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Ruluff7 Whitney (Christopher6, William5, William4, William3, Joshua2, John1), son of Christopher6 and Mary (Ticknor) Whitney, was born 25 Jun 1777, Salisbury, CT,[1] and died 8 Aug 1846, Portsmouth, OH.

He married, about 1800, Virgil, NY (first marriage recorded there), Susanna Glenny, daughter of John and Susannah (Nesbitt) Glenny, of Virgil, NY. She was born about 1745, Ireland, and died 29 May 1845, Portsmouth, OH.

The Glennys emigrated from the town of Derry, County Down, Ireland, after the Revolutionary war, to take up a claim of their brother, Lieut. Glenny, who died in the Revolutionary war. Susan was the daughter of John Glenny, of Virgil. Another daughter married Darius Scofield. She was the mother of Attorney Scofield, solicitor for the C. B. & Q. railroad, of Illinois, and of William Glennie, who was a very prominent attorney in New York state, and at one time secretary of the interior.

He was born in Connecticut and in 1789 was given fifty acres of land by deed from his father, Christopher, and wife, Polly, out of a grant "made to the troops of the United States in the late war," situate in the town of Solon, NY, for $150.55. 5 Mar 1798, he had a letter of recommendation stating he had attended the school of Henry Smith, "teacher of mathematics," for three months, in the township of Sidney, province of Upper Canada, Bay Quimty. 6 Jul 1798, Henry Smith, department surveyor, gave him another certificate of character, stating he had resided in the township of Sydna, county of Hastings, province of Upper Canada, and parts adjoining for a considerable time. 17 Jun 1799, he was appointed first corporal in the first militia company of Solon, NY, 28 Jun 1801, he was commissioned ensign of a militia company in the county of Onondaga, NY. Moses Hopkins, his brother-in-law, was lieutenant-colonel commandant. This commission was signed by Gov. John Jay and Secretary of State Daniel Hale. Soon after his marriage he owned a grist mill, and in 1798 purchased more land in Solon of Thomas Johnson, of Durham, CT, for $250. In 1816 (eighteen hundred and starved to death) he became disgusted with the climate of New York and decided to remove to New Orleans. He had held for years the position of justice of the peace or squire, and had good prospects. He invested the proceeds of his sales in goods for trading on the way down. It was some time in 1817 they started to leave. The boat was sunk on the Ohio river and goods lost. He stopped off at Pomeroy, OH, and invested in a coal mine. Loaded a boat with coal and, after a stay of a year or more, proceeded. On reaching Saint Louis decided to settle in Illinois. Taking his oldest son, John, he left the family in Saint Louis, took up a claim and built a cabin. Returned to Saint Louis; was taken down with yellow fever with some others of the family, but all recovered, and he then decided he had enough of the south and started to return to New York state. On the boat met a man who owned property in Portsmouth, OH, and was persuaded to stop off. This was in 1821, and there he resided until his death. The family fortunes were at a very low ebb and as soon as the family was settled in a house, he took his boys to his coal mine at Pomeroy and brought the first coal there for sale. They continued to work this for a number of years. He was never capable of any great exertion after the yellow fever, but was able to take up various things with the assistance of his sons, more particularly William. He was soon owner of several desirable pieces of town property; acquired a small piece of ground on the Scioto bottoms for farming; had a brickyard, and later a grocery and pork packing house. He held some small city offices after going to Portsmouth. He was a large, portly man; florid complexion, blue eyes, sandy hair and whiskers, while his wife, Susannah, was undersized, black eyes and hair. In religion he was Episcopalian, but his wife a strong Presbyterian. He appears to have been an energetic man with excellent business judgment. He resided Solon and Dryden, NY, and Portsmouth, OH.

Children of Ruluff7 and Susanna (Glenny) Whitney:

