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Dr. Paul6 Whitney (Aaron5, Moses4, Moses3, Richard2, John1), son of Aaron5 and Alice (Baker) Whitney, was born 23 Mar 1753, Petersham, MA, or Littleton, MA,[1] and died 9 Mar 1795, Westfield, MA, aged 42 years.[2]

Marriage intentions were published 24 Aug 1783, Westfield, MA, for him and Charlotte Clapp. He married 2 Oct 1783, Westfield, MA, Charlotte Clapp.[3] She was born 10 Jan 1763, East Cambridge, MA, and died 7 Apr 1833. She married secondly, 23 Oct 1802, Westfield, MA, Rev. Martin Tullar.[4]

Dr. Paul Whitney, born March 23, 1753, died Feb., 1795, was the fifth son of Rev. Aaron Whitney, one of the earliest graduates of Harvard College, who was born in Littleton, March 14, 1714, and afterward settled in Petersham, Dec., 1738, died in 1779. He was a clergyman distinguished in his day and generation for piety and literary attainments, and in common with the clergy of that time took an active part in the stirring events prior to, and at the time of the breaking out of the American Revolution. He was supposed to have had an extensive correspondence with the descendants of the Whitney family in England, and to have possessed much valuable statistical information relating thereto.

He graduated from Harvard College in 1772. He was a deacon of the church, having joined from Hadley, MA. On 29 Jan 1804, he was dismissed from the Westfield church to the one in Royalton, VT.


While this stone shall last, let it commemorate

Paul Whitney A M & M D

A deacon of the church in this place, who, March 9th 1795 aged 42 departed this life- a man of an honest & noble heart, and though without office, was capable in any office, of doing honour to his Country.

Columns and Urns but vainly show
A Scene of decorated woe.
The friend who's faithful and sincere,
Will need no help to force the tear,
Regardless of the labourd verse,
It flows spontaneous o'er his hearse.
And flow it will, while virtue's friend,
Or kindred souls a tear can lend.

He resided Westfield, MA.

Children of Paul6 Whitney:

i. William Barron7 Whitney, b. 30 Aug 1784, Westfield, MA; bapt. 4 Sep 1784, Westfield, MA;[5] d. 1832, unmarried.
ii. Henry Whitney, b. 18 Apr 1786, Westfield, MA; bapt. 4 Jun 1786, Westfield, MA;[6] m. Nabby Tullar.
iii. George Whitney, b. 12 Jan 1788, Westfield, MA; bapt. 3 Feb 1788, Westfield, MA;[7] removed to Maine; m., but d.s.p.
iv. Paul Whitney, b. 16 Apr 1789, Westfield, MA; bapt. 26 Apr 1789, Westfield, MA;[8] m. Lucy Cushing Stone.
v. Charlotte Clapp Whitney, b. 12 Jun 1791, Westfield, MA; bapt. 26 Jun 1791, Westfield, MA;[9] m. 13 May 1811, Royalton, VT, Rev. Chester Wright.[10] He was b. Hanover, NH, was a Congregational minister; d. 16 Apr 1840, Montpelier, VT. She d. 16 Jun 1859. Children:
a. Jonathan Edwards Wright, b. 15 Mar 1813; d. bef. 1895; m. Fanny Wyman Houghton, 3 ch.
b. Charlotte Whitney Wright, b. 13 Mar 1814; d. bef. 1895.
c. Julia Wright, b. 11 Jan 1817; d. aft. 1895; m. Hardwick, VT, 6 Jul 1837, Joseph Wilder Howes, b. 5 Nov 1813; d. Boston, 13 May 1890, s.p., resided Montpelier, VT.
d. William Wilberforce Wright, b. -----; d. bef. 1895.
e. Eliza Maria Wright, b. 8 Oct 1819; d. bef. 1895.
f. Mary Wright, b. -----; d. bef. 1895.
vi. Charles Frederick Whitney, b. 6 May 1794, Westfield, MA; bapt. 11 May 1794, Westfield, MA;[11] d. 1 Dec 1794, Westfield, MA.[12]



Whitney, Paul and Charlotte Clap Marriage intention filed Aug. 24, 1783 Married by Rev. Atwater Oct. 2, 1783 Children William Barron, born Aug. 30, 1784 Henry, born April 18,1786 George, born January 12, 1788 Paul, born April 16, 1789 Charlotte Clap, born June 12, 1791 Charles Frederick, born May 6, 1794 "a dear babe", died Dec. 1, 1794 Dr. Paul Whitney died March 9, 1795

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