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"Ensign" Lemuel4 Whitney (Moses3, Richard2, John1), son of Moses3 and Sarah (Knight) Whitney, was born 1 Aug 1706, Stow, MA (calculated from age at death),[1] and died 23 Jan 1755, Stow, MA, aged 48 years 5 months 11 days.[2]

He married, say 1732, Stow, MA, Sibel -----, parentage unknown. She was born between about 1710 and 1715, and died 1799.

There was a Sybil Burt/Burk, daughter of Jonas and Hannah (Johnson) Burt/Burk, born 3 Nov 1714, Stow, MA, who is not otherwise accounted for. She is a possible spouse for Lemuel.

On 27 Mar 1755, Stow, MA, his inventory was taken by Phinehas Gates, Joseph Brown, and Abraham Whitney. On 5 May 1755, Stow, MA, administration bond was posted by Sibil Whitney, widow, of Stow, with Abraham Whitney and Amos Gates, yeomen, both of Stow, as sureties, as administratrix on the estate of her late husband Lemuel Whitney, late of Stow; also his inventory was exhibited. On 9 Apr 1759, Stow, MA, division of his estate was made by Lt. Richard Whitney, Abraham Whitney, Joseph Brown, William Keys, and Samuel Gates; to Widow Sybel Whitney; to eldest son Elias Whitney; to second son Lemuel Whitney; to third son Isaac Whitney. On 1 May 1759, Stow, MA, the division was agreed to by Sybel Whitney, Elias Whitney, Phineas Gates.

Pierce says the following:[3]

1799, Abram Whitney, Jr., of Stow, land once of Sibel WHITNEY, late of Stow, deceased, now in right of Isaac WHITNEY. Nabby WHITNEY a witness.
1798, Elias WHITNEY, of Stow, sells to Ab., Jr., all right in land set off to my mother Sibel as estate of Lemuel, of Stow, deceased. Hezekia WHITNEY a witness.

Children of Ens. Lemuel4 and Sibel (-----) Whitney:

i. Elias5 Whitney, b. circa 1733; m. Rachel Wheeler.
ii. Lemuel Whitney, b. 16 Jun 1735, Stow, MA;[4] d. 14 Nov 1738, Stow, MA.[5]
iii. Sibel Whitney, b. 14 Jan 1736/37, Stow, MA;[6] d. 17 Apr 1740, Stow, MA.[7]
iv. Lemuel Whitney, b. after 14 Nov 1738; m. Elisabeth Wheeler.
v. Sibbel Whitney, b. circa 1741; d. 26 Sep 1753, Stow, MA.[8]
vi. Marcy Whitney, b. 10 Mar 1742/43, Stow, MA;[9] d. 30 Sep 1753, Stow, MA.[10]
vii. Anna Whitney, b. 7 Jun 1745, Stow, MA;[11] d. 6 Oct 1753, Stow, MA.[12]
viii. Isaac Whitney, b. 25 May 1747, Stow, MA;[13] m. Lydia Taylor.
ix. Lydia Whitney, b. 10 Oct 1749, Stow, MA;[14] d. 7 Oct 1753, Stow, MA.[15]

It would be most interesting to discover why four daughters of this family all died within a span of 12 days! Sibbel on 26 Sep 1753, age ca 12; Marcy on 30 Sep 1753, age 10; Anna on 6 Oct 1753, age 8; and Lydia on 7 Oct 1753, four days short of her 4th birthday.



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