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William Whitney's Locations

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William Whitney, parentage unknown, but based upon DNA evidence, a descendant of John and Elinor (-----) Whitney, was born 1790, perhaps in Lexington, Fayette Co., KY,[1] and died 24 Aug 1837, Little Caillou, Terrebonne Parish, LA.[2]

He married, 1818, Sarah Compton,[3] daughter of Joseph and Anna (Vendoosan) Compton from New York. She was born about 1792, possibly NY (another source says 1794, Warren Co., OH), and died about 1840, Terrebonne Parish, LA. She may possibly be buried under the name "Sarah Brown" in the Ellender Tomb of Dugas Cemetery in Montegut, Terrebonne Parish, LA.[4]

Sarah Compton was born 1794, Warren Co., OH. She married three times, 1st to Joseph Ellender, 2nd to William Whitney, 3rd to Willis Brown.

Sarah Compton's first husband was Joseph Alinger (a.k.a. Ellender), married, 1811, Warren County, OH. Her third husband was Willis E. Brown, married 11 Mar 1840, Terrebonne Parish, LA.[5]

Family of 3 = 2 boys + 1 girl.

Children of William and Sarah (Compton) Whitney:

i. George Washington Alexis Whitney, b. 18 Oct 1819, possibly KY, bp. (as an adult) 18 Oct 1841, Thibedeaux, LA;[6][7][8] murdered 6 Nov 1851, Little Caillou, Terrebonne Parish, LA, just one year after the death of his brother-in-law, Tydens James Simpson, and following a running feud with the Daspit Family in Terrebonne.[9]
ii. Louise Whitney, b. ca. 1820, possibly KY;[10][11] d. 11 Feb 1873, Terrebonne Parish, LA.[12]
iii. William Whitney, b. ca. 1825, possibly Lexington, KY;[13][14][15] d. 15 Aug 1870; m. 9 Jul 1847, Azelie Eulalie Gauthreaux.


  • 1820: not found.
  • 1830: not found.
  • 1840: not found.
  • 1840, Terrebonne Parish, LA: Will Brown, 1 male 30-39, 1 male 5-9, and 1 female 40-49.
  • 1850, Terrebonne Parish, LA:

287 287 Washington Whitney 35 M - Farmer 400 Louisiana Artemise Whitney 23 F - do George Whitney 9 M - do Julia Whitney 7 F - do William Whitney 4 M - do Angelina Whitney 5/12 F - do Louise Simpson 25 F - do Sarah Simpson 10 F - Louisiana Attended school Betty Simpson 8 F - do Attended school Washington Simpson 4 M - do Minerva Simpson 3 F - do John J. Simpson 5/12 M - do Charles White 30 M - Labourer Ohio Matt Simmons 35 M - Vitcher Ireland Sarah Whitney 58 F - Louisiana


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