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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line

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Hello. My name is Curtis Clark Whitney, fifth child of Charles Orlando Whitney.

I live near Cullowhee, in Western North Carolina with my wife Ann. I retired from BellSouth Cellular Corp. after a 36 year career in the "old" Bell System. My education was in Electrical Engineering, with my Bachelors at the University of Florida and a Masters at NYU while in my first post-college job at Bell Telephone Labs. My hobbies include computers, golf, and SCUBA diving.

I have three children, Curtis Scott, b.1966, Elizabeth Ann, b.1969, and Allison Dawn, b.1953. My first wife, Judy Shiplet, was mother to Curtis Scott and Elizabeth Ann, died of breast cancer in 1993. My second wife Ann Thomas, mother of Allison Dawn, died of brain cancer in 2021.

As a relative newbie in genealogy, I have enjoyed the hunt for info on my family, concentrating so far on my male Whitney line. Our brickwall for a long time was Charles Mayo. Through perseverance, my niece-in-law, Stacy, found a family, Jacob & Sally Whitney, whose children seemed a pretty good fit to be his parents. And we had a diary from Charles Mayo's son, Charles Francis, kept while he was a seaman in the Pacific, which mentioned several names as uncles and aunts, all of which fit Jacob and Sally's family. After comparing names, we have now concluded it is a very probable link.

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