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"Lieutenant" Moses4 Whitney (Moses3, Richard2, John1), son of Moses3 and Sarah (Knight) Whitney, was born about 15 Jun 1689, Stow, MA,[1] and died 7 May 1778, Littleton, MA,[2] aged 88 years 10 months 22 days.

He married firstly, before 1711, Littleton, MA, Lydia Taylor, daughter of Richard and Hannah (Rice) Taylor. She was born 11 Jun 1686, Sudbury, MA, and died 7 Sep 1744, Littleton, MA, in 59th year.[3]

He married secondly, after 1744, Littleton, MA, Elizabeth -----. She was born 23 Jul 1698 or 2 Aug 1698 (calculated from age at death), and died 17 Jul 1772, Littleton, MA, aged 73 years 11 months 15 days.[4]

Marriage intentions were published 15 Mar 1773, Lunenburg, MA, for him "Mr." "of Littleton" and "Mrs." Sarah Hutchings "of Lunenburg".[5] He "of Littleton" married thirdly, 13 Apr 1773, Littleton, MA, Sarah (Shed) Hutchins "of Lunenburg",[6] daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Bowers) Shed. She was born 28 Oct 1700, Chelmsford, MA. She married firstly, 12 Jun 1722, Groton, MA, Joshua Hutchins, son of John and Abigail3 (Whitney) Hutchins.

The date of 20 Nov 1766 for a marriage in Lunenburg (also the home of Sarah Hutchens) for a Moses Whitney and a Susan Gary/Sarah Gearay CANNOT be this man, as his second wife, Elizabeth (-----) Whitney, didn't die in Littleton until Jul 1772, after which time the marriage above took place. The Moses shown in the Lunenburg VR's for the 1766 marriage is shown as "of Petersham", and the Petersham VR's show an intent for a Moses Whitney and a Sarah Geary of Lunenburg published on 16 Aug 1766. That Moses is not Lt. Moses of Littleton.

He left a will on 12 Jul 1774, Littleton, MA; of Littleton; wife Sarah Whitney; two sons Aaron Whitney and Ephraim Whitney; heirs of late son Salmon Whitney, decd.; four grandchildren Peter, Aaron, Paul, and Abel Whitney, sons of son Aaron Whitney; my late wife Elizabeth; Abigail, wife of Ezra Farnsworth of Groton; Jemima Walker of Charlestown, New Hampshire; two daughters Lydia Taylor and Mary White; three grandchildren John Wood, Barnabas Wood, and Mehittable Bridge, children of late daughter Sarah Wood, decd.; Oliver Hoar and Bennett Wood, both of Littleton, executors; witnesses Oliver Whetcombe, John Whitcombe, and Hannah Whitcombe.

On 3 Jun 1778, Littleton, MA, his will was lodged for probate.

On 7 Jul 1778, Littleton, MA, his will was proved.

On 24 Jul 1778, Littleton, MA, his inventory was taken by Daniel Rogers, Jr., William Hy. Prentice, and Oliver Whetcombe, amounting to £344-12s-4d.

On 17 Sep 1779, Littleton, MA, a citation of heirs was issued: Col. Ebenezer Bridge and wife; Mr. Ephraim Kimball, Jr., of Fitchburg; Dea. Samuel Taylor of Templeton.

On 8 Dec 1779, Littleton, MA, an administration account was filed, including legacies to Abigail Farnsworth, Samuel Taylor for wife Lydia, John White (Ephraim Kimball, for John White's wife Mary), and Ebenezer Bridge (for John and Barnabas Woods and his wife Mehitabel Bridge).

Pierce says the following:[7]

He made his will, July 12, 1774; lodged for probate June 3, 1778. One shilling was paid for recording his death, per adm. accounts. He made bequests in his will to Abigail, wife of Ezra FARNSWORTH, of Groton (dau. of Ephram and Mary (WHITNEY) PIERCE) and Jemima WALKER, of Charlestown, N.H.

Children of Moses4 and Lydia (Taylor) Whitney, all born Littleton, MA:

i. Salmon5 Whitney, b. 8 Jan 1711/2;[8] m. Sarah -----.
ii. Aaron Whitney, b. 14 Mar 1714;[9] m.(1) Alice Baker; m.(2) Ruth (Hubbard) Stearns.
iii. Sarah Whitney, b. 29 Sep 1716;[10] m. Jonathan Wood.
iv. Lydia Whitney, b. 26 Apr 1719; d. after 12 Jul 1774;[11] m. 8 Apr 1741, Littleton, MA, Samuel Taylor "of Templeton",[12] son of Caleb and Mary (-----) Taylor.
v. Barnabas Whitney, b. 22 Jan 1721;[13] d. before 12 Jan 1774, since neither he nor heirs are mentioned in his father's will.
vi. Ephraim Whitney, b. 1 Mar 1723/4;[14] m. Jane Bancroft.
vii. Bezaleel Whitney, b. 29 Nov 1726;[15] d. 6 May 1730, Littleton, MA.[16]
viii. Mary Whitney, b. 30 Jul 1729;[17] m. John White.

Moses4 and Elizabeth (-----) Whitney had no children.

Moses4 and Sarah (Shed)(Hutchins) Whitney had no children.



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