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Newel Kimball8 Whitney (Samuel7, Samuel6, Samuel5, Nathaniel4, Nathaniel3, John2, John1), son of Samuel7 and Susanna (Kimball) Whitney, was born 5 Feb 1795, Marlboro, VT,[1] and died 23 Sep 1850, Salt Lake City, UT.

He married firstly, 20 Oct 1822, Kirtland, OH, Elizabeth Ann Smith, daughter of Gibson and Polly (Bradley) Smith. She was born 26 Dec 1800, Derby, CT, and died 15 Feb 1882, Salt Lake City, UT.

He married secondly, either in 1844 or 26 Jan 1846, Nauvoo, IL, Olive Maria Bishop, daughter of Joseph and Olive (Smith) Bishop. She was born 17 Mar 1807, Derby, CT, and died 2 Aug 1874, Salt Lake City, UT Terr.

He married thirdly, 14 Feb 1845, Nauvoo, IL, Emmeline Belos Woodward. She was born 29 Feb 1828, Petersham, MA, and died 25 Apr 1921, Salt Lake City, UT. She married secondly, 10 Oct 1852, Salt Lake City, UT, Daniel Hanmer Wells.

He married fourthly, 25 July 1845, Nauvoo, IL, Elizabeth Mahala Moore, daughter of Thomas and Mahala Dorcas E. (Higley) Moor. She was born 13 Sep 1826, Buffalo, NY.

He married fifthly, 26 Jan 1846, Nauvoo, IL, Henrietta (Keyes) Whitney, daughter of Samuel and Nancy Ann (Delgarn) Keyes. She was born 25 Dec 1821, Waverly, OH, although I have her christened 15 Jan 1815 Bristol, NY, and died 12 Feb 1901, Kaysville, UT. She had married firstly, 30 Oct 1839, OH, Alonzo Wells Newcomb Whitney. She married thirdly 23 Dec 1851, Salt Lake City, UT Terr., Stephen Hales, Jr., by whom she had four children.

He married sixthly, 26 Jan 1846, Nauvoo, IL, Abigail Augusta Pond, daughter of Stillman and Almira Elizabeth (Whitmore) Pond. She was born 14 Jul 1828, Hubbardston, MA, and died 7 Dec 1846, Winter Quarters, NE.

He married seventhly, 8 Feb 1846, Nauvoo, IL, Elizabeth Almira Pond, daughter of Stillman and Almira Elizabeth (Whitmore) Pond. She was born 2 May 1827, Hubbardston, MA, and died 12 May 1899, Richmond, UT. She married secondly, Fredrick Nantz Bainbridge.

He married eighthly, 8 Feb 1846, Nauvoo, IL, Anna Houston, daughter of James and Mary (Ettleman) Houston. She was born 8 May 1821, Jackson, OH, and died said 23 Sep 1848.

