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J W.png This WRG Member is a Descendant of the immigrant John Whitney.

My Whitney Line
  • ThomasA Whitney, m. Mary Bray
  • John1 Whitney, m.(1) Elinor -----
  • Richard2 Whitney, m. Martha Coldham
  • Moses3 Whitney, m. Sarah Knight
  • Jonas4 Whitney, m.(2) Margaret Stratton
  • Jonas5 Whitney, m. Zebudah Davis
  • Peter6 Whitney m. Joanna Newhall
  • Amos Newhall7 Whitney, m.(1) Mary Wyer Jones
  • Cephas Newhall8 Whitney, m. Cyrene Abigail Patch
  • William Henry9 Whitney, m. Emma Melinda Gwin
  • William Henry10 Whitney, m. Lucile Finkel
  • David Gwin11 Whitney, m. Geraldine Marie O'Brien
  • Carol Ann12 Whitney, m. Stephen Clair Kotsenburg

Edit My Whitney Line

My maiden name is Whitney. I am interested in locating that side of my family tree.