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Joshua's Locations

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Joshua3 Whitney (David2, Samuel1), son of David2 and Martha (-----) Whitney,[1] was born about Dec 1690, Bermuda,[2] and died about Jan 1735/36, Edgecombe County, North Carolina. [3]

He married, first, sometime before 1720 and perhaps much earlier, probably in Bermuda, Mary -----.[4] She died sometime after 1720 when she signed her mark to a land agreement in Bermuda and sometime before 1732 when her husband was listed as married to Martha. She could have died in Bermuda, during the voyage, or after the family settled in Isle of Wight Co., VA.

The family left Bermuda early in 1721 when they settled on Pagan Creek, Isle of Wight Co., VA.

He married, second, sometime after 1721 and before 1732, probably in Isle of Wight Co., VA, Martha -----.[5]

He was a mariner and built the Sloop Catherine along Pagan Creek, Isle of Wight Co., VA about 1731. He later willed this ship to his sons in his will.

N.C. Archives, Treasurers and Comptrollers Papers - Ports Records - Port Roanoke - Book of Registers, 1725-1751, Vol. 15, Page 27, Folio 2.
"... Joshua Whitney of ye county of Isle of Wight in Virginia Mariner that ye Sloop ye Catherine of Virginia; whereof he is at present master being square stern'd Vessel of the Burthen of Nine Tons or thereabouts, was built on Pagan Creek in ye County aforesd. this past year 1731 & that he sd. Witney sole Owner." - Avant, p. 239.

Avant says the following:[6]

