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Julia Ann7 Whitney (Peter6, Jonas5, Jonas4, Moses3, Richard2, John1), daughter of Peter6 and Joanna (Newhall) Whitney, was born 24 Aug 1814, Gray, ME, and died 14 Feb 1889, Gray, ME (cemetery records).

She married firstly, 20 Aug 1832, Gray, ME, Freeman Waterhouse, parentage not clear (he may have been the Freeman Waterhouse, born say 1812, son of Josiah and Rebecca [Brown] Waterhouse). They were divorced 16 Apr 1839, Cumberland Co., ME, and he remarried Sarah -----.

Freeman Waterhouse abandoned Julia and their son, Peter. She divorced him. The divorce was heard in the Supreme Judicial Court at Portland, ME, and for the County of Cumberland. The date of the hearing was “the second Tuesday of November AD (the 13th) 1838,” and was granted on the third Tuesday in April, 1839, which was the 16th.

She married secondly, 20 May 1839, Gray, ME, Thomas Cary, son of Zachary and Eliza (Newhall) Cary, her second cousin, as his second wife. He was born 12 May 1807, Turner, ME, and died 20 Mar 1901, Auburn, ME. He had married firstly, 1384, Theda L. Walker, who died in 1838.

"THOMAS CARY, son of Zachary and Eliza (Newhall) Cary, was born in Sterling, Mass., 1807. He was a brickmaker, residence, while in Oxford, on King street, opposite Mr. Ricker's. He was a stage driver on the Portland and Paris line, also on other routes. In May 1842, he removed to farm near Gray Corner, where he continued until his house was burned, a few years ago, since then, his dau. Mrs. Sykes, has made a home for him with her in Lewiston.

"He m. 1st, Theda L., dau. of Capt. Micah Walker of Paris; she d. July 31, 1838, and he m. 2d, May 20, 1839, Mrs. Julia Ann Waterhouse, dau. of Dr. Peter Whitney of Gray. She had one son, Peter Whitney Waterhouse, who had his surname changed to Cary, by the Legislature in 1842. He m. Mary Peck of Conn.


"Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1835 ; m. John Wesley of Patten.
"Theda, b. April, 1842; m. Robert M. Sykes of Lewiston.
"Cephas, b. 1843 ; m. Emma Farris, lives in Oxford.
"Gustavus Newhall, b. 1845 ; unm., died in the army.
"Cynthia, died in infancy. Mary, died in infancy.
"Cynthia Whitney, b. 1851 ; m. John Dingley of Lewiston.
"Albert Alonzo, b. 1853, lives in Gray."[1]

Children of Freeman and Julia Ann7 (Whitney) Waterhouse:

i. Peter Whitney Waterhouse, b. -----; m. Mary Peck, of CT. His name was changed from Waterhouse to Cary by the Legislature in 1842.

Children of Thomas and Theda L. (Walker) Cary:

i. Sarah Elizabeth Cary, b. 1835; m. John Wesley, of Patten, ME.

Children of Thomas and Julia Ann7 (Whitney)(Waterhouse) Cary:

i. Theda Cary, b. 14 Apr 1841, Gray, ME; d. 25 Sep 1911, Gray, ME; m. 27 Sep 1866, Portland, ME, Robert Maw Sykes, of Lewiston, ME.
ii. Cephas Cary, b. 1843; d. 27 Feb 1864 Gray, ME; m. Mary Emma Farris; resided Oxford, ME.
iii. Gustavus Newhall Cary, b. 1845; unmarried; died in the army.
iv. Cynthia Cary, b. 1847; d. 4 Nov 1850, Gray, ME, in infancy.
v. Mary Cary, b. Jul 1849; d. 6 Oct 1850, Gray, ME, in infancy.
vi. Cynthia Whitney Cary, b. Sep 1851; d. after 1943; m. 1877, prob. Auburn, ME, John Dingley, of Lewiston, ME.
vii. Albert Alonzo Cary, b. Apr 1853, Gray, ME; d. 6 Jun 1927, Gray, ME; m.(1) 31 Oct 1875, Poland, ME, Abby D. Strout; divorced 1886; m.(2) 6 Jul 1887, Gray, ME, Mrs. Bethiah Ann (-----) Andrews; resided Gray, ME.


From Karin Lightner:


Birth (12 May 1807): The death certificate for Thomas shows him as born in Turner, ME. However, the ANNALS OF OXFORD as well as the two Cary genealogy books list Thomas' place of birth as Sterling, MA. I did not find a record of birth for him either in Turner or Sterling, but since the Turner records have proved to be the more thorough and complete records, I am assuming Thomas was born in Sterling. Since other information is listed incorrectly on Thomas' death certificate (like stating his mother's first name was Susan when it was Betsey (Elizabeth)), it can be assumed that my great-grandmother was just wrong about this as well and was assuming he was born in Turner since that is where he grew up.

