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Palmer6 Whitney (Joseph5, Timothy4, John3, John2, John1), son of Joseph5 and Anna (-----) Whitney, was born 12 Jul 1779, Warwick, MA,[1] and died 26 Jun 1854, Riley, IL.[2] FindAGrave Memorial 5358436.

Marriage intentions were published 14 Apr 1798, Warwick, MA, for him and Judah Barber.[3] He married, 10 May 1798, Warwick, MA, Judah Barber,[4] daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Miller) Barber[5]. She was born 10 Sep 1777, and died 2 Nov 1852, Riley Township, Illinois.[6] FindAGrave Memorial 5358449.

Palmer Whitney was born in Warwick, MA. He is listed in the 1800 and 1810 U.S. Census records as a resident of Hampshire Co., Massachusetts. In 1800, he shared his residence with a male and a female over 45 years of age, two females between the ages of 16 and 26, and one male under the age of 10 years. In 1810, he shared his residence with one female aged 26-46, one male 10-16, four females 0-10, and one male 0-10; Palmer was incorrectly listed as being in the 26-45 age group.

The Palmer whitney family moved from Warwick, Massachusetts, to China Twp. (now Java) in Genesee (now Wyoming) County, western New York ca. 1817.[7] Palmer settled on Lot 22 within Java Village, 17 Oct 1817.[8] The Palmer Whitney family is listed in the 1820 and 1830 U.S. Census records as residents of China Township, Genesee Co., New York. In 1820 there were, in addition to Palmer, one female 26-46, one female 16-26, two females 10-16, one male 10-16, 1 female 0-10, and three males 0-10. In 1830, Palmer resided with one female 50-60, one female 20-30, one female 15-20, one male 15-20, one male 10-15, and one male 5-10.

The first mill for the grinding of grain in the town of Java was built in 1816 at Java Village by Daniel H. Wooster; it was not far from the east bank of Buffalo Creek from thich the water was conveyed through pump logs to the overshot water wheel. … It was soon replaced by a second structure of logs, which in turn was sold by Deacon Wooster to Gurney and [Palmer] Whitney in 1822.[9] The first hotel in town was ... started by Palmer Whitney "soon after" 1823.[10] The local cemetery was laid out in 1824 on 0.61 acres of land given by Palmer Whitney and Judah's nephew, Amory Barber.[11]

By 1840, Java Township had been fromed from China Township. Palmer resided there with one female 60-70, one female 30-40, two females 20-30, one male 20-30, and one male 15-20; Palmer was incorrectly listed in the 50-60 age group.

By 1850, Wyoming Co., New York had been created from Genesee Co., and Palmer’s family is listed among the residents of the new county. At that time, Palmer, aged 73, resided with his wife Judah, aged 74, and his daughter Mary, aged 41.

In about 1851, Palmer and Judah Whitney moved from Java Townshop to Riley Twp., McHenry Co., McHenry Co., Illinois. They were likely influence to move there by Judah's nephew, Humphrey Barber, who moved there with his family at about the same time.Judah's nephew, Humphrey Barber, had travelled to Riley Township in 1850, and returned there with his family in 1851. In addition, at least three of their sons and their families resided in the vicinity of Riley Township, Illinois at the time.[12]

After his father's death on 26 Jun 1854, son Lemuel Palmer Whitney administered his father’s estate in McHenry Co., Illinois. Palmer and Judah are both buried in the Old Barber Cemetery in Riley Township, on land once owned by nephew Humphrey Barber.[13]

Palmer res. Orange, MA, Java, NY, and Riley, IL.

