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Thomas3 Whitney (Thomas2, John1), son of Thomas2 and Mary (Kedell) Whitney,[1] was born 24 Aug 1656, Watertown, MA,[2] and died 12 Apr 1742, Bolton, MA, in his 84th year.[3]

He married 29 Jan 1678, Watertown, MA, Elizabeth Lawrence,[4] daughter of George and Elizabeth (Crisp) Lawrence. She was born 30 Jan 1658/9, Watertown, MA,[5] and died 8 Feb 1741, Bolton, MA.[6]

He lived first at Watertown, then Stow, then Lancaster (eventually Bolton), MA.

He served in King Philip's War:

  • On 20 Dec 1675 he was paid £1 16s. 0d. for service at Lancaster Garrison.[7]
  • On 24 Apr 1676 he was paid £3 11s. 0d. for service in Capt. Joseph Sill's company.[8]
  • On 24 Jun 1676 he was paid 2s. 6d. for service under Capt. John Culter.[9]
  • On 24 Aug 1676 he was paid 4s. 2d. for service under Capt. Joseph Sill.[10]

"He bought 11-1/2 acres in Cambridge of A. Rowse--S. by M. Clark, N. E. by Ephraim Winship, March 10, 1679. Witness, George Lawrence, his father-in-law. In Feb., 1681-2, George and Elizabeth Lawrence give to son and daughter, Thomas and Elizabeth Whitney, land by deed. Feb. 24, 1682-3, he bought of John Hayward, of Boston, Scrivener, and wife Mary, 60 acres in Pompascitticut, (Stow,) where the first five children mentioned below were born, as by the county returns in the clerk's office E. Cambridge. In 1719, for £300, he bought 52 acres in Lancaster, near Wataquadock brook, of Jona. Wheeler, and Feb. 26, 1721-2, deeded one half of this purchase with buildings (the homestead) to his son John "of Stowe, and now designed to remove to Lancaster," partly by gift and partly by sale, and in this document mentions his wife and all his children, excepting Thomas, to whom he had made a gift of 21 acres in Stowe, Nov. 6, 1711,--and Benjamin who had probably also received a gift from his father."[11]

On 28 Aug 1688 he was taxed 4s. in Stow, MA.[12]

Children of Thomas3 and Elizabeth (Lawrence) Whitney:

i. Thomas4 Whitney, b. 17 Sep 1681, Stow, MA;[13] m. Mary Baker.
ii. Elizabeth Whitney, b. 16 Feb 1682, Stow, MA;[14] nothing further known.
iii. John Whitney, b. 13 May 1684, Stow, MA;[15] m. Elizabeth Barnard.
iv. Mary Whitney, b. 13 Jan 1685, Stow, MA;[16] m. Jonathan Crouch.
v. Benjamin Whitney, b. 7 Oct 1687, Stow, MA;[17] m.(1) Sarah Barrett; m.(2) Abigail Bridge.
vi. Nathan Whitney, b. ca. 1689; m. Mary Holman.
vii. Susanna Whitney, b. ca, 1691; m. Robert Foskett.
viii. Abigail Whitney, b. ca. 1701; m. Jonathan Rand.


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