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Robert D. Whitney, parentage unknown, was born about 1834, NY, and died 23 Jun 1891. He was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY.[1]

He married between 1863 and 1870, Margaret M. -----. She was born about 1825, or about 1830, or May 1830, England, and died after 1900.

He was registered for the draft on May and Jun 1863 at Buffalo Ward 3, NY, described as white, aged 30, a printer, and single.[2] At the same time and place John W. Whitney also registered, white, aged 32, railroad worker, married.[3]

Children of Robert D. and Margaret M. (-----) Whitney, if any, unknown. In 1900 she reported having had six children, of whom none were still living. She may have been a widow when Robert married her, and some or all of the children by an earlier husband.


398 522 Whitney, R. D. 36 M W Printer $500 New York Male citizen over 21 -----, Margaret 45 F W Keeping House England Parents foreign born Roberts, L. W. 7 M W New York Parents foreign born, Attended school

Robert D WHITNEY 46 Self M M W NY Printer NY NY Margaret WHITNEY 50 Wife F M W ENGLAND Keeping House ENGLAND ENGLAND

9 22 Whitney, Margaret M. Head W F May 1830 70 wid 6ch 0liv England England England Printer-job-office, Rents house, Imm. 1850 23 Day, Cornelius Head W M Dec 1852 47 mar 2 England England England Carpenter, Rents house, Imm. 1890, Nat. -----, Lucy M. Wife W F Jun 1876 24 mar 2 1ch 1liv England England England Imm. 1897 -----, Daisy M. Dau W F Oct 1899 7m sgl New York England England 24 Lindow, Charles F. Head W M Dec 1865 34 mar 10 Germany Germany Germany Fireman stat.-eng, Rents farm -----, Louisa A. Wife W F Nov 1874 25 mar 10 1ch 1liv Ohio England England -----, Albertina Dau W F Feb 1894 6 sgl Ohio Germany Ohio 25 Clark, Thomas W. Head W M Feb 1850 50 mar 12 England England England Day laborer, Rents house, Imm. 1860, Nat. -----, Mary A. Wife W F May 1850 5 mar 12 2ch 0liv New York Ireland Ireland 26 Connelly, Edward Head W M Sep 1864 35 mar 8 New York Ireland Ireland Actor, Rents house -----, Alice A. Wife W F Jun 1859 40 mar 8 2ch 0liv Ohio Ohio Ohio 27 Hoban, Kate Head W F Mar 1873 27 wid 3ch 3liv Canada Ireland Ireland House Keeper, Rents house, Imm. 1892 28 McDonald, Thomas Head W M Feb 1844 56 wid Massachusetts Ireland Ireland Carpenter, Rents house -----, Lewis Son W M Jul 1873 26 sgl New York Massachusetts Massachusetts Day laborer 29 Ryan, Thomas Head W M Oct 1864 35 mar 12 England Ireland Ireland Actor, Rents house, Imm. 1880, Nat. -----, Florence Wife W F Dec 1869 30 mar 12 0ch 0liv New York New York New York White, Thomas Room W M Feb 1863 37 sgl Tennessee Ireland Ireland Travelling salesman


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