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Capt. Joshua5 Whitney (Daniel4, Benjamin3, John2, John1), son of Daniel4 and Dorothy (Tainter) Whitney, was born 3 Apr 1737, Watertown, MA,[1] was baptized 3 Apr 1737, Watertown, MA,[2] and died 7 May 1809.

He "of Watertown" married firstly, 26 Jun 1759, Watertown or Newton, MA, Mary Clarke,[3] daughter of William and Mary (Marean) Clarke. She was born on 14 Apr 1741, Newton, MA, and died 4 Jul 1796.

He "Capt." "of Worcester" married secondly, 13 Mar 1797, Rutland, MA, "wid." Abigail (Flagg)(Cutting) Wood[4] "of Rutland", daughter of Richard and Grace (Moore) Flagg. She was born 14 Jun 1744, Holden, MA, and died 5 Oct 1838, Worcester, MA, aged 94 years.[5] She had married firstly, 1 Sep 1764, Holden, MA, Isaac Cutting. She "Mrs." "of Worcester" had married secondly, 12 Dec 1790, Rutland, MA, "Lt." Joseph Wood, as his second wife.

He was also known as Capt. Joshua Whitney.

Pierce says the following:[6]

He lived on what is now Millbury st, opposite the head of the present Cambridge street, was captain of the training band, was a farmer, and while plowing in the field with his team was called into service. Unhitching his team he started for Boston with others. His son, William Clarke, who was then eleven years of age, went with the men to take back the team. He said the lady of the house where they, stopped in Boston asked his father if he would have some tea his answer was "No," She said, "then I will give your little boy some." So he got some. Capt. Joshua was active in drilling and furnishing men for the Revolutionary war. He was an original member of the American Political society, was one of the committee appointed by the town May 16, 1774, to report instructions to be observed by Mr. Joshua BIGELOW, the representative to the General Court. In 1778 he was captain of the Worcester Military company. Joshua WHITNEY resided in Worcester, Mass., and sold land in Paris, Me, to his two sons, Daniel and Wm. Clarke, in 1785-88. In seating the meeting house in 1763, Capt. Joshua WHITNEY was given pew number 12. Capt. Joshua Whitney's will, of Worcester, mentions wife Abigail; daughter, Lucy CHAPIN, wife of Thaddeus CHAPIN; gives to Mary Whitney, wife of Samuel WHITNEY; sons Daniel and Clarke; daughter, Dorothy ADAMS; gives to Calvin, son of daughter Dorothy; daughter Grace RANKS, wife of John RANKS; give to Lydia ELDER, wife of John ELDER; gives to sons Joshua and Israel. Exec. Israel WHITNEY.

Children of Joshua5 and Mary (Clarke) Whitney:

i. Lucy6 Whitney, b. 12 Jun 1759, Worcester, MA;[7] bapt. ---- [prob. bef. 1773], Newton, MA;[8] m. 29 Jun 1780, Worcester, MA, Thaddeus Chapin, son of Benjamin and Jemima (Draper) Chapin.[9]
ii. Mary Whitney, b. 19 Jun 1761, Worcester, MA;[10] d. 27 Apr 1835, Gilsum, NH; m. 24 Jun 1778, Worcester, MA, Samuel6 Whitney, q.v.[11]
iii. Daniel Whitney, b. 31 Jul 1763, Worcester, MA; m. Mary Ward.
iv. William Clark Whitney, b. 19 Oct 1765, Worcester, MA;[12] m. Sophia Fuller.
v. Lydia Whitney, b. 26 Jun 1768, Worcester, MA;[13] m. 15 Feb 1792, Worcester, MA, John Elder, Jr.[14]
vi. Dorothy Whitney, b. 19 Jun 1770, Watertown, MA; m. May 1797, Worcester, MA, Joseph Adams.[15]
vii. Joshua Whitney, b. 16 Nov 1773, Worcester, MA.[16]
viii. Grace Whitney, b. 3 Mar 1776, Worcester, MA;[17] m. 8 Mar 1797, Worcester, MA, John Ranks.[18]
ix. Israel Whitney, b. 6 Apr 1781, Worcester, MA;[19] m. Lucy Mahan.

Joshua5 and Abigail (Flagg)(Cutting)(Wood) Whitney had no children.


His daughter Mary did not marry Joseph Phagins, despite the claim on David W. Clark's application to the Sons of the American Revolution.[20]



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