i. John8 Whitney, b. 15 Aug 1801; m.(1) Parnell Fitch; m.(2) Arunia Kelley.
ii. Mary Ticknor Whitney, b. 9 Sep 1803; d. 26 Jun 1880; m. 1 Feb 1824, Hannibal Gilman Hamlin; b. 23 Apr 1800, Hillsboro, NH; d. 24 Jul 1864. He was son of Europe and grandson of H. G. Hamlin resided when at home Springfield, OH; is now abroad with his familyMajor Eleazer, of the 4th Massachusetts Regiment in Revoluntionary war; resided Cincinnati, OH; d. 26 Jun 1880. Children:
a. Susannah Dorcas Hamlin, b. 22 Aug 1827, m. 10 Oct 1848, Dr. Alonzo Thrasher Keyt; resided Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH. Children:
1. Mary Hamlin Keyt, b. 28 Aug 1850; m. 10 Oct 1870, Dr. Asa B. Isham; was lieutenant in the war; resided Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH. Children:
A. Mary Keyt Isham, b. 20 Aug 1871.
B. Asa Chapman Isham, b. 11 Sep 1873.
C. Susanna Hamlin Isham, b. 20 Sep 1875.
D. Alonzo Keyt Isham, b. 11 Aug 1877.
E. Frances Cone Isham, b. 12 Feb 1880.
F. Helen Isham, b. 22 Oct 1882.
G. Eleanor Louise Isham, b. 25 Jul 1885.
2. Susanna Almena Keyt, b. 18 Aug 1853.
3. Rebecca Penn Keyt, b. 2 Nov 1856; m. W. H. Humphreys.
4. Louisa Keyt, b. 24 Jul 1858; d. 4 May 1868.
5. Marshall Hall Keyt, b. 12 Jan 1861, M.D.; m. Harriett Bush.
6. Hamlin Keyt, b. 1 Aug 1869; d. 9 Feb 1874.
b. Mary Ticknor Hamlin, b. 1831; resided Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH.
c. Gilman Hamlin, b. 1835; m. 10 Oct 1867, Arta Elizabeth Forsyth; have one child, Mary Alice.
d. Europe William Hamlin, b. 1839; resided Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH.
iii. Ruluff Whitney, b. 9 Feb 1805; d. 7 Aug 1824, Portsmouth, OH.
iv. Susannah Whitney, b. 27 Dec 1806; m. Elisha Goldsmith Stone; d. 19 May 1885, Covington, KY. He was b. 1808, Guilford, CT; d. 23 Dec 1840; resided Cincinnati, OH. Children:
a. Leverett Stone, b. 23 Mar 1830; d. 1877, leaving Josephine L.; resided Orange, NJ.
b. Medad Whitney Stone, b. 1 Mar 1831; d. 21 Mar 1891; m. 11 Nov 1855, Cincinnati, OH, Emma Forestine Jacobs, dau. William Chandler Jacobs and Emma Elise McMillan, his wife. Mrs. Emma F. Stone, widow Medad Whitney Stone, resided Saint George, Staten Island, NY. Children:
1. Susan Whitney Stone, b. 10 Aug 1856; d. 4 Jun 1891.
2. Emma Elise Stone, b. 23 Aug 1859; m. 16 Apr 1884, Ernest Fitz-Yale Birmingham; resided Stuyvesant Pl., New Brighton, Staten Island; he is publisher of The Fourth Estate, a newspaper for the makers of newspapers, Postal Telegraph Building, New York City. Children:
A. Pearl Birmingham, b. 17 Mar 1885.
B. Beatrice Birmingham, b. 23 Mar 1887.
3. Perlie Belle Stone, b. 39 Apr 1861.
4. Medad Elisha Stone, b. 9 Oct 1864; m. 11 Jun 1890, Emma Sterling Bones; resided Stuyvesant Pl., New Brighton, Staten Island. Children:
A. Mead Bones Stone, b. 5 Mar 1893.
5. Leverett Stone, b. 25 May 1867.
6. Henry Chase Stone, b. 15 Jul 1869.
c. Eliza Stone, b. m. James Muman; address 1008, Covington, KY
d. Dollie Stone, b. -----; m. Robert Macready, address 154 Broadway, New York City
e. Olive McArthur Stone, b. 1839, Cincinnati, OH; m. 1860, Cincinnati, OH, Seymour B. Avery, b. 22 Apr 1827; d. 26 Feb 1880, Cincinnati, OH Mrs. Avery (Olive McA.) resides Avondale, Cincinnati, OH. Children:
1. Olive Stone Avery, b. 13 Mar 1861; m. 14 Mar 1888, Alex. Sands, Jr.; resided Logan, OH.
2. Flora Avery, b. 22 Feb 1864.
3. Alice Avery, b. 26 Aug 1867; d. 30 Aug 1868.
4. Susan Whitney Avery, b. 20 Sep 1870.
5. Seymour Bartholow Avery, b. 11 Sep 1872.
6. Willie Macready Avery, b. 16 Jul 1876, d. 25 Aug 1877
7. Medad Whitney Avery, b. 26 Jan 1880; d. 25 Sep 1880.
