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Wade H. Whitney's Locations

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Wade H. Whitney (Joseph), son of Joseph and Elizabeth (-----) Whitney, was born between 1790 and 1800 (probably before 1795), and died Feb. 1851, Arkansas.

He married Susan Norton.

Supreme Court of Missouri, 1802-1884 - Howard County:

Wade Whitney indicted with Coleman Whitney for horse theft. The summary of the case is that a slave rode a horse with his masters permission to visit with his wife for about a month. When the slave returned home he was riding on a horse of lesser value. Coleman Whitney is suspected to have stolen the horse, and later Wade his father is said to have sold it.[1]

Found at the courthouse in Batesville, Arkansas - Independence County:

State Vs Wade Whitney April 1850 Assault with Intent to kill. (No Whitney’s listed in the index)
State vs. Wade Whitney and William Whitney. March 5, 1850. Prosecutor comes not but makes default – defendant attorney ordered by the court that they be discharged from their said recognizance at the cost of said Robert A Childress.

July 1851 Term, Arkansas Probate Court Records - Independence County:

Now on this day comes Susan Whitney, widow of the said Wade H Whitney
and presents to the court an appraisment list of property belonging to
the said estate, whereby it appears that the property belonging to the
said estate does not exceed three hundred dollars in value, and the court
being fully satisfied of the same from the testimony introduced by the
said widow on motion of said Susan Whitney, it is ordered by the court
that all property belonging to the said estate, rest absolutely in the
said widow, and that William H. Stone, the administration to the said
estate, deliver over all the property that has come into his hands as
such administration to the said widow, and that he be dismissed from all
further liability or responsibility as such administration. [2]

Children of Wade H. and Susan (Norton) Whitney (perhaps incomplete, order uncertain, based on a census reconstruction):

i. (son) Whitney, b. ca. 1810-1815. This was perhaps Joseph Whitney, b. ca. 1812, TN, m. Mary Hall.
ii. John Whitney, b. ca. 1814, TN, m. Elinder -----.
iii. Martha Whitney, b. ca. 1815-1820, d. before 1870 m. Mathias Cooley.
iv. Mary Whitney, b. ca. 1815-1820, d. 26 May 1843, m. William Roberts.
v. (daughter) Whitney, b. ca. 1815-1820.
vi. (son) Whitney, b. ca. 1820-1825. This was perhaps Tolbert Whitney, b. ca. 1823, MO, M. Charity Emily Hall.
vii. Coleman Whitney, b. ca. 1825, MO, m. Mary Israil, 25 March 1840 in Polk Co., MO.
viii. William Whitney, b. ca. 1827, TN, m. Mary Ann "Polly" Allen,
ix. (daughter) Whitney, b. ca. 1825-1830. Possibly the same as Evaline, b. ca. 1828-1830, MO, who m. before 1850, Thomas Burgess, with whom her supposed mother Susan was living in 1860 and 1870.


He was apparently named after en:Wade Hampton I, a Lieutenant Colonel from South Carolina in the Revolutionary War, and later a congressman.


  • 1820: Louisiana and Missouri territory
  • 1830, Howard Co., MO: W. H. Whitney, 1 male 30-39, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 5-9, 2 males under 5, 1 female 30-39, 3 females 10-14, 1 female under 5, 1 female slave, 36-54, 12 total.
  • 1840, Mountain, Howard Co., MO: W. H. Whitny, 1 male 50-59, 2 males 20-29, 2 males 15-19, 1 male 5-9, 1 female 40-49, 1 female 20-29, 1 female 10-14, 9 total, 3 in agriculture.
  • 1850, widow Susan not found.
  • 1860, Porter, Christian Co., MO:

348 348 Thomas Burgess 36 M - Stiller $1400 $890 Tenn. Evaline 30 F - Mo. Mary S. 4 F - " Sarah L. 1 F - " Susan Whitney 65 F - Va. Illiterate Rachel Kizer 24 F - Ill. Illiterate

69 69 Burges, Thomas 49 M W Farmer $800 $717 Tennessee Illiterate, Male citizen over 21 Evaline 37 F W Keeping house Missouri Mary Susan 13 F W At home Missouri Sarah Jane 11 F W At home Missouri Emaly A. 6 F W At home Missouri Josephen 3 F W At home Missouri Dotson, Lucinda 58 F W Keeping house Missouri Whitney, Susan 67 F W Keeping house North Carolina

Note the changes from 1860 to 1870 in ages.


The probate information for Wade H. Whitney was provided by Mrs S.R. Walters, descendent of Tolbert Whitney, who shared her extensive research for this family with Grady Whitney.


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