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Richard2 Whitney (John1), son of John1 and Elinor (-----) Whitney,[1] was baptized 6 Jan 1623/24, Isleworth, co. Middlesex, England.[2] His date and place of death are unknown, but he was still living on 7 Apr 1691, when he was freed from training.[3]

He married, 19 Jan 1650/1651 at Watertown, MA,[4] Martha Coldam, daughter of Thomas and Joanna (-----) Coldam.[5] She was born circa 1630 in England. Her date and place of death are unknown, but she was still living on 10 Mar 1672/3, when she and her unnamed children were mentioned in the will of her brother Thomas Coldam of Lynn.[6]

He came to New England with his parents and his brothers in the "Elizabeth and Ann," from London, in April 1635. His age was recorded as 9 years, although he was 11.[7]

He and Martha Coldam lived at Concord, MA.[8]

He was admitted freeman on 7 May 1651 at Watertown, MA.[9]

He was mentioned in his father's will on 3 Apr 1673 at Watertown, MA.[10]

On 26 Jun 1673, he was named co-executor of the will of his brother-in-law Thomas Coldam, Jr., of Lynn.[11]

He was a proprietor on 3 Jun 1680 at Stow, MA.[12]

He resided in 1681 at Stow, MA, where he was a proprietor.[13]

He lived on 28 Aug 1688 at Stow, MA; taxed 4s 10d.[14]

Richard was also known as Richard Whitney Sr.

Children of Richard2 and Martha (Coldham) Whitney, all born in Watertown, MA:

i. Sarah3 Whitney, b. 17 Mar 1652/53,[15] or Oct 1653;[16] no further record.
ii. Moses Whitney, b. 1 Aug 1655;[17] m. Sarah Knight.
iii. Johanah Whitney, b. 16 Jan 1656/57;[18] m. John Cady, Jr.
iv. Deborah Whitney, b. 12 Oct 1658,[19] no further record.
v. Rebecca Whitney, b. 15 Dec 1659; d. 10 Feb 1659/60, Watertown, MA,[20] no further record.
vi. Richard Whitney, b. 13 Jan 1660/61;[21] m. Elizabeth Sawtell.
vii. Elisha Whitney, b. 26 Aug 1662,[22] no further record.
viii. Ebenezer Whitney, b. 30 Jun 1672; m. Anna -----.[23]


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