Newel Kimball Whitney, son of Samuel and Susanna Kimball Whitney, was born at Marlboro, Windham County, Vermont, on 5 Feb 1795. The time of his removal from his native town and state is uncertain. In the year 1804, when Newel was an urchin of nine, his father's family resided at Fairfield, NY. They continued to dwell in that state, though not in the same place, for many years. Newel left home at an early day, and went out into the world to seek his fortune. Possessed of energy business tact, and strict honesty of heart and purpose, he was not long in quest of employment before finding it. At nineteen he was a sutler, or merchant in a small way, at the historic village of Plattsburgh, on the west shore of Lake Champlain. Here occurred during the war of 1812, the battle of Plattsburgh and the naval battle of Champlain, in both of which the British were defeated. Newel took part in the engagement on land, 11 Sep 1814, defending his country against the foreign invader. Having lost all or most of his property by the war, he next established himself as an Indian trader at Green Bay, Lake Michigan. An incident occurred while there, which came near costing him his life. A drunken red-skin, incensed at the young trader's refusal to supply him with liquor, was pursuing him with knife or tomahawk in hand, when a young Indian girl named Modalena seized the irate savage and restrained him until his intended victim was well out of the way. The presence of the initial M. in the name of a daughter of Newel K. Whitney is thus explained, Pocahontas, whom in act she so much resembled, was not more revered by Capt. Smith and his descendants than the dusky heroine Modalena by Newel K. Whitney and his posterity. Leaving Lake Michigan, he went to Painesville, OH, where he fell in with a merchant named A. S. Gilbert, who employed him in his store and gave him a knowledge of book-keeping. We next hear of the prosperous firm of Gilbert & Whitney, at Kirtland, not far inland from Lake Erie. Here Newel married, 20 Oct 1822, Elizabeth Ann Smith, a young lady from Connecticut, who had come out west with a maiden aunt. Ohio, then a new state and its northern part almost a wilderness, was the "far west," at that time to the people of New England. In religion, the Whitneys were Reformed Baptists, or Campbellites, but in the fall of 1830 they joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called Mormons), which had been organized about six months previously in the state of New York, and was already sending its missionaries westward. Early in 1831 the church removed its headquarters to Kirtland, and in December following Newel K. Whitney became its second bishop. He was an excellent business man, and as the bishopric represents the temporal wing of Mormon church government, he was well adapted for the duties of his calling. He remained in Ohio, where his father and mother and other relatives joined him, until after the exodus of his people to Missouri, but in the fall of 1838 set out to rejoin them. Reaching St. Louis, he learned of their expulsion from Missouri, and so, having temporarily settled his family at Carrolton, Greene County, IL, returned on business to Kirtland. In Illinois the exiled community found refuge and built their beautiful city of Nauvoo. At the first municipal election held there, in Feb 1841, Newel K. Whitney was chosen an alderman of the city. After Joseph Smith's death in Jun 1844, Brigham Young became the leader of the Latter Day Saints. Under him they made their exodus to the Rocky mountains. This exodus began in Feb 1846. The ensuing winter was passed by the emigrating Mormons on the Missouri river, where they founded Winter Quarters, now Florence, NE. Bishop Whitney was with his people, in their primitive prairie settlements, among the Pottawatomie and Omaha Indians, preparing to continue their westward journey in the spring. In Apr 1847, Brigham Young, at the head of a picked band of pioneers, leaving the main body of his people to follow at their earliest convenience, set out for the Rocky mountains. Among the 142 men who accompanied him on that long and arduous journey across the vast prairies and desolate plains west of the Missouri, were Horace K. and Orson K., sons of Bishop N. K. Whitney, who remained in charge of important church affairs, at Winter Quarters. The bishop followed in the wake of the pioneers in 1848, leading a company of his people to the valley of the Great Salt lake, where he arrived on Oct 8. During the succeeding two years, all that remained of his mortal life, he labored arduously in the work of colonizing what is now Utah territory and founding the famous city of Salt Lake, where most of his descendants now dwell. During his latter years he was presiding bishop of the church. His death, which resulted from a severe attack of pleurisy, occurred on 23 Sep 1850. In a post mortem tribute in the Deseret Weekly News of 28 Sep of that year, the following, in relation to Bishop Whitney, appears: "In him the church suffers the loss of a wise and able counselor, and a thorough and straightforward business man. It was ever more gratifying to him to pay a debt than to contract one, and when all his debts were paid he was a happy man, though he had nothing left but his own moral and muscular energy. He has gone down to the grave leaving a spotless name behind him, and thousands to mourn the loss of such a valuable man." He died 23 Sep 1850; resided Marlboro, VT, Kirtland, OH, Nauvoo, IL, and Salt Lake City, UT.