Death (20 March 1901): Thomas had moved to live with his daughter, Theda (my great-grandmother) after his house burned down in the late 1800's. According to his death certificate, he died of "Senility & fracture of femur."

Again, the last name has been misspelled -- it is shown as CarEy rather than CARY, but this is a common error found in records back then and older.

He is listed as having been a farmer, and his father, Zachary, as a carpenter. His mother is listed as "Susan Newhall," which we know is incorrect - his mother was Elizabeth (Betsey) Newhall, as verified in the Turner records. His father Zachary died in an accident when helping raise a house in 1809, and his mother Betsey died in 1814. I got the guardianship papers for the children. They were raised by Ezra Cary, which I'm assuming to be Zachary's brother and not his father. Each of the older sons were put into apprenticeship of some sort on reaching age 14. Thomas, however, stayed and worked the farm.

My understanding is that Theda was living in Lewiston at this time, so why the death certificate shows his dying in Auburn is not clear. Perhaps he was in the hospital for his broken leg?

Burial: Thomas and wife Julia are buried in the Whitney family plot in Gray. I am assuming that Dr. Peter Whitney originally purchased the plot when his son, Cephas, died in 1826. Unfortunately, Dr. Whitney died less than 6 months later and also is buried here, along with three other of his children, and some grandchildren, too.

General: Thomas was a brickmaker while living in Oxford, and he lived in Oxford at the time he married Julia. He also was a stage driver on the Portland and Paris line, as well as on other routes. In May, 1842 he moved to a farm near Gray Corner, where he continued to live until his house was burned (probably in the late 1890's). He then moved to live with his married daughter, Theda Cary Sykes, in Lewiston, Maine.

According to the probate records of Oxford County, Ezra Cary became guardian for Thomas and 3 of his 4 other siblings (all under the age of 14 -- David, Ezra, and Elizabeth) on the death of their mother, Betsey. My sense is that it was the children's Uncle Ezra who took on the children, since another brother and a brother-in-law of Ezra's also signed the papers. (I doubt it was the grandfather Ezra who'd have taken on these kids when they were orphaned, because the elder Ezra would have been in his 60's at the time, so probably not inclined to take on 4 young children .) The formal document is dated 15 Jun (?) 1815. I don't know what the delay was in this, since Betsey is shown as dying in 1814 in Turner records.

Though papers can be found for guardianship changes for David and for Ezra as they reached the age of 14, none is there for Thomas, and so it must be assumed that he continued to live with his uncle until an adult, helping to work the farm. Perhaps being the youngest of the boys his uncle decided to keep him, whereas he felt compelled to send out the older boys to others to apprentice a trade. In looking at the 1880 census, there is a spot that reads" age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880." Thomas' age is shown as 71, and his birthday is in May, so he was 71 at the time of the census, which would put his birth year as 1809 and not 1807 as listed on his death record in Turner. However, he has a sister born after him, in 1809, and his father died in November of 1809, so the only way this would work is if he were born and the mother immediately got pregnant again prior to the dad's death. This seems unlikely, since all the children are were close to two years apart in age. So I bet he just misspoke on the census.

2-2006: I found a reference in the ROYAL RIVER VALLEY FAMILIES (Old North Yarmouth, Cumberland Co., Maine families) compiled by David C. Young, Copyright 1997, which notes that Thomas' headstone says Thomas died 20 Mar 1901, @ 93 y 10 mos, which coincides with the birth date I have used, so I will figure he definitely mis-spoke on the 1880 census.

I also saw in the June 26, 1860 census that he lists his age as 53. He says he is a farmer with his real estate valued at $3100 and his personal estate valued at $1000, and that he was born in Maine.

In the 21 June 1870 census, his age is 64, [should be 63] he says he's a farmer, with his real estate valued at $2000 and his personal estate valued at $500.


Death (14 February 1889): I was given this date by the secretary of the Gray Cemetery. She got it from her records of burials.


Death (25 September 1911): The death certificate notes: "Struck by Express Train Neck broken, Compound Fracture of skull". Again, her maiden name is spelled CarEy instead of Cary.

General: The family story was that Theda's oldest son, Payson, also was killed in the carriage/train collision, but I have marriage and census records which show this was incorrect. Payson lived until after the 1920 census but died before the 1930 census.

