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My Whitney Line
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Welcome to the new Whitney Research Group! If you've just logged in, please take a moment to edit this page and add a little bit of information about yourself. Why is this important? As you begin to interact on the site, your changes will be linked to this page. We encourage you to add a short description about yourself here so that others will be able to better understand your background and qualifications as they review any replies or information that you submit.

My great grandfather was Clark Graves Whitney (1833- 1890), whose father was Joel Whitney (who married Lucy Willard Sheldon). My mother did an extensive family tree, based on family knowledge and research the old fashioned way, going to the Vermont archives in person and visiting many Vermont cemeteries. Even so, she was not able to trace the Whitney line beyond Bartholomew Whitney and Lois Weeks. Upon my mother's death, I inherited her genealogical research and a number of Whitney family photographs. I hope to fill in some blanks and maybe post some of the photographs after getting them scanned. My line appears to be: John (1), Thomas (2), Thomas (3), Benjamin (4), David (5), Silas (6), Bartholomew (7), Joel (8), Clark G. (9)