Children of Newel Kimball8 and Elizabeth Ann (Smith) Whitney:

i. Horace Kimball Whitney, b. 25 Jul 1823, Kirtland, OH; m.(1) Helen Mar Kimball; m.(2) Lucy Bloxam; m.(3) Mary Cravath.
ii. Sarah Ann9 Whitney, b. 22 Mar 1825, Kirtland, OH; d. 4 Sep 1873, Salt Lake City, UT. She m.(1) 27 Jul 1842, as his second (plural) wife, Joseph Smith. He d. 27 Jun 1844. She m.(2) 29 Apr 1843, Nauvoo, IL, Joseph C. Kingsbury. She m.(3) 17 Mar 1845, Kirtland, OH, Heber C. Kimball, b. 14 Jun 1801; d. 22 Jun 1867; resided Salt Lake City, UT.
Ch.: Dorice H. Kimball, b. 26 Feb 1850; m. 14 Nov 1870; resided Meadowville, UT; Newel W. Kimball, b. 19 May 1852; m. 19 Nov 1870; resided Logan, UT; Horace H. Kimball, b. 3 Sep 1854; m. 31 Mar 1887; resided Meadowville, UT; Sarah M. Kimball Jenkins, b. 4 May 1858; m. 21 Oct 1876; resided Meadowville, UT; Joshua H. Kimball, b. 23 Feb 1863; m. 29 Mar 1887; resided Meadowville, UT.
iii. Franklin K. Whitney, b. 25 Feb 1827, Kirtland, OH; "m. and d. s. p." according to Pierce; no further record found.
iv. Mary Elizabeth Whitney, b. 26 Sep 1828, Kirtland, OH; "m. and d. s. p." according to Pierce; no further record found.
v. Orson Kimball Whitney, b. 20 Jan 1830, Kirtland, OH; d. s. p. 31 Jul 1884; m. 16 Apr 1854 (but census says 1849-1850), Salt Lake City, UT, Joanna Hickey Richardson, b. 12 Dec 1825, Madisonville, KY. Child: Orson, b. 1850.
vi. John Smith Whitney, b. 13 Sep 1832, Kirtland, OH; m.(1) Ann Longstroth; m.(2) Harriet L. Chase.
vii. Joshua Kimball Whitney, b. 13 Feb 1835, Kirtland, OH; d. 26 Jan 1902, Salt Lake City, UT; unmarried.
viii. Ann Maria Whitney, b. 1 Oct 1836, Kirtland, OH; d. 27 Jun 1881; m. 2 May 1866, Erastus Foote Hall; b. 15 Feb 1839, Jamestown, NY; d. 23 Feb 1890; resided Salt Lake City, UT.
Ch.: Erastus Whitney, b. 21 Feb 1867; Albert Verro, b. 25 Jan 1872; d. 5 Jan 1873; Eugene Roy, b. 8 Jan 1875; Elizabeth Isabella, b. 19 Mar 1878; d. 18 Sep 1879.
ix. Don Carlos Whitney, b. 14 Feb 1841, Nauvoo, IL; d. s. p. 1900; unmarried.
x. Mary Jane Whitney, b. 17 Jan 1844, Nauvoo, IL; m. 4 Jul 1865, Isaac Groo; b. 8 Apr 1827; resided Salt Lake City, UT.
Ch.: Grace, b. 10 Feb 1866; d. 29 Dec 1880; Vilate, b. 23 Oct 1867; m. 28 Feb 1888, W. A. Taylor; b. 29 Dec 1862.
Ch.: Grace, b. 7 Apr 1889; d. 8 Apr 1889.
Sullivan, b. 22 Sep 1869; d. 25 Sep 1870; Lawrence, b. 11 Apr 1871; d. 16 Aug 1890; David, b. 23 Jul 1873; d. 23 Apr 1873; Roscoe, b. 30 Aug 1884.
xi. Newel Melchisedek Whitney, b. 6 Feb 1847, Winter Quarters, NE; d. young, said 1856.

Children of Newel Kimball8 and Olive Maria (Bishop) Whitney, if any, unknown.

