Male Descendents of Eleazer Whitney

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Because descendants of two of Eleazer Whitney's sons have been DNA tested and show the same two marker mutation from the standard DNA signature of John Whitney's descendants, and because two descendants of a brother of Eleazer Whitney do not show this mutation, it is probably that Eleazer himself had this mutation, and was the first in the family to have it. He then passed on this minor DNA difference to his sons, and they to their sons. All male line descendants of Eleazer should have this marker.

Two other WRG members who have not been able to fully extend their lineage have tested positive for this marker, and because of this, they should concentrate their search efforts on Eleazer's branch. One other Whitney descendant has also tested positive for this marker difference, but has a lineage which apparently does not go through Eleazer.

Samuel Whitney (s1775-1808) apparently descends from Eleazer.