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Thomas8 Whitney ([prob.] Joseph7, William6, William5, William4, Nathaniel3, John2, John1), probably son of Joseph7 and Hannah (Perley) Whitney, who was born 4 Mar 1807, Winchendon, MA,[1] and died 13 May 1843, Winchendon, MA, aged 35 years.[2]

He married, 22 Sep 1841, Putney, VT, Abigail Whitcomb Houghton, both of Rindge, NH,[3] daughter of Aaron and Betsey (Moore) Houghton. She was born 24 Apr 1822, Putney, VT, and died 1 Mar 1880, Sterling, MA. She "Abbie H." married secondly, 23 Jul 1844, Sterling, MA, Sidney Smith, both of Sterling,[4] as his second wife. He was born 20 Jul 1798, Westminster, MA, and died 19 May 1871, Sterling, MA, son of Silas and Hannah (Burgess) Smith. He had married firstly Harriet Page.

"The disciples of Andrew Jackson, proclaiming that to the victor belong the spoils, subsequently effected the removal of the office from its Whig quarters, and Dr. Isaiah Whitney was appointed April 15, 1830, and distributed the mails from his residence until his death, after which his daughter conducted the office nearly a year; but no successor was named until October 16, 1840, when Thomas Whitney received the appointment, and removed the post-office into the hotel.

"The succeeding postmasters, date of appointment, and location of the post-office, have been as follows: Charles E. Plummer, May 22, 1843, hotel. ..."[5]

Children of Thomas8 and Abigail Whitcomb (Houghton) Whitney, if any, unknown.



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