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Sweptston Taylor8 Whitney (James Martin Van Buren7, Sheldon Clark6, William Clark5, Henry4, Josiah3, John2, Henry1), son of James Martin Van Buren7 and Elizabeth (Dyess) Whitney, was born about 2 May 1883, MS, and died 5 Aug 1974, Waynesboro, MS.

He married Mary Salena "Mamie" Gilbert, daughter of Newton Bascom and Catherine (McRae) Gilbert. She was born 16 Dec 1881, Waynesboro, MS, and died 30 Jul 1944, Mobile, AL.

Children of Sweptston8 and Mary Salena "Mamie" (Gilbert) Whitney:

i. Elmer Lynnwood Whitney, b. 3 Oct 1906, Wayne Co., MS; m. Beatrice B. Beard.
ii. Gladys P. Whitney, b. 20 Apr 1908, MS; d. 25 Dec 1996, Waynesboro, MS; m.(1) 13 Sep 1924, Birmingham, AL, Curtis Bryant Griffith; m.(2) George Mecklenberg.
iii. Gilmore T. Whitney, b. 16 Feb 1910, MS; d. 16 May 1971; m. Ida Bunk.
iv. Hazel A. Whitney, b. 14 Nov 1911, MS; d. after 1930.
v. Morris E. Whitney, b. 26 Oct 1913, MS; d. 1 Dec 1970.
v. William Bodie Whitney, b. 7 Jul 1915, MS; d. 4 Jun 1980, Highway, Clinton Co., KY.
vi. Jewel B. Whitney, b. ca. 1918, MS.
vii. Thomas G. Whitney, b. 22 Apr 1920, MS; d. 17 May 1999, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX; m. Martha Ann9 Whitney.
viii. Olga O. Whitney, b. ca. 1923, MS; m. ----- Bankston.
ix. Catherine L. Whitney, b. ca. 1926, MS.


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  • 1910, Beat 2, Wayne Co., MS: Web Whitney
  • 1920, Beat 2, Wayne Co., MS: Sevept T. Whitney
  • 1930, Beat 2, Wayne Co., MS: Sevep T. Whitney
  • 1940, Beat 2, Wayne Co., MS: S. T. Whitney


  • Census records

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