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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

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See Allan's other two user pages here at User:AllanGreen and User:Allangreen.

Unfortunately, Allan Green has passed away.


Here is what he wrote about himself:

I appear as a new user on the wiki site, and I most certainly am. However, I have been associated with the Whitney Research Group since its earliest days. I am currently enjoying my retirement, living in a house with a lovely view of the Monie Bay arm of the Chesapeake Bay. This follows a forty year career teaching Music Theory, Counterpoint, Conducting, stringed instruments and other related things at the college level -- the last 38 at a small Methodist college in southeastern Kentucky called Union College. Now that I am retired, I seem to have less time for genealogy than I did while I was working. Age may play a part in that, as well as the necessity of being tethered to an oxygen hose - thanks to many years of indulging a smoking habit. The greatest restriction is that it has cut down on my travel to research sites, but the rise of the Internet and high speed connections has filled in the gap amazingly well. If only everything was available on line<sob>.

I am one who finds the wiki site a bit daunting, but each time I try to use it, I manage to get a bit better at it. You might note that there is a link to a personal database that I have developed over many years of John and Elinor Whitney descendants, and I have a much expanded version of that database to supply for inclusion as soon as I can get it on a CD and send it to Tim Doyle for uploading.

I maintain a watch over the postings on the WRG maillist, and try to chip in and help some folks occasionally. If I can be of assistance to a beginner who is just learning to manage the complexities of data organization and standardized structure, I will be happy to try to help. Please feel free to communicate with me at [], an address that I have maintained since I first went on line.