Children of Newel Kimball8 and Emeline Belos (Woodward) Whitney:

xii. Isabel Modalena Whitney, b. 2 Nov 1848; m. 11 Apr 1869, Septimus W. Sears; resided Salt Lake City, UT. He was b. 8 Mar 1844.
Ch.: Sidney W., b. 24 Jan 1870; d. 9 Aug 1870; Herbert W., b. 21 Mar 1871; d. 19 Sep 1872; S. Isabel, b. 19 Oct 1872; Septimus W., b. 24 Jan 1874; L. Lucile, b. 2 Mar 1876; Emma W., b. 1 Jun 1878; Eugene S., b. 14 Sep 1882; Edward Brenton Main, b. 19 Jun 1885; address of all, Salt Lake City, UT.
xiii. Melvina Caroline Whitney, b. 18 Aug 1850; she may have m.(1) 1 Oct 1867, William Dunford, of Trowbridge, Wiltshire; m. 7 Nov 1874, William W. Woods; resided Osborn, ID; b. 24 Jan 1841, lawyer; resided Wallace, ID.
Ch.: Daisie D., b. 5 Jun 1868; Verona M., b. 11 Dec 1869; m. 30 Apr 1889, B. Nugent Hillard; resided Murray ID.
Ch.: Helen Louise, b. 16 Jan 1890; d. 14 Mar 1891; Leslie A., b. 30 Apr 1872; d. 23 Jul 1882; Winnifred I., b. 16 Oct 1875; d. 28 Dec 1879; Percival, b. 23 Apr 1878; d. 20 Oct 1887.
xiv. Emerline B. Whitney, b. ca. 1855, UT Territory.
xv. Elizabeth A. Whitney, b. ca. 1859, UT Territory.

Children of Newel Kimball8 and Henrietta (Keys) Whitney, if any, unknown.

Children of Newel Kimball8 and Elizabeth Almira (Pond) Whitney, if any, unknown.

Children of Newel Kimball8 and Abigail Augusta (Pond) Whitney, if any, unknown.

Children of Newel Kimball8 and Anna (Houston) Whitney:

xvi. Jethro Houston Whitney, b. 8 May 1848; m. Jane S. Gibson.


Others who are in some sources alleged to have been wives:

1. Sarah Allen, born 1817, Brookfield, MA; died 1839. Not likely to be this one:

190 190 Laura Pitkin 60 F - 50 Conn. Sarah Ann Whitney 24 " - Ohio David 1 M - Des.

2. Harriet Carter, born 1818, Rutland, VT.
3. Lavinia Ellis, born Aug 1821, New Salem, MA, died Jul 1839;
4. Sabra Granger, born Mar 1795, Boston, MA.
5. Julia Rebecca Roundy, daughter of Shadrach and Betsey (Quimby) Roundy, born 5 Apr 1817, Spafford, NY; died 1837.
6. Betty Vase [?Vose?], born 1793, Plymouth, MA.
7. Adelina Emily Woodward, daughter of David and Deiadama (Hare) Woodward; born 9 Nov 1815, Petersham, MA; died 14 Jul 1839.
8. Rhoda Woodward.

I haven't seen persuasive evidence that any of these individuals were married to Newel Kimball Whitney.


6 6 Elizabeth A. Whitney 50 F - 1000 N.Y. John 18 M - " Joshua 16 " - Ohio Ann 14 F - " Don Carlos 10 M - Ill. Mary 7 F - " Newel 4 M - Ind. Terr.

7 7 Orson Whitney 22 M - 140 Ohio Married in year Joanna 25 F - Keny. Married in year Orson 1 week M - ---

1 1 James Hendricks 42 M - Farmer 500 R. Island Drusilla 40 F - Tenn. Rebecca 15 " - Kenty. Attended school Joseph S. 13 M - Mo. Attended school Rebecca 8 F - Louisiana Attended school William 6 M - " Attended school John M. 4 " - " Attended school Samuel A. 2 " - " Alvira Smith 19 F - Ohio Henrietta Whitney 29 " - "

107 107 Olive Whitney 20 F - N.Y. Elizabeth Winchester 38 " - Conn. Mary Corsey 10 " - " Attended school Emeline Winchester 4 " - Iowa James Whitney 2 M - Des:

Here her age must be wrong. James must be the same as Jethro.