Children of Palmer6 and Judah (Barber) Whitney:

i. Joseph7 Whitney, b. 8 Aug 1798; m. Sophronia Taylor.
ii. Anna Whitney, b. 1800, d. 1854;[14]; m. Mar 1820, Genesee Co., NY, Harry Eddy,[15] son of Asahel and Sally (Spaulding) Eddy, b. 10 Oct 1799, Richfield, NY,[16] d. 1883, St. Charles, IL.[17] In 1820, Harry Eddy owned the sawmill in Java, Genesee (now Wyoming) Co., New York. In 1937, Harry and Anna and five children accompanied the family of Anna's brother, Joseph Whitney, from Java Village, NY to Kane Co., IL.[18] They arrived in Kane Co., IL "in Oct 1837, having purchased a claim the previous sprint when on a visit to [Illinois]. He resided a number of years in the town, and was a prominent and influential citizen. He removed to St. Charles in 1879, where he died … aged 83 years.”[19] Resided Richfield, NY, Java, NY, Kane Co., IL, Campton, IL, Wasco, IL, St. Charles, IL. Children:[20]
a. Henry Eddy, b. 1821, NY, d. 1826, NY.
b. Maria Eddy, b. 1824, NY, m. 1 Aug 1839, Kane Co., IL, Robert Corran.[21]
c. Hiram Eddy, b. 1825, NY, d. 1910, m. 9 Mar 1852, Kane Co., IL, Mary H. Lindsay.[22]
d. Asenath Eddy, b. 1827, NY, m. 10 Jan 1850, Kane Co., IL, Asel D. Elliott.[23]
e. Phoebe Eddy, b. 1829, NY, m. 26 Jan 1854, Kane Co., IL, Ethan S. Cowles, Jr.[24]
f. Edmund P. Eddy, b. 1835, NY, m. 25 Nov 1856, Kane Co., IL, Sabrina Lindsay.[25]
g. Asahel Eddy, b. 1838, IL.
h. Harry Eddy, Jr., b. 1841, IL, d. 1844.
iii. Arseneth Whitney, b. 29 Oct 1802; m. 27 Feb 1823, Samuel Woodworth, b. 27 May 1800, d. 4 Feb 1869. He was a farmer and general speculator, res. Yorkshire, NY. Children:
a. Minerva Woodworth, b. 1 Jul 1824; d. 7 May 1892; m. Aug 1842, David C. Woolley.
b. Celia Woodworth, b. 20 Nov 1826; d. 18 Jan 1827.
c. Harry E. Woodworth, b. 4 Feb 1828; m. Elvira Blood, 12 Sep 1850; res. Delevan, NY.
d. Charles Woodworth, b. 27 Aug 1831, d. 29 Jan 1843.
e. Anna Marier Woodworth, b. 15 Oct 1836; m. 22 Jan 1857, Brayton B. Lincoln; res. Richmondville, MI.
f. Nancy Arseneth Woodworth, b. 12 Nov 1839; m. 21 Feb 1861, Gordon Parker; res. Wales, NY.
g. Samuel Parker Woodworth, b. 5 Sep 1842, d. 11 Oct 1865.
iv. John Whitney, b. 18 Aug 1804; m.(1) Rachel Ward; m.(2) Mariah Blood.
v. Nancy Whitney, b. 6 Sep 1806, d. 26 Feb 1878;[26] m. Charles Woodworth, b. abt 1804, d. 19 Oct 1861.[27] Children:
a. Emily Woodworth, b. -----; m. ----- Twiss; res. Aurora, NY.
b. Nelson Woodworth, b. ca. Dec 1844, d. 20 Jun 1845.[28]
vi. Mary Whitney, b. abt 1809, MA, d. 20 Nov 1885, unmarried.[29]
vii. Jarvis Whitney, b. 25 Mar 1811; m.(1) Nancy Potter; m.(2) Mary C. Rimmer.
viii. Mark Whitney, b. 5 Oct 1815; m. Caroline Ward
ix. Benjamin Franklin Whitney, b. 19 Oct 1818; m. Lucinda Potter.
x. Lemuel Palmer Whitney, b. 22 Oct 1821; m. Lydia M. Van Slyke.
xi. Angeline Whitney, b. Harket, b. abt 1811, d. 19 May 1882.[30] Children:
a. Nancy Fancher, b. -----; m. ----- Fuller.


996 996 Palmer Whitney 73 M - $800 Mass. Judah " 74 F - " Mary " 41 F - "


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