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PPV.png This WRG Member was a Volunteer for the Pierce Project.

My Whitney Line
  • Benjamin Whitney, m. Jerusha Brockway, of Keene, NH and Westminster, VT
  • Adolphus Whitney, m. Martha Powers
  • Edward Whitney, m. Adeline Balch
  • William Melville Whitney, m. Anna 'Nancy' Johnson
  • Ione Jewett Whitney, m. Phillip Chaplin Hoyt
  • Mother and Father
  • Colleen m. Thomas Robert Knights

Edit My Whitney Line

Proven Whitney lineage begins with

Captain Benjamin Whitney m. Jerusha Brockway

Grandmother Ione Jewett Whitney b. VT 11 Nov 1893

I am Colleen Knights. My primary interest is to discover a valid connection beyond Captain Benjamin Whitney to a known lineage. There is evidence to suggest a link to John, but I haven't been able to establish actual proof.

See my Most Wanted Posting for Captain Benjamin Whitney.