1563 5 Joshua A. Whitney 25 M - Farmer $2000 $1000 Ohio Elizabeth " 59 F - Conn. Ann M. " 23 F - Ohio Mary J. " 17 F - Ills. Don Carlos 18 M - " Gibson Smith 79 M - Conn. W. T. Richardson 21 M - Com. Laborer Ills.

6 Amos Whitney 30 M - Master Carpenter&Joiner Ohio Joanna " 31 F - Ky.

This was his son Orson.

1575 19 D. H. Wells 45 M - Second Counsellor of first Presidency of Church of L. D. Saints $5000 N. York Louis H. " 36 F - Ills. Danl. H. " 11 M - Deseret Attended school Martha G. " 28 F - Ills. Frances L. " 8 F - Utah Attended school Deseret M. " 7 F - Do Attended school Lyddia A. " 34 F - Mass. Susan H. " 32 F - " Hannah C. " 28 F - Ills. Abbe C. " 8 F - Utah Attended school Junius F. " 7 M - " Attended school Roland S. " 7 M - " Attended school Luna P. " 4 F - " Emerline Y. " 3 F - " Brigham " 1 M - " Emily H. " 2 F - " Heber M. " 1 M - " Catherine C. " 9 F - " Attended school Mary M. " 5 F - " Attended school Lucy A. " 3 F - " George A. " 1/12 M - " Emaline Wells 3/4 F - Utah Emerline R. Whitney 35 F - N.H. Isaballa W. " 12 F - Iowa Melvina C. " 10 F - Deseret Emerline B. " 5 F - Utah Elizabeth A. " 3/4 F - " Mary Hyner " 18 F - Penn. Catherine M. Smith 17 F - " Married in year Anna Yenson 15 F - Denmark Attended school Susan A. Wells 3 F - Utah Albert E. " 21 M - Ills. Eliz. Hyner 12 F - Penn. Clara Hanson 16 F - Denmark Emily Harness 17 F - Ills. Maria Taylor 14 F - Eng. Huldah Dunbar 15 F - Iowa Attended school John Gibson 20 M - South Carolina Attended school Eliza R. Wells 40 F - Ohio

210 70 Olive M. Whitney 53 F - $50 Conn. Jethro " 12 M - Neb. Attended school

5 5 Whitney, Joshua 35 M W Farmer Ohio Male citizen over 21 -----, Don Carlos 25 M W Farmer Illanois Male citizen over 21

Terr. Asylum 124 116 Peterson, George 34 M W Hospital Stewart Denmark Parents foreign born -----, Jacobine 32 F W Keeps house Denmark Parents foreign born -----, Leonore 6 F W At home Utah Parents foreign born -----, George Jr. 3 M W At home Utah Parents foreign born Meyers, Sarah 26 F W { England Parents foreign born, Insane Walveton, Emma 31 F W { Wales Parents foreign born, Insane Weiter, Alice 50 F W { England Parents foreign born, Insane Whitney, Orsen 30 M W Carpenter Ohio Male citizen over 21

121 121 Whitney, Jessie 22 M W Teamster $1000 $300 Nebraska Male citizen over 21 Olive M. 63 F W Keeping house Connecticut

Joshua WHITNEY 45 Self M S W OH Works On A Farm VT CT Orson K. WHITNEY 50 Oth M S W OH Carpenter VT CT John C. WHITNEY 39 Oth M S W IL Mining VT CT

Mary J. GROO 36 Self F M W IL Keeping House VT CT Elizabeth WHITNEY 79 Moth F W W CT At Home CT CT Villate GROO 12 Dau F S W UT At School NY IL Lawrence GROO 9 Son M S W UT At School NY IL


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