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Crosby Whitney, b. 1803, d. 1828, Norwich, Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada. His parents were said to be Reuben and Ruth (-----) Whitney, all said to be from Maine.

My Line:

based upon DNA evidence

based upon conjecture only

  • Reuben6 Whitney, m. Ruth ----- only written info/ from Maine
  • Crosby7 Whitney b. 1803-d. 1828, m. Mary Carman (a Quaker)/ Maine, NY ,Norwich,Ont,Canada
  • George8 Whitney b. 1822-d. 1912, m. Maria Row/NY, Canada, Illinois, Iowa, Calif(Gold Rush)
  • Crosby9 Whitney b. 1846-d. 1905, m. Lucinda Williams/ Illinois, Nebr., Kansas, Calif.
  • Herman Gilbert10 Whitney b. 1878-d. 1941, m. Stella Wicks /Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska
  • Earl Elmer11 Whitney b. 1908-d.1992, m. Mable Milner Mitchell/Kansas, Nebraska
  • Gerald Earl12 Whitney, m. Marlene J. Rott/Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska