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Richard4 Whitney (Richard3, Richard2, John1), son of Richard3 and Elizabeth (Sawtell) Whitney, was born 9 Dec 1692, Stow, MA (calculated from age at death), and died 27 Apr 1775, Stow, MA, aged 82 years 5 months 18 days.[1]

He married, before 1715, Stow, MA, Hannah Whitcomb, daughter of Josiah and Mary (-----) Whitcomb. She was born 28 Mar 1694, Lancaster, MA, and died 17 Nov 1743, Stow, MA, in 50th year.[2]

Marriage intentions were published 26 Oct 1745, Stow, MA, for him and Hannah (Eveleth) Ayres.[3] She was born circa 1705, and died 27 Sep 1775, Stow, MA, in 71st year.[4] She had married firstly, 5 Nov 1724, Boston, MA, Edward Ayers, son of Nathaniel and Amy (Cowell) Ayers, born about 1684, Portsmouth, NH.

He left a will on 26 Jan 1773 at Stow, MA; of Stow; wife Hannah; eldest son Danll. Whitney, all lands in Stow, executor; second son Richard Whitney; youngest son Josiah Whitney; daughter Mary Gates; daughter Dorothy Taylor; daughter Hannah Wetherbe; three sons of my daughter Elizabeth Wetherbee, decd., vizt. Jonathan, Joseph, and Jonas Wetherbee; daughter Sarah Whitcomb; grandson Richard Whitney, son of my son Richard Whitney, my gun; witnesses John Gardner, Henry Gardner, and Susanna Gardner.

On 26 Dec 1775, Stow, MA, his will was proved.

On 26 Mar 1776, Stow, MA, his inventory was taken by Samuel Gates, Abraham Whitney, Jr., and Charles Whitman.

She left a will dated 22 Sep 1775, Stow, MA; will of Hannah Whitney of Stow; son Joseph Ayers of Cambridge; children of daughter Hannah Stacy late of Ipswich; son-in-law Daniel Whitney; Rev. Mr. Newell, executor; witnesses, Charles Whitman, Sarah Flint, Daniel Whitney.

On 26 Dec 1775, Stow, MA, her will was proved by Rev. Jonathan Newell. On 30 Oct 1776, Stow, MA, a receipt was given by Joseph Ayers.

Children of Richard4 and Hannah (Whitcomb) Whitney:

i. Mary5 Whitney, b. 24 Nov 1715, Stow, MA;[5] m. John Gates.
ii. Dorothy Whitney, b. 13 Apr 1718, Stow, MA;[6] m. Phineas Taylor.
iii. Daniel Whitney, b. 13 Feb 1720, Stow, MA;[7] m. Dorothy Goss.
iv. Hannah Whitney, b. 29 May 1723, Stow, MA;[8] m. Edward Wetherbee.
v. Richard Whitney, b. 31 Jul 1725, Stow, MA;[9] m. Mary Perry.
vi. Elizabeth Whitney, b. 23 Jul 1728, Stow, MA;[10] m. Joseph Wetherbe.
vii. Gen. Josiah Whitney, b. 12 Oct 1731; m.(1) Sarah Farr; m.(2) Sarah Dwelly.
viii. Sarah Whitney, b. after 12 Oct 1731; m. Oliver Whitcomb.

Children of Edward and Hannah (Eveleth) Ayers:

i. Edward Ayers, b. 19 Aug 1725, Boston, MA.
ii. Hannah Ayers, b. 15 May 1727, Boston, MA; m. 21 Jun 1746, Ipswich, MA, Samuel Stacey.
iii. Sarah Ayers, b. 2 Oct 1729, Boston, MA; m. 19 Feb 1756, Boston, MA, Andrew Newall.
iv. John Ayers, b. about 12 Apr 1733, Boston, MA; m. 4 Oct 1764, Boston, MA, Mary Durant.
v. Joseph Ayers, b. 11 Apr 1743, Boston, MA; m. 6 Mar 1765, Cambridge, MA, Susanna Brooks.

Richard4 and Hannah (Eveleth)(Ayers) Whitney had no children.



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