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Mailing List Archives > 2002-04-02 05, A Whitney Family Bible, by Jeanne Muse

From: "Jeanne Muse" <jwmuse -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] A Whitney Family Bible Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 19:17:40 -0500 Dear WRG: A Whitney Family Bible has been found which I believe provides NEW information for the Henry Whitney database. If I am correct, this concerns the descendants of Elijah and Elizabeth (PERRY) Whitney (Elijah-5 Elijah-4 Richard-3 John-2 Henry-1), for whom Phoenix has very little information. Sally Lorentz Anderson (SAF14403 -at- says she has been a genealogist for 30 years, bought the Bible in Connecticut "at a TAG Sale", and would like to sell it for the amount she has in it ($50) plus postage (preferrably to a descendant). Her message about this was originally posted on's Whitney Surname message board. Get in touch with Sally directly by email if you connect -- but please also let me know so I can add this line to the Henry Whitney database. The below has been copied from a series of e-mails. My notes are preceded by **. Jeanne (Whitney) Muse jwmuse -at- The Bible is approximately 8x11 printed in 1859 and is in pretty good shape. The front is detached from the spine but can be easily repaired, your local library or historical society can help there. Inscription Page Reads "To My Son, Mr Jacob Whitney, By His Father, Mr Elijah Whitney 25 Jan 1860." This is the Information from the Bible Pages: Marriage: Jacob WHITNEY and Rezone CHILLS 30 Dec 1860 Births: Jacob WHITNEY 3 Jun 1832 Rezone WHITNEY (CHILLS) 25 Feb 1842 Charles Wesley WHITNEY 26 Jan 1862 George Henry WHITNEY 25 Dec 1867 Belle WHITNEY 22 Aug 1869 Ratie (Ratir) WHITNEY 18 Aug 1874 Willie WHITNEY 3 Jan 1878 Deaths: Ratie WHITNEY BANNER 21 Apr 1893 Jacob Dec 2 1903 Rose (Rozella) 20 Jan 1914 Charlie 5 Apr 1919 George 21 Nov 1927 The next paper has Jacob's parents Elijah and Polly BOOMHEUR and Children: Elijah WHITNEY and Polly BOOMHEUR Daughter of Jacob BOOMHEUR of Delhi, NY Were Married 13 Jan 1818. Polly Died at Sanford, NY March 1862, and Elijah May 16 1870, Both are buried In McClure, NY Children: Dianthy 17 Oct 1819 Polly 21 Dec 1821 m. Charles JENKINS Hannah 9 Nov 1823 m. Henry JENKINS Catherine 7 Jun 1826 m. Noah BATHRICK Samuel 28 Jun 1828 m. Abbie Crafts BROWN Electa 27 Jun 1830 m. Adam HAMILN Jacob 3 Jun 1832 m. Rosa CHILDS (Rozella) Rachel 23 Apr 1834 m. Henry HUYCK Ann 12 Aug 1836 m. Gideon WHEATON Philip 27 Dec 1838 Ellen 21 Sep 1840 m. Warren BLAKESLEY Elijah's parents Samuel and Sibbel PHILLIPS and Children: Samuel b. 17 Aug 1760, Married Sibbel PHILLIPS at Schodak, NY 1785. Died 22 Feb 1813, Buried at Delhi, NY. Sibbel Born 1769, Died 1 Mar 1856, and Buried at McClure, NY. Children: Rebecca 28 Jan 1786 Philip 20 Feb 1788 Elijah 14 Mar 1790 Rachael 25 Apr 1793 Lucy 3 Mar 1795 Heman 10 Dec 1796 Sabrina 25 Jan 1799 Polly 25 Jan 1803 Alva L. 12 Apr 1809 Amanda 3 Jan 1812 Samuel's parent Elijah Columbia Co NY and 4 Sons. Elijah and Hannah WHITNEY Columbia County, New York moved to Canada after the Revolution. List the following Children: Seth No Dates **See below Heman No Dates Elnathan, Unmarried, Lived with nephew Elijah & buried in Sanford, NY. Samuel b. 17 Aug 1760, Married Sibbel PHILLIPS at Schodak, NY 1785. Died 22 Feb 1813, Buried at Delhi, NY. Sibbel Born 1769, Died 1 Mar 1856, and Buried at McClure, NY. **Could this be the Seth and Elijah mentioned in Phoenix p245 - footnote in reference to Elijah-5's daughter Hannah (#1108)? <a href=""></a> The next has Henry and Rachel CHILDS Family. The next paper has Jacob's Line: Jacob Elijah Samuel Elijah Elijah Elijah Richard **Missing generation - John should be here Henry Born England 1620 There are some school Certificates Of Achievement for Jacob There is lastly a poem, "The Whitney Family" By Richard L Carey Other Papers Are Basically the Same Info Except the Henry CHILDS Family Information (Rozella's Parents)

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