Bermuda Composite Deeds, Vets. 9, 1, pp. 45-48
26 Dec. 1720 - "JOSHUA WITNEY of Pembrooke Tribe In Bermuda or Somer Islands Marriner" [sells to] CAPT FRANCIS LANDY of the same Tribe and Islands also Mariner... for L45... one acre in Pambrooke Tribe bounding East on the Lands of ABRAHAM ADDERLY West on the Lands of THOS COLLINS North on Other lands of the said JOSHUA WITNEY and South on And in lett of the Sea called Crawlane with all Ceder and Ceder Trees... /s/ JOSHUA WITNEY The mark X of MARY WHITTNEY Sealed and Delivered in presence of Wm RICHARDSON, GEO: EVE, THOs BURTON"... "Rece'd this 26th day of Decer 1720 from CAPT FRANCIS LANDY the full and Just Sum of forty five pounds Current money"... /s/ JOSHUA WHITTNY [Wit:] WM RICHARDSON, GEO: EVE, THOs BURTON... livery of seizin given by JOSHUA WHITTNY to MRs RUTH LANDY as Attorney to CAPT FRANCIS LANDY [Wit:] THOMAS BURTON, JOHN WARD, JOSEPH PITT, JOHN BURGIS. RICHARDSON and BURTON attest before GOV. BENJAMIN BENNETT 15 Jan. 1721/22, rec. by RICHARD TUCKER deputy secretary. JOSHUA WITNEY and JONA RAWLINGS enter bond for L200 on 26 Dec. 1720 /s/ JOSHUA WHITTNEY, JONA his = mark RAWLINGS. Attest by RICHARDSON and BURTON on 15 Jan. 1721/22 and rec. by RICHARD TUCKER, dep. sec.
COMMENT: This is the last record found for JOSHUA WHITNEY in Bermuda. He is next located in Va. in 1721 in the records below.
[Records and Comments by WILLIAM L. HOPKINS]
Isle of Wight, Va., Deeds, Wills Great Book, Vol. 2,(1715-1726), pp. 413-414
15 May 1721 - Indenture between THEOPHILUS JOYNER of Isle of Wight and JOSHUA WHITNY of Island of Burmudos... for sum of 5 shillings... grant & bargain to JOSHUA WHITNEY... 200 acres in Co. of Isle of Wight... being part of tract given me by my father THOs "JOYNER" by deed 1 Feb. 1681... s/ THEOPHILUS (X) JOYNER. Wit: H. LIGHTFOOT, TIMOTHY TINES, RICHARD BROOK.
16 May 1721 -Indenture between THEOPHILUS JOYNER of Isle of Wight Co. and JOSHUA WHITNY of Island of Burmudos for sum of L41/15 current money of Va... sell to JOSHUA WHITNY... 200 acres in Co. aforesaid... part of tract given me by my father THOS JOYNER by deed 1 Feb 1681....
Ibid., pp. 728-729
1 Dec. 1725 - Indenture between CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS & ELIZABETH REYNOLDS of Lower Parish of Isle of Wight Co and JOSHUA WHITTNEY of ye same parish & Co... Marcht in Va. ...for consideration of 5 shillings sell all lands where GILES DRIVER now liveth... [adjoining former] land of ELIZABETH REYNOLDS... land between the two creeks... 150 acres... s/CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH (X) REYNOLDS. Wit: JOHN (R) WHITFIELD, MARY (X) WHITFIELD.
27 Dec. 1725 - CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS Ack. deed. Rec. H. LIGHTFOOT, Cl. Curt.
COMMENT: These important deeds shows that JOSHUA WHITNEY of Bermuda first purchased land in Isle of Wight Co., Va. in May of 1721, that he was a merchant at that time, and he lived in the Lower Parish of Isle of Wight Co., Va.
Ibid., Deed Book 4 (1729-1736), pp. 128-129
21 Mar. 1732 - Indenture between JOHN REYNOLDS of Isle of Wight Co. and JOSHUA WHITNEY whereas CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, father Of said JOHN REYNOLDS & ELIZABETH wife of said CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS by Indentures of Lease and Release bearing date of first & second day of Dec. 1725... did sell to JOSHUA WHITNEY tract where GYLES DRIVER lived... for Sum of Five Shillings Currant Money of Va. ...Hath... for ever quit Claim... unto... JOSHUA WHITNEY all... Lands Tenemts & P'mises... all the Estate Right Title... of Said JOHN REYNOLDS to the sd Lands P'miss's & Tenements... In Witness whereof... JOHN REYNOLDS hath set his hand & Seal the Day & Year first above written s/JOHN REYNOLDS.Wit: JOHN WRIGHT, MOSES GREEN. HENRY LIGHTFOOT, C. C.
21 Mar. 1732 - JOHN REYNOLDS of Isle of Wight indebted to JOSHUA WHITNEY in sum of L106... bond... Condition of Obligation is such that if the above bound JOHN REYNOLDS shall keep all Covenants Grants Articles ...s/JOHN REYNOLDS. Wit: JNO WRIGHT, MOSES GREEN, H. LIGHTFOOT.
27 Mar. 1733 - Ack by JOHN REYNOLDS. Test:JAMES INGLES, Clk. Court,
Ibid., pp. 374-376
27 Oct. 1734 - Indenture between JOSHUA WHITNEY Planter of Va. and JAMES EWART Merchant of North Brittain... for sum of L35 Va. money... 200 acres in Co. aforesaid... a little below WALLS'Bridge [perhaps WILLS' was intended. See next deed.]... [adjoining] land of THOMAS UZZELL bought of WILLIAM BRADSHAW... said land being bought by said WHITNEY from THEOPHILUS JOYNER... s/JOSHUA WHITNEY. Wit: JA RIDLEY, THOMAS SMITH, EDWD (X) BELL. [release and L70 bond follows]
29 Oct. 1734 - JOSHUA WHITNEY and MARTHA his wife Ack. deed to JAMES EWART. Rec. JAMES BAKER, Clk. Cou.
Ibid., Deed Book 7 (1744-1747), pp. 309-311
21 Apr. 1746 - Indenture between JEREMIAH WHITNEY Surviving Executor of Last Will and Testament of JOSHUA WHITNEY dec'd. of Co. of Goochland and JOHN WILLS of Co. of Isle of Wight... JOSHUA WHITNEY father of JEREMIAH WHITNEY did appoint all that land on Pagan Creek which he purchased of CHRISTOPHER and JOHN REYNOLDS to be sold and money divided amongst his children... for sum of L25/15 money of Va. ... sells to JOHN WILLS 150 acres in Isle of Wight... formorly granted GILES DRIVER... s/ JEREMIAH WHITNEY. Wit: BARTHW LIGHTFOOT, THOs WILLS, H. LIGHTFOOT, JOHN (J) JOLLEY.
22 Apr. 1746 - Recd of JOHN WILLS, , Gent. sum of L25/15 being consideration money mentioned... s/JEREMIAH WHITNEY. Wit: THOMAS WILLS, BARTHw LIGHTFOOT... 28 Apr. 1746- ...Rec. JAS BAKER, Clk. Ct.

The Will of Joshua Whitney reads:[7]

