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Date: 29 Apr 96 22:44:00 EDT From: Jeanne Muse <102256.2027@CompuServe.COM> To: Philip John Ainsworth <>, Ross Andrews <>, ArvWhit <ARVWHIT@GNN.COM>, Jon Aston <>, "Janet L. Bailey" <75104.3110@CompuServe.COM>, Hugh David Barrett <72037.105@CompuServe.COM>, Ted Bates <TEDBYTES@AOL.COM>, Donald Whitney Becker <clarbeck@AOL.COM>, "Rita (Whitney) Bernier" <ritab20429@AOL.COM>, Louise Bradshaw <loubrad@AOL.COM>, Caradwen von Braskat <71604.1000@CompuServe.COM>, "Evelyn (Thorsen) Brown" <EBROWN231@AOL.COM>, CGPesch <CGPESCH@AOL.COM>, "Margaret (Whitney) Carey" <>, Ginny Deagan <GDEAGAN@AOL.COM>, "D. J. Goulette" <djgoulette@AOL.COM>, Allan Green <ALLAGREEN@AOL.COM>, "Karen B. Grubaugh" <kgruba@AOL.COM>, "Walter H. Hall" <>, Joan Hicks <jhicks8311@AOL.COM>, Richard Dean Jackson <103303.503@CompuServe.COM>, Clark Harold Jillson <CHILKOOT98@AOL.COM>, "G. Jones" <gjones3747@AOL.COM>, Mary Ann Lindsay <MALINCAL@METRO.NET>, Mary Jean Manroe <mmanroe@AOL.COM>, Carole McIntosh <MAC13120@AOL.COM>, Lynne McLean <73007.1546@CompuServe.COM>, Jerrie Moore <jmoore3672@AOL.COM>, Betsy Morris <103217.2177@CompuServe.COM>, "Brena (Nixon) Parsons" <>, Donna Patt <donnapatt@AOL.COM>, PoGoes <POGOES@AOL.COM>, "J. Michael Poston" <>, Julie Scheuerman <JASCHEU@AOL.COM>, Glenn Selch <75713.2566@CompuServe.COM>, Mary Ellen Sharp <FROTILLA@AOL.COM>, Bert Smith <102513.3332@CompuServe.COM>, "Francis D. Southwick" <fsouthw680@AOL.COM>, "J. A. Stafford" <>, Beth Stakes <>, "Debbie J. Stelmach" <102762.3454@CompuServe.COM>, Eleanor Stratton <estratts@AOL.COM>, Carolyn Vosburg <LYNVOS@AOL.COM>, Kim Walters <KWALTERS@PASCAL.MATH.MSSTATE.EDU>, Michael Ray Whitney <WHITNEYMR@AOL.COM>, "A.James Whitney" <AJAMESWHIT@AOL.COM>, "H. Ray Whitney" <RAYWHIT79@AOL.COM>, "J.C. Whitney" <WHITNEYJC@AOL.COM>, Lisa Whitney <>, "Alan C. Wright" <> Subject: More Whitney Descendants This came to me on CompuServe from Christopher Edy ( Anyone with interest might want to contact Christopher directly. :-) Jeanne ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forum: The Genealogy Section: U.S. Surnames T-Z Subj : Whitney On-Line GEDCOM >From : Christopher Edy/CA, 74554,1326 #812071 Hi My grandmother was grace Willson (Edy) her mother was Violet Snyder whos mother was Rabecca Whitney B 12 June 1827 D.1909. She was the 2nd child of 10 children of John Whitney ( Minister) b.1804 d. Feb 4 1854 and Sarah Hensel b.1806 d. 1847. Johns father and Mother was Nathan Whitney and Eunice Cottle (Nathan B. 9 Oct 1769 d. 4 Jun 1852) (Eunice B.1779 D. 26 Aug 1870). Nathans father was David Whitney B. 8 April 1732 Biddleford York Maine. no death date. His father was Nathan Whitney b. 1706 d. 1804. his wife Lydia Young B. 15 oct 1711. Natthons father was Nathanial Whitney b. 14 April 1680 . his father was Benjamin Whitney b. 6 June 1643 Watertown Massachusetts Died 1723 Sherburn Mass. I have photographs of headstones of John Whitney ( Minister) and the Hensel family and Rabecca Whitney and Snyder. Bronsvill Cemetery Ohio Whitny Farm. Snyder Clay Flora Ill Elmwood Cemetery. Do you have information on the Cemetery in Watertown where John and Elinor might be at rest? I have a friend going to Watertown. I hope I got all this Correct. C. Edy Sir names : Whitney, Cottle, Young Jeanne, Would you possibly know what the cemetery is called where Benjaman Whitney is at rest ? Died 1723 Sherburn,Mass. And John Whitney also Died Watertown Massachusetts 8 June 1673. I have a friend that is going to that town to take photographs. Thank you for your time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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