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Samuel5 Whitney (Samuel4, Richard3, John2, Henry1), son of Samuel4 and Amy (Northrup) Whitney, was born 17 Feb 1740/1, Fairfield, CT,[1] baptized 23 Feb 1740/1, Fairfield, CT, and died 2 Mar 1820, aged 79 years 2 days, Greenfield, CT, of consumption.

He married firstly, 7 Nov 1765, Greenfield, CT, Mariana Banks,[2] daughter of Gershom and Hannah (Bradley) Banks. She was born 22 Dec 1745, Fairfield, CT, and died 5 Jun 1770.

He married secondly, before 1774, Greenfield, CT, Rebecca Banks, parentage unknown. She was born about 1743, and died 5 Apr 1802, Greenfield, CT.

Phoenix says the following:

Samuel Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 17 Feb. 1740-41; bap. at Fairfield, 23 Feb. 1740-41; married at Greenfield, Conn., 7 Nov. 1765, Mariana Banks. They "renewed the covenant" in the Congregational Church at Greenfield, 17 Aug. 1766. He married (2d), at Greenfield, Rebecca Banks, who was born about 1743. She renewed the covenant, at Greenfield, 29 March 1774; and had a grant of land from Gershom Banks, in Greenfield parish, 15 March 1775; both as wife of Samuel Whitney, Jr. They died in Greenfield (she, 5 Ap. 1802; he, of consumption, 2 March 1820, aged 79 years and 2 days), and were buried there, in the old graveyard, where their tombstones yet stand. His estate was distributed 14 Ap. 1821.
He is described as a "cart and wagon maker," a very worthy man, owning a place about two miles north of the church at Greenfield Hill. Another account calls him a cabinet-maker, and another a cooper. It is said that he served in the Revolutionary War.

Children of Samuel5 and Mariana (Banks) Whitney:

Children of Samuel5 and Rebecca (Banks) Whitney:

i. Samuel6 Whitney, bapt. 2 Nov 1766, Greenfield, CT; was not named in the distribution of his father's estate, 14 Apr 1821; and, perhaps, died young.
ii. Hannah Whitney, b. 6 Nov 1768, Greenfield, CT; bapt. 13 Nov 1768, Greenfield, CT; m. Abel Downs.

Child of Samuel Whitney, maternity uncertain:

iii. Lyman6 Whitney, b. probably 1770-1772, Greenfield, CT; m. Mabel Wheeler.

Children of Samuel5 and Rebecca (Banks) Whitney:

iv. Mariana6 Whitney, b. 26 Mar 1774, Greenfield, CT; bapt. 29 May 1774, Greenfield, CT; m. ----- Bradley.
v. Rebecca Whitney, bapt. 7 Jun 1776, Greenfield, CT; m. Hiram Smith.
vi. Levi Whitney, b. 16 Nov 1778, Greenfield, CT; bapt. 21 Feb 1779, Greenfield, CT; m. Harriet Sherwood.
vii. Sarah Whitney, b. say 1780, Greenfield, CT; m. 27 Jun 1820, Greenfield, CT, Moses Ogden of Greenfield,[3] by Rev. William Belden, Congregational. She had part of her father's estate, 14 Apr 1821; and, about that time, visited her brother, Levi Whitney, at Philipstown, NY. They settled at Greenfield.
viii. John Whitney, b. say 1783, Greenfield, CT; m. Julia Ann Banks.
ix. Huldah Whitney, b. say 1786, Greenfield, CT; m. before 14 Apr 1821, ----- Banks. She received a part of her father's estate, as his daughter, Huldah Banks.



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