CHILD NOTES: Cephas CARY General: THE ANNALS OF OXFORD, ME, by Marquis Fayette King, notes that Cephas and Mary lived in Oxford, ME.

In the 26 June 1860 census for Gray, Cumberland Co, ME, Cephas is listed as a stage driver and living with his parents.

The 1870 census shows what appears to be a Fred Cary, same age as Cephas' wife, Emma (25), living in the house and "at school."

Cephas had no brother named Fred, so must be Emma's brother, but they listed him as a Cary.

CHILD NOTES: Gustavus Newhall CARY

Birth (1845): In the 23 August 1850 census, he is shown as 5. In the 26 June 1860 census, he is shown as 14. Therefore, it is logical to assume his birthday fell between 27 June and 23 August, 1845.

Military (8 January 1864): Gustavus was a soldier in the Civil War from Maine. Mildred Sykes Klitgaard (great-niece) has certificate awarded him from the State of Maine. According to THE ANNALS OF OXFORD, ME by Marquis Fayette King, Gustavus "died in the army," so I am assuming he died in the Civil War. This book also notes he was unmarried.

He was in the 30 Regiment, Maine Infantry, company K. He was a private. The group organized 8 January 1864, and mustered out 20 August 1865. The Civil War was over in April, 1865, so if he died during the war, that would have been between the organizational date and the mustered out date. The information below is from the National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System:

30th Regiment, Maine Infantry

No. Soldier Name Company Rank In Rank Out

1 Cary, Gustavus K Pvt. Pvt.

If he had a "rank out," does that mean he didn't die in service, but in fact survived it? More research needed.

Death (after probably 4 July 1868): This date was the day he was awarded his certificate from the State of Maine for serving in the Civil War.



Death (4 November 1850): Cynthia's younger sister, Mary, died less than a month earlier on October 6, 1850 at age 15 months. How hard for these parents.


Death (6 October 1850): Mary is listed as 15 months old at the time of her death, which puts her as being born in either early July or late June, 1849. Her older sister, Cynthia, age 3, died less than a month later on 4 November 1850. What a difficult autumn for the Cary family.

General: Mary's middle initial is shown on the 1850 census as A. Somewhere I had her name as Mary F, but don't know where. I'll keep checking. If it is Mary F., then Julia probably named her daughter after her sister, Mary Farnsworth who died at 19, the Farnsworth coming from Julia's mother, Joanna's, sister Mary, who married a fellow named Farnsworth, and they never had children.

The 1850 census shows her as 9 months old. The census was done in mid-August, 1850, so that would mean she was born in November, 1849.

Mary and older sister Cynthia died within weeks of each other later in 1850. Thomas and Julia then named their next daughter, born about 1952, Cynthia. Seems to be a most unlucky name in the family.

CHILD NOTES: Cynthia Whitney CARY

Birth (September 1851): This is based on information from the 1900 census.

Death (after 1943): Cynthia Dingley is listed in a 1944 directory, so she died sometime after that, though it still could have been in 1944, just after the directory came out.

General: In the 1920 census, along with Cynthia's spinster daughter, Theda, is listed a sister, Helen W. Dingley, living in the household (Cynthia was a widow at that time, and the head of the household). Helen was another sister of John's, and also listed as "single" and age 60. They continue to live at 165 Whitney Street in Auburn, Maine.


Death (6 June 1927): The cemetery records indicate that Albert Cary was 81 at the time of his death. This would have put him as being born in 1846. We know that is not true for he does not appear in the census of 1850. The birth year noted in the Cary Memorials (1853) is could be correct, or the 1900 census month and year could be correct. I will go with the 1900 census date, because the information for certain would have come from the household, whereas the Cary Memorials records could be hearsay. I will use the birth month from the 1900 census. I wonder who put his headstone up and who gave the information on his age?

General: Albert Alonzo is shown as age 5 in the 26 June 1860 census, so he was born sometime after June 21st in 1854, not 1853, or else before June 21st in 1855, if the census info is correct. (see below)

In the 21 June 1870 census Albert is listed as 15 and living with his parents, and "works on farm."

In 1880 census, Albert and 1st wife, Abbie, living with his parents in Gray, ME. She is shown as born circa 1854, making her a year or two older than Albert. He is shown as a farmer.


1.^  King, Marquis Fayette, Annals of Oxford, Maine, from its incorporation in 1829-1850. Prefaced with an account of the Shepardsfield Plantation and Supplemented with Genealogical notes from the town's earliest records (Portland, ME: the author, 1903), pp. 160-161.

Copyright © 2011, Robert L. Ward, Karin Lightner, and the Whitney Research Group.