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Samuel5 Whitney (Abraham4, Joseph3, John2, Henry1), son of Abraham4 and Anne (Plumb) Whitney, was born 28 Sep 1752 or 29 Sep 1754, Norwalk, CT,[1] and died 5 Jan 1815, St. John, NB.

He married firstly, date and place unknown, ----- -----, parentage, birth, and death unknown.

He married secondly, 1 Dec 1782, Huntington, NY, Anne Guire, daughter of Jesse and Anne (Squire) Guire. She was born 12 Mar 1764, Fairfield, CT, and died 25 Feb 1810, St. John, NB.

Phoenix says the following:

Samuel Whitney, b. at Norwalk, Conn., 28 Sept. 1752, though his family-record says 29 Sept. 1754; a merchant; married, 1 Dec 1782, Anne Guire, who was born 12 March 1764. The bond, given 1 Dec. 1782, for their marriage-license, calls him a store-keeper, gives the residence of both parties as Huntington, Suffolk Co., N.Y., and was signed by Benjamin Sammis, yeoman, of Hempstead, Queens Co., N.Y. The particulars of his former marriage have not been ascertained. He was a Loyalist, and, at the close of the American Revolution, established himself in business in St. John, N.B., where they died; she, 25 Feb. 1810; he, 5 Jan. 1815. They were buried in St. John. He was a member of the St. John Loyal Artillery in 1795. Mr. James Whitney, of Albany, N.Y., in a letter written in 1873, says: "My grandfather was too old, and my father, John, his youngest son, too young to take an active part in the Revolutionary War; so I come to uncle Samuel Whitney and his brother, Stephen Whitney. Stephen kept a store opposite the old homestead in Pudding Lane. Samuel, doubtful of the success of the Colonies, and tainted by the preaching of Dr. Lemmon, the Episcopal Clergyman (a great tory, who said that there were more tories in his congregation than in all the others put together, and was taken off by the British General Tryon at the burning of Norwalk), had previously gone over to Long Island and joined the enemy, and frequently crossed the Sound in the night, with a boat, bringing over dry goods, which he traded with his brother Stephen, taking back provisions, and making a profitable business for both. The affair was found out, a guard set at Cow Pasture Shore, and he was taken a prisoner. The guard went up with him to his brother's store, when he set down for them a bottle of rum, with some cheese and crackers, and asked the privilege of going up stairs to change his shirt, which they granted. He opened a small back-window, leaped out into a field of corn, which was tall, just earing out, got into the woods and ran till he came to what was called the Bark Mill Brook, where he hid among the bushes under the bank, and heard them skirmishing all around to find him. The third night, he crawled out, called on a friend living three miles above, got him up, went down to Belden's Pond, found a boat, which they dragged over the beach to Cow Pasture shore, and rowed across the Sound to Long Island, where the British were encamped."

Child of Samuel5 and ----- (-----) Whitney:

i. Samuel6 Whitney, b. 10 Feb 1779, Norwalk, CT; m. Margaret Swain.

Children of Samuel5 and Anne (Guire) Whitney, all born St. John, NB:

ii. Richard Whitney, b. 2 Sept 1783; d. 17 Mar 1808, New York, NY; unmarried, buried in Trinity Church graveyard.
iii. Henry Whitney, b. 8 June 1785; d. 17 May 1806, St. John, NB, unmarried, and was there buried.
iv. Archibald Whitney, b. 25 Aug. 1787; d. 28 Jul 1788, St. John, NB, and was buried there.
v. Charles Whitney, b. 29 Aug. 1789; m. Sally Forrester (Stanton) Harding.
vi. John Whitney, b. 8 Jun 1791; d. 26 March 1810, and was buried at sea.
vii. Elizabeth Ann Whitney, b. 5 Jun 1792; d. 15 Nov 1810, and was buried in St. John.
viii. Sally Whitney, b. 2 Apr 1795; d. 16 Sep 1805, St. John, NB, and was buried there.
ix. Charlotte Whitney, b. 25 May 1797; d. 25 Apr 1798, St. John, NB, and was buried there.
x. James Whitney, b. 28 Jun 1799; m. Henrietta Alexis Williams.
xi. Charlotte Whitney, b. 2 Jul 1803; m.(1) Thomas L. Langan; m.(2) Charles Randolph Gibbons, as his second wife.


1.^  "Samuel [Whitney], s. Abraham & Ann, b. 28 Sep 1752," according to Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records, Norwalk LR18:47.

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