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Jared6 Whitney (Samuel5, John4, Henry3, John2, Henry1), son of Samuel5 and Mary (St. John) Whitney, was born 27 Jun 1776, Stockbridge, MA, and died 13 Oct 1863, Kirkland, NY, aged 87 years 4 months 16 days.

He married firstly, about 1803, Paris, NY, Polly White, daughter of Jedediah and Barbara (Wilcox) White. She was born 10 Feb 1781, Middletown, CT, and died 18 Feb 1813, Paris, NY, in child-bed, aged 32 years 8 days.

He married secondly, 1813, Paris, NY, Patience (Husted) Beebe, daughter of David and Patience (Palmer) Husted, of Dutchess County, NY. She was born 22 Jan 1778, Dutchess County, NY, and died 13 Jan 1860, Kirkland, NY, aged 82 years 21 days of inflamation of the lungs[1].

Phoenix says the following:

Jared Whitney, b. in Stockbridge, Mass., 27 June 1776; a farmer; married about 1803, in Paris, now Marshall, N.Y., Polly White, born at Middletown, Conn., 10 Feb. 1781, dau. of Jedediah and Barbara (Wilcox) White.1 They settled at Presque Isle, now Erie, Penn., where he had spent a year before his marriage, preparing a home. After living there about eight years, she became consumptive, and they returned to Paris, now Kirkland, N.Y., settling on his father's homestead, where she died in child-bed, 18 Feb. 1813, aged 32 years and eight days, and was buried in the Whitney Cemetery. He married (2d), in 1813, at Paris, now Kirkland, N.Y., Patience Husted, widow of John Beebe,1 and dau. of David and Patience (Palmer) Husted, of Dutchess County, N.Y., where she was born 22 Jan. 1778, according to her father's record. Her father was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. She died, 13 Jan. 1860, aged 82 years and 21 days, according to her gravestone, though really nine days less than 82 years old. He died in Kirkland, 13 Oct 1863, aged 87 years, 4 months, and 16 days. They were buried in the Whitney Cemetery, on his father's homestead. He and his family attended the Presbyterian church in Marshall.

Children of Jared6 and Polly (White) Whitney:

i. Polly7 Whitney, b. 29 Aug 1804 (twin), Presque Isle, PA; m. William Grumman Young.
ii. Anna Whitney, b. 29 Aug 1804 (twin), Presque Isle, PA; m. John Candee Peck.
iii. Julia Whitney, b. 9 Nov 1806, Presque Isle, PA; m. Reuben Munger.
iv. Samuel Whitney, b. 31 Jul 1809, Presque Isle, PA; m.(1) Charlotte Mills; m.(2) Nancy Mills.
v. (daughter) Whitney, b. Feb 1813, Paris, NY, a few days before her mother's death; d. about the same time as her mother did, and was buried in the Whitney Cemetery.

Children of Jared6 and Patience (Husted)(Beebe) Whitney:

vi. Sylvester St. John Whitney, b. 2 Dec 1814, Paris, NY; a carpenter and joiner, and since 1855, a farmer; resided, in 1874, on the homestead of his father and grandfather, in Kirkland, unmarried. He was appointed by Silas Wright, Governor of New York, Lieut. Col. of 20th Reg., N. Y. Infantry, with rank from 21 June 1845.
vii. David Husted Whitney, b. 10 Oct 1816, Paris, NY; m. Mary Angeline Walker; m.(2) Lydia Eliza Lapham.
viii. (daughter) Whitney, b. -----, Paris, NY; d. when only a few weeks old, and was buried in the Whitney Cemetery at Kirkland.


  • 1810: not found. He may have been one of the three "J. Whitney" individuals enumerated in Oneida Co., NY, but none shows 1 male and 3 females 0-9 in his household.
  • 1820, Paris, Oneida Co., NY: Jared Whitney, 1 male 26-44, 3 males 0-9, 1 female 26-44, 3 females 16-25, and 1 female 10-15; 1 engaged in agriculture.
  • 1830, Kirkland, Oneida Co., NY: Jared Whitney, 1 male 50-59, 1 male 20-29, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 10-14, 1 female 70-79, 1 female 40-49, 1 femlae 20-29, 1 female 15-19, and 1 female 10-14. The female 70-79 was probably his mother.
  • 1840, Kirkland, Oneida Co., NY: Jared Whitney, 1 male 60-69, 1 male 20-29, 1 female 60-69, and 1 female 20-29; 2 engaged in agriculture.
  • 1850, Kirkland, Oneida Co., NY:

417 447 Jared Whitney 74 M - Farmer $4000 N.Y. Patince " 70 F - N.Y. Sylvester " 35 M - Joiner $100 N.Y. David " 33 M - $2500 N.Y. Mary " 27 F - N.Y. George Walker 17 M - Farmer N.Y. Attended school

371 401 Jared Whitney 83 M - Farmer $4640 $1650 Mass. Silvester S. " 45 M - $5000 N. York Mary Wilber 36 F - House Keeper " Ida " 5 F - " William Toole 21 M - Domestic Ireland Illiterate

92 101 Whitney, Sylvester 54 M W Garmer $7700 $4200 N.Y. Male citizen over 21 Sanderson, Welthy 34 F W House Keeper N.Y. Holden, John 25 M W Farm laborer N.Y. Father foreign born, Male citizen over 21

Wealthy was granddaughter of Patience (Husted)(Beebe) Whitney by her first husband.

S. S. WHITTNEY]] 65 Self M S W NY Farmer MA NY Wealthy SANDERSON 43 Niec F S W NY Housekeeper NY NY John BREST 25 Othe M S W NY Farm Laborer PRUSSIA PRUSSIA

Wealthy was granddaughter of Patience (Husted)(Beebe) Whitney by her first husband.


1.^  1860 Mortality Schedule.

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