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Joseph Whitney, parentage unknown, was born between 1760 and 1770, and died 1837.

He married Elizabeth -----. She was born between 1760 and 1770, and died after 1840.

"P:252 5 October 1837, Joseph Whitney Senr., for love and affection for grandson John Whitney and grand daughter Elender, his wife, and the sum of $1, granted a negro boy named Charles about 16 years, posession to be taken at Joseph's death and a negro girl Sarah Ann to be taken at Joseph's death and the death of his wife."[1]

Land transactions for Joseph Whitney

The State Of Tennessee – No. 5213[2]
To all to whom these presents shall come, GREETING:
"KNOW YE, that in consideration of Military service performed by Stephen Gainey to the State of North Carolina, Warrant, No. 1380 dated November 10th 1784 and entered on this the 1st day of March 1811. by No. 5970.
"There is granted by the said State of Tennessee unto Joseph Whitney Asignee of the heirs of this said Stephen Gainey -----"
"A certain tract or parcel of land, containing one hundred acres part of said warranty lying in Jackson County. In the first district beginning at a black oak standing about twenty poles southwardly of a spring, and on the waters of Brimstone Creek, on the North side of Cumberland River, running West crossing a spring branch at fifty poles, crossing a second branch at seventy six poles in all eighty nine and one half poles to two burch saplings, thence North one hundred and seventy nine poles to two dogwoods and a hickory, thence cast eighty nine and a half poles to two burches and a dogwood, thence South one hundred and seventy nine poles to the beginning ---- Surveyed 20th of February 1812 by John Murrey D.S. ---- Recorded June 6th 1814"
"With the hereditaments, and I appurtenances to have and to hold the said Tract or Parcel of land with the appurtenances, to the said Joseph Whitney and his heirs forever: In witness whereof Willie Blount Governor of the State of Tennessee, hath hereunto set his hand and caused the great seal of the state to be affixed, at Nashville on the twenty second day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, and the Independence of the UnitedState, the thirty eighth."
Signed by the Governor of Tennessee
Willie Blount & W.G. Blount Secretary

The State of Tennessee [3]
"28 301 10492 - 29 March 1813"
"Joseph Whitney...10 acres... McFarland's and Proctor's creeks... to include said Whitney's house and part of his improvement."

"29 106 11852 - 10 December 1813"
"Joseph Whitney...10 acres... waters of Knob Creek...road leading from Bennett's Ferry to Glasgow. North of James McColgin's south boundary..tract wheron said Whitney now lives..including said Whitney's blacksmith shop."

"29 106 11854 - 10 December 1813"
"Joseph Whitney...6 acres... waters of Brimstone Creek. Beginning at a beech near Leonard Huff's spring.. to include said spring and the house and improvement whereon said Huff now lives."

"29 237 12741 - 6 June 1814"
"Joseph Whitney...10 acres...waters of Knob cr..near road leading from Bennett's Ferry to Glasgow.. adjacent James McColgan's..the tract whereon said Whitney now lives.. including said blacksmith shop."

"29 237 12742 - 6 June 1814"
"Joseph Whitney...6 acres...waters of Brimstone Creek near Leonard Huff's Spring.. to include said spring and house... improvement where said Huff now lives."

"30 448 17569 - 7 September 1816"
"Joseph Whitney...12 acres... McFarland's include where Charles Carter now lives. Aaron Whitney, location."

"31 178 19688 - 9 March 1818."
"Archibald Plumley...15 acres...on Dry Creek.. to include a sugar camp occupied by Joseph Whitney. James Moss, location."

Court proceedings for Joseph Whitney

12 January 1821: James Burckhardt by his next best friend Christopher Burckhardt -vs- Joseph Whitney assault charges.

3 March 1821: James Burckhardt by his next best friend Christopher Burckhardt -vs- Joseph Whitney assault and battery charges. Christopher is appointed temporary guardian of James.

21 March 1821: Joseph Whitney, and Wade H. Whitney each posted $50.00 appearance bond.

23 March 1821: State vs Joseph Whitney. It appears that the sheriff of the county is kinned to the defendant, and Jeremiah Rice is appointed to summon a jury.

24 March 1821: James Burckhardt will no longer prosecute Joseph Whitney in the assualt charge against him by Burckhardt. Whitney will pay all costs.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (-----) Whitney:

i. Aaron Whitney, b. 1790-1800.
ii. Wade H. Whitney, b. 1790-1800.


A probable descendant of Joseph Whitney has been DNA tested and is a match to other descendants of immigrant Samuel Whitney. This indicates that this Joseph was probably a grandson or great grandson of Joshua Whitney.

See The Wade Whitney Connection.

Both an Aaron Whitney and a Wade Whitney served in the West Tennessee Militia in the War of 1812, indicating the family's origin prior to arriving in Missouri.

"Joseph WHITNEY received land grants in Jackson County in 1813 and 1816. He was married to a lady named Elizabeth, maiden name unknown. His sons, Wade, and Aaron served in the war of 1812 in Capt Henry West's company of Col James Raulston's 3rd regiment from Jackson County. Wade's wife was named Susan, maiden name unknown. Aaron's wife was named Rachel, maiden name unknown. I believe this family came to Jackson County from Fairfield District South Carolina. Wade was my 4th great-grandfather. Does anyone have any information on this family, such as maiden names of wives, or sister(s) of Wade and Aaron? Levi LEE of capt Henry West's company kept a diary during the war of 1812. Does anyone know where to find a copy of this diary?" - [4]

  • Joseph shows up on an 1803 Tennessee State Tax list.
  • The general area of the above itemized properties were somewhere southwest of the nearby present day towns of Celina, and Moss, Tennessee, which lie near the Kentucky, and Tennessee border.


  • 1830, Howard Co., MO: Joseph Whitney, 1 male 60-70, 1 male 10-15, 1 female 60-70, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 15-20, 1 male slave 24-35, 3 male slaves 0-9, 1 female slave 24-35, 1 female slave 10-23, 1 female slave 0-9, 12 people total


  • Census records

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