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Lovet T. Whitney, parentage unknown, perhaps born sometime before 1780, died sometime after 1846.

He may have been the husband of Sarah -----, enumerated as Sarah Whitney in the 1850 census. Note that Lovet P. Whitney and Simon M. Whitney were both sons of a Sarah Whitney.

Bobby Anderson states:

"One of the earliest recorded Whitneys in the county was Lovet T. Whitney of the Hunt Settlement area. He was recorded in the county court records in the 1840s as bondsmen for those in his community, as security on legal papers and as an appraiser in settling estates. There is no further record of him after 1846, though it should be noted that Wiley Whitney of Mud River named one of his sons, born in 1848, Lovet."[1]

Possible children of Lovet T. Whitney:

i. (perhaps) Simon M. Whitney, b. ca. 1799, SC.
ii. (perhaps) Isham Whitney, b. ca. 1805, SC.
iii. (perhaps) Lovet P. Whitney, b. ca. 1808, SC.
iv. (perhaps) Wiley Whitney, b. ca. 1819, TN.
iv. (perhaps son or grandson) Fielding Whitney, b. ca. 1825, KY.


Note that the reference to Lovet T. Whitney, last seen in 1846, could have referred to this man's probable son Lovet P. Whitney. If this is the case, then the father of this presumable family may have been something other than Lovet, and he may have died much earlier than 1846.


640 640 Banister Hogans 52 M - NC Margaret Hogans 52 F - NC Sarah Whitney 55 F - NC


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