabeth5 (Whitney) Whitney, both born Harvard, MA:

i. Bettee5 Whitney, b. 3 Jan 1733/4;[6] m. Samuel Bruce.
ii. Isaiah Whitney, b. 28 Nov 1735;[7] m. Persis Randall.


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