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Dr. John Morgan9 Whitney (Moses Allis8, Moses7, Samuel6, Samuel5, Nathaniel4, Nathaniel3, John2, John1), son of Moses Allis8 and Amanda (Morgan) Whitney, was born 1 Oct 1835, Marlboro, VT, and died after 1910.

He married, Oberlin, OH, 5 Aug 1869, Mary Sophronia Rice, of Oberlin, OH. She was born 29 Nov 1837, Cleveland, OH, and died after 1910.

John Morgan Whitney was born in Marlboro, Vermont, 1 Oct 1835, in the home of his grandfather. At two years of age he was taken by his parents to Strongsville, OH, but on the death of his mother soon after their arrival, he was brought back to his uncle, Stephen Whitney, in Marlboro, where he remained two or three years. He then went to live with his father in Strongsville, OH. After his father's second marriage his older brother, Locke, was brought from his uncle, William Whitney's, in Rowe, MA, and for the first time they knew each other as brothers. A few years of school and the father took his family to the new state of Illinois. The home was not far from the river DuPage; upon its meadows deer were then more plentiful than cattle, so that scarcely an hour in the day during the summer there could not be seen several; often thirty or forty were counted at a time. In the waters were found the most enticing fish that ever inveigled a boy from work. The first school of the three months was taught by the father. The next three months the following year was taught by a young man who sat with his cap on with a rod by his side long enough to reach the head of the farthermost boy, and when any one disturbed him in his reading "Paine's Age of Reason" and similar works, he was given a cut across the head and shoulders, and the reading continued. The next year a school-house was built and an excellent teacher was engaged. After the father's death, the two boys went back to Strongsville to their guardian's, Mr. Jubal Whitney. Here they enjoyed the privileges of excellent schools and were by them prepared to enter the preparatory department of Oberlin college. By teaching winters, with some assistance they easily carried forward their education. During the summer vacation of 1856, Locke being in Strongsville, the town was visited with dysentery as an epidemic. The scourge was so fatal that none dare venture to care for the sick outside of the family. One family could find no one to care for them, and he volunteered his help, and, being overworked by his studies, soon fell before the destroyer, in the twenty-first year of his age--a young man of great promise. The complete failure of John's health compelled him to relinquish study for several years. During the war he obtained a clerkship in the quartermaster's department of Tennessee, and was there until the war closed. He came home, studied dentistry under Dr. J. F. Siddall, of Oberlin, OH, and graduated from the dental college of Pennsylvania. During the summer of 1869 he was married to Mary S. Rice, of Oberlin, and took for his wedding tour a trip to Honolulu, Hawaiian island. Here he commenced the practice of dentistry. After four years he returned with his wife to Columbus, OH, where he took a course and graduated from the Starling Medical college of that city. He opened an office for the practice of dentistry in Cleveland, where he had two children born to him. Finding the weather too severe for health, in the fall of 1876 he returned with his family to Honolulu, where he has been in the successful practice of his profession ever since; resided Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands.

Children of John Morgan9 and Mary Sophronia (Rice) Whitney:

i. Mary Louise10 Whitney, b. 27 Sep 1874, Cleveland, OH; d. 13 Dec 1879.
ii. William Locke Whitney, b. 8 Feb 1876, Cleveland, OH.
iii. Ada Rice Whitney, b. 25 Jul 1877 (adopted).


  • 1850: not found.
  • 1860: not found.
  • 1870, probably in Hawaiian Islands.
  • 1880, probably in Hawaiian Islands.
  • 1900: not found.
  • 1910, Punahou Street, Honolulu, Honolulu Co., Territory of Hawaii:

9 9 Whitney, John M. Head M OC 74 m40 Vermont Vermont Vermont Dentist surgery, Owns free house -----, Mary S. Wife F OC 72 m40 2ch 1lv Ohio New York Massachusetts None Innoywye, Shebaitro Srvt M Jp 21 sgl Japan Japan Japan Laborer gardner, immigrated 1907 alien Sato, Tuneyosi Srvt M Jp 33 m0 Japan Japan Japan Cook Immigrated 1900 alien ----, Yone Srvt F Jp 33 m0 0ch 0lv Japan Japan Japan Servant Immigrated 1907


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