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Joseph Newell7 Whitney (Zachariah Leach6, Isaac L.6, Isaac5, Isaac4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1), son of Zachariah Leach6 and Elizabeth Cambridge (Hayden) Whitney, was born 13 Sep 1836, Raymond, ME, and died 10 Jan 1912, Washington, D.C.

He married firstly, 23 Nov 1865, Washington, DC, Charlotte S. Burroughs. She was born Jun 1831, New York, and died 18 Mar 1909, Washington, DC.

He married secondly, 1 Jul 1910, Atlantic City, NJ, Portia C. Sprague, daughter of Catharine C. (----) Sprague. She was born Nov 1873, Washington, DC.

He resided Washington, DC, s. p. Chief clerk of bureau of statistics. He and his wife Charlotte are buried in the Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, DC.

Joseph was a Civil War veteran, and he received a pension from the U.S. government.


793 887 Whitney, James N. 33 M W Lawyer $2000 $1000 Maine Male citizen over 21 -----, Charlotte 39 F W Keeps House $1000 New York Fry, John P. 50 M W Lawyer New York Male citizen over 21 Grandle, Geo. H. 20 M W Mercantile Clerk Maine Dunn, Edward T. 55 M W Pay M. U.S.N. Maryland Male citizen over 21 Stewart, Matilda 33 F M Dom. Servant Maryland Illiterate Barker, Ophelia 26 F M " " D.C. Illiterate

Clearly "James" should be "Joseph".

Joseph A. WHITNEY 43 Self M M W ME Clerk Bureau Of States ME ME Charlotte WHITNEY 40 Wife F M W NY NY NY Daniel VOORHEES 50 Oth M M W IN Senator IN IN Jane VOORHEES 47 Oth F M W IN At Home IN IN Hallie VOORHEES 25 Oth F S W IN At Home IN IN Edward CORNING 19 Neph M S W DC Printer DC DC William WATTERS 36 Oth M W B VA Servant VA VA

59 72 Smith, J. Henry Head W M Feb 1855 45 mar 15 Dist. of Col. Virginia Dist. of Col. Rents House -----, Ella F. Wife W F Mar 1853 47 mar 15 1ch 1liv Michigan Massachusetts New York -----, Hoxsie Y. Son W M Apr 1887 13 sgl Dist. of Col. Dist. of Col. Michigan A school -----, Annie E. Moth W F Aug 1831 69 wid 4ch 2liv Dist. of Col. New Jersey Dist. of Col. Whitney, Joseph Brdr W M Sep 1836 64 mar 31 Maine Maine Maine Govt. clerk -----, Charlotte S. Brdr W F Jun 1831 69 mar 31 0ch 0liv New York New York New York Martin, Charles H. Brdr W M Jun 1876 24 sgl Michigan New York Michigan Student Gilbert, Charles B. Brdr W M Mar 1845 55 wid Maine Maine Maine Physician Griswold, Steward Brdr W M Mar 1877 23 sgl New York New York Illinois Student Clarke, Rebecca F. Brdr W F Aug 1847 53 sgl New York West Virginia Pennsylvania Govt. clerk Ashley, Kathrinia Brdr W F Dec 1854 46 mar 13 2ch 1liv Dist. of Col. Dist. of Col. Dist. of Col. Govt. clerk Howill, Annie E. Brdr W F Jul 1840 60 sgl Ohio New Jersey Pennsylvania Govt. clerk Jacobs, Ella M. Brdr W F Oct 1869 31 sgl Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Govt. clerk Hendsie, Lucy M. Brdr W F Aug 1847 53 wid 1ch 1liv Ohio Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Govt. clerk Brughantt, Caroline Brdr W F Jun 1834 66 sgl 0ch 0liv Massachusetts Massachusetts Connecticut Govt. clerk


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