In The Name of God amen the twenty Six Day of December one Thouasend Seuen Hondred & threty five I JOSHUA WHITTINY Mariner Being Veray Weak and Sick in Body But of Perfit mind and memery thanks be Giveng to God For it Calling vnto mind the mortality of may Boday and Knoing that it is Apoynted for all men Once to Daye, Dewe make and Ordine this my Last will and and Testament that is to Say principlie and first of all I Giue and Recomend my Soull into the hand of God that Giue it & my body I Recomend to the Earth to be Buried in Decent Christen Buriell at the Decration of My Executors Noth[i]ng Douting but at the Genrall Resurraction I shall Recaue [Receive] the Same agan by the mighty poure of God, and as Tachiching Such worldy Estates Wherof it hath pleased God to blease me in [T]hi[s] Life I Giue and Demise & Despose of the Same in the folling maner and form
Ittim I Giue and BeQuith unto my Louing wiffe MATHA WHITTNIY one Negor Wench Called DEANNA & the Beast bead [best bed] in the House
Ittim I Giue to my Son DAVID WHITTNY one Negar Girl Name NANCEA [&] one Quarter part of the Ship Ketring
Ittim I Giue and Be Quith to my Son JERIMIH WHITTNY ane [one] Negor man Caled FRANK and ane Quarter part of the Ship Ketring
Ittim I Giue and be Quith to my Son SAMUELL WHITTNY one melatow Boy Called DERRIE and one Quarter part of the Ship Ketring
Ittim I Give & be Qu[i]th to my Doghter KETRING one mollatow Wench Calld JEAN & hir incrace and the Beast Ceader Chist in the House and my Second Beast Bead & all the Beas Forniter [furnishings (bed covers) etc.] of the Bead
Ittim I Giue and be Quith [rest of line blank] I Desayer the plantation that I have ane pagon Creek may be Sold
Ittim I give (&) be Quith to my Son JOSEPH WHITTNIY [T]hree Silluer Spouns
Ittim I Giue and BeQuith unto my Doghter RUTH YITN WHITTNEY three Silluer Spouns
Itt[i]m I Giue and BeQuith to my Son FRANCES WHITTNEY three Siluer Spouns
Ittim I Giue to my Doghter KETRING [KATHRINE] WHITTINEY one Silluer Spoun [a]nd on[e] Siluer Tankard
Ittim I Giue to my Son SAMUELL WHITTNY a ano Siluer Spoun abord of the Ship Ketring and all my Clos abord of the Ship Ketring and all the Cash both Gold and Siluer that is in the Briches pocket that is abord
Ittim I Giue to my Son JERAMAIH WHITTNY one Silluer Spoun
my Will and Desayer is that my plantation that Layes on pagan Creek Land Houses and and Stock may be Sold and Deuidid Eckwillie among my Wife and Childrine and all the pork and Beaf and Tallow that is Dew in Carolina and all the Skins and Furs that ther is I Liue my Son DAUIED WHITTNIEY and my Son JERRIMIEH WHITTNEY My Holle and Sole Execturs and I Recall and Reuock all other Wills and Testments that was made Befor th[i]s
Singed Silled and Dell[i]uored in the prasens of us this 26 Day of Decmber 1735
[signed] JOSHUA WHITTNY (Seal)

Children of Joshua3 and Mary (-----) Whitney (birth order uncertain):

i. David4 Whitney,[8] He was living when his father wrote his will in 1735, but dead by the time it was administered on 17 Nov 1741. He probably died Edgecombe County, North Carolina.[9] He married Anne (-----).[10] On 21 Nov 1745, "Anna Whitney" placed the following advertisement in the Virginia Gazette: "WHEREAS Jeremiah Whitney, a tall young Man, of a fresh Complexion, with a whitish Camblet Coat, line'd with Red, a blue Cloak Jacket, a blue riding Coat, and a brown Wig, who lately live'd in Goochland County, feloniously stole from Mrs. Anna Whitney, of Edgcombe County, in the Province of Carolina, a Negroe Wench, call'd Manger, but has since chang'd her Name to Nan, on the 9th Instant came over Roanoak, and is credibly inform'd of his lurking about Pagan-Creek. Whoever will bring the said Whitney, or Negroe, to the Subscriber, shall have a Pistole Reward, besides what the Law allows. Anna Whitney." Because Pagan Creek was the location of land which Joshua Whitney had ordered sold in his will, and because Joshua had named sons David and Jeremiah his executors, and because David was deceased and Jeremiah the sole surviving executor, it is believed that this "Anna Whitney" was actually the widow of David. Note also that Joshua had willed David "one Negar Girl Name NANCEA" which is tantalizingly close to the name of the stolen "Negroe Wench" named "Nan".
ii. Jeremiah Whitney.[11] Resided in Goochland Co., VA. He may have had a son Jeremiah.[12]
iii. Samuel Whitney,[13] born about 1720,[14] died about 1794, Martin County, North Carolina.[15]
iv. Catherine Whitney.[16]
v. Joshua Whitney. He, listed as "Joseph", was bequeathed three silver spoons in his father's 1735 will.[17]
vi. Ruth Whitney.[18] She was bequeathed three silver spoons in her father's 1735 will, but after that there is no further record.
vii. Francis Whitney.[19] He was bequeathed three silver spoons in his father's 1735 will, but after that there is no further record. It is possible that he was the same man as Francis Whitney (s1750-a1783) of Fincastle and Washington Counties, VA. He also may have been one of the two Francis Whitneys listed in Orangeburgh County, SC, on the 1790 Census,[20] either Francis Whitney (c1745-a1790) or Francis Whitney (c1766-a1810).


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