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I would like to get in touch with whoever has been adding and keeping up with our family history. I am the great-great grand daughter of Lucretia Whitney, born 1873. I have found my grandmother,nettie Sofia Collins, but the line seems to have stopped there. She Married Rollie Austin and had 6 children. Chester Daniel. Zelma Lenora.Laverne may,Oscar, Lila, and RaeJean.

My dad is Chester Austin, died1978. I am Rita Jermaine, have a half brother, Kenneth Lee, died2002. I married Donald Simpson and had 4 children. candice Kay 1951-1979. Judalon marie 1953-1982. Kelly bruce1955, and Kip neil. Kelly has 2 sons , casey James Simpson 1986, and Cory Neil 1990. Kip has one daughter, Austin kay-Marie Simpson 1989.

I have a family bible that belonged to Lucretia Whitney. It is very faded, very worn,and very much loved.