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<!-- Note: This page is designed for JUST THE BASICS. Add that and we can show you how to add more detailed information next. Please follow the format of the example lines listed below:
* [[Family:Whitney, Thomas (s1550-1637)|Thomas<sup>A</sup> Whitney]], m. Mary Bray
1. Replace the text which is there now with the names of your ancestors connecting to the Whitney family.
* [[Family:Whitney, John (1592-1673)|John<sup>1</sup> Whitney]], m. Elinor -----
2. One line per generation.  Add or delete lines as needed.
* [[Family:Whitney, Thomas (1627-1719)|Thomas<sup>2</sup> Whitney]], m. Mary Kedall
3. Each line starts with an asterisk.
* [[Family:Whitney, Eleazer (1662-1738)|Eleazer<sup>3</sup> Whitney]], m. Dorothy Ross
* [[Family:Whitney, Jonas (1708-1792)|Jonas<sup>4</sup> Whitney]], m. Sarah Perry
* [[Family:Whitney, Jacob (1737-1803)|Jacob<sup>5</sup> Whitney]], m. Rachel Whiting
* John Whitney, m.(1) Elinor -----
* [[Family:Whitney, Jabez (1767-1849)|Jabez<sup>6</sup> Whitney]], m. Elizabeth -----
* Benjamin Whitney, m.(1) Jane -----
* [[Family:Whitney, Jacob (1804-a1860)|Jacob<sup>7</sup> Whitney]], m. Sally Pratt
* Nathaniel Whitney, m. Sarah Ford
* [[Family:Whitney, Charles Mayo (1833-1900)|Charles Mayo<sup>8</sup> Whitney]], m. Laura Acenath Maxfield
* Abel Whitney, m. Mary Cane
* [[Family:Whitney, Charles Francis (1866-1931)|Charles Francis<sup>9</sup> Whitney]], m. Mary Elizabeth Clark
* Joseph Whitney, m.(2) Betty Phinney
* [[Family:Whitney, Charles Orlando (1903-1988)|Charles Orlando<sup>10</sup> Whitney]], m. Dorothy Eleanor Baldwin
(and so on)
* Richard Orlando Whitney (1943-), m. Marcia Hayward
* David Charles Whitney (1978-)
* Your earliest Whitney ancestor
* (add more ancestors here)
* The name of your Grandfather/mother
* The name of your Father/Mother
* Your name

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