v. Sarah Whitney, b. 11 Dec 1808; m. Andrew Rowan Harden; d. 5 Aug 1889, Clifton Landing, KY. He was born 5 Dec 1805, SC; d. 27 Jan 1846, Cincinnati, OH. Children:
a. Ruluff Whitney Harden, b. 13 Dec 1829; m., no living children; resided 530 West 7th St., Cincinnati, OH.
b. Clovis Harden, b. 27 Aug 1831; d. 1875.
c. Elizabeth Harden, b. 26 Oct 1833; d. 19 Apr 1837.
d. Josephine Harden, b. 12 Feb 1836; m. 30 Jul 1857, Cincinnati, OH, John J. Barton, b. 8 Sep 1831, Clermont Co., OH; res. Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH.
1. Elinora Barton, b. 22 Sep 1858; d. 13 Nov 1868.
2. Edward Barton, b. 22 Jan 1862, near Williamsburg, OH; m. 18 Dec 1889, Clara Robertson.
3. Sallie E. Barton, b. 2 Apr 1865.
4. Josie Barton, b. 5 May 1867; d. 29 Nov 1893.
5. John C. Barton, b. 13 Jul 1871.
6. Charlie L. Barton, b. 5 Oct 1873; d. 27 Apr 1880.
7. Walter Barton, b. 4 Jul 1877.
e. Clay Harden, b. 28 Dec 1837.
f. Harrison Harden, b. 5 Feb 1839; d. 30 Jan 1846.
g. Minerva Harden, b. 7 Mar 1842; d. 1 Feb 1846.
h. Andrew Rowan Harden, b. 9 Feb 1844; d. 9 Jul 1875.
vi. William Glenny Whitney, b. 11 Apr 1811; m.(1) Melvina Fleming; m.(2) Elcy F. M. Van Voorhees.
vii. Minerva Whitney, b. 21 Apr 1814; m. Portsmouth, OH, Abijah Curtis. He d. soon after m., and she resided s. p., Circleville, OH.
viii. Olive Whitney, b. 16 Sep 1817; d. 29 Mar 1885; m. 9 May 1838, Colonel Allan Campbell McArthur, b. 12 Dec 1806, youngest son of Duncan McArthur, third governor of Ohio; d. 28 Apr 1858. Children:
a. Ohio Mary McArthur, b. 27 Sep 1840; d. 9 Sep 1851
b. Adora Minerva McArthur, b. 23 Oct 1842, Chillicothe, OH; m. 5 Jul 1869, Covington, KY, John B. Morris, from near Springfield, OH, son of James and Martha Morris, b. 21 Jul 1839, Clark County, OH; died De Witt County, IL, 20 Jan 1885. Children:
1. Maurice McArthur Morris, b. 17 Apr 1870, De Witt County, IL; m.; resided Circleville, Pickaway County, OH.
2. Curtis Morris, b. 7 Oct 1871, De Witt County, IL.
3. Martha Morris, b. 1 Jun 1873, De Witt County, IL; m. ----- -----.
4. Olive Morris, b. 6 Feb 1875, De Witt County, IL.
5. Bessie Morris, b. 14 Feb 1877, De Witt County, IL.
6. William H. Morris, b. 7 Feb 1879, De Witt County, IL.
7. George E. Morris, b. 23 Mar 1881, De Witt County, IL; d. 24 Mar 1881.
8. Lois Lavina Morris, b. 11 Mar 1882, De Witt County, IL; d. 12 Aug 1882.
c. Effie McArthur McArthur, b. 22 Sep 1844, Pickaway County, OH; m. 12 Dec 1872, De Witt County, IL, Isham Atchison Jones, b. 27 Aug 1850; P.O.Box 258, Circleville, Pickaway County, OH. Children:
1. Flora Tice Jones, b. 13 Jan 1874, De Witt County, IL.
2. Susie Van Bibber Jones, b. 6 Dec 1876, De Witt County, IL.
3. Arthur Stephen Jones, b. 22 Jan 1879, De Witt County, IL.
d. Flora McArthur, b. 24 Sep 1846; m. Covington, KY, James E. Tice, who d. in a few years; no ch.; Flora McArthur Tice, d. 25 Dec 1884, on Eastview farm, Pickaway County, OH.
e. Ida Olive McArthur, b. 11 May 1849; d. 7 Feb 1852.
f. Susannah Nancy McArthur, b. 19 Nov 1851, Chillicothe, OH; m. 21 Feb 1873, Cincinnati, OH, Andrew Van Bibber; d. 16 Oct 1881, Cincinnati, OH; no ch. survived her.
g. Allan Campbell McArthur, b. 4 Mar 1854; m. 25 Nov 1884, Des Moines, IA, Teresa Whitney, dau. of William Glenny Whitney, Portsmouth, OH; resided Crescent Terrace, Pickaway County, OH (near Circleville). Children:
1. Dorothy McArthur, b. 18 Nov 1887, McMillan's, Knox County, TN.
h. Sarah Eliza McArthur, b. 12 Apr 1857; d. 30 Sep 1858.



1.^  "Ruluff [Whitney], s. Christopher & Mary, b. 25 Jun 1777," according to the Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records, Salisbury 2:35.

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