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New Family Groups


Thanks for posting several new family groups. You seem to have the idea of using the form method down pretty well.

I did notice that sometimes you have posted two different versions of essentially the same page. In those cases, I combined the two and eliminated one. Probably that comes from saving the page before being done with your data entry, then saving it again at the end. This is not a huge problem, but it does make more work.

Please read the parts of the Family Group Record Format page about dates and locations.

I look forward to you adding more family group pages, or editing pages already posted, especially for some of the Maine families about which you know more than anyone (with the possible exception of Larry Tracy). I realize the sensitivity of some of the information you have, but likely other information could help clear up and/or expand upon some of what has already been posted on this site.

Thanks again, and good job!

Robert - Talk to me 08:20, 27 July 2009 (CDT)

Many More Family Groups


Many thanks for all the work you have done recently to clean up many of the existing family groups and add a lot more. It is most appreciated!

-- Robert - Talk to me 08:25, 28 February 2010 (CST)

1870 Census for William A Whitney listing Charles, Mary and Grant

Ken, hey this is Diane Whitney. I was looking over the WRG that you entered for the 1870 census. I noticed you put a comment regarding Charles Whiting being a cousin to William and that U.S. Grant was prob the son with Mary being actually Anna Amanda Fellows (Whitney). I did extensive research on this and found at no time was William or Anna in illinois where Grant was born. Let me explain and please check this for yourself.

I found a 1969 census report in Illinois with a Charles Whiting and Mary and a child born in 1869, but the name was ----- Whiting on the census report possibly they hadnt thought of a name yet. Being after the war US Grant Charles Whiting seams feasible. LOL... These same three people are then found on the 1870 census on the farm where William A Whitney is in Michigan where Charles came from the West, William came from New york. Now I did alot of thinking on this. I went ahead and did a mapquest of everywhere William and Anna were. Get this. So William went from (A) Ellisburg, New York to (B)Jackson Michigan for the war. As he traveled back you will see from the mapquest route he had to go through (C) Cuyahoga, Ohio where he must have met Anna and married 1861. Then he traveled back to Ellisburg as census shows him in 1865 back in Ellisburg but oddly Anna is not with him but he is in New York with his father and siblings farming in Ellisburg, New York. His wife must have stayed in Ohio possibly because the trip would have been too long for her and he was choosing to move to Michigan anyway so she got her affairs in order and her father probubly wanted William to have a home for them. I noticed a new sister Margaret I didnt have listed as a child from John and Polly Whitney on this 1865 census. Then he travels back down and around past Cuyahoga, Ohio to go work at Delta, Eaton Michigan on that farm. Now if this Mary is her, When did they go to Illinois? This is the only thing throwing me off. I am still trying to find Charles birth record at a courthouse. If I had that, it may solve the mystery. Then William goes to Coldwater, Branch, Michigan in 1880 and this is where everyone is together, with the two brothers Lee and John being born in Lansing. Then in 1890 he is sent to a soldiers home in Summit, Jackson, Michigan. Now, my theory as I stated before is that possibly the Charles and Mary Whiting, she died and Charles could not take care of the child, so William chose to adopt so-called him but dropped the U.S. off his name. Ironically, later on William named his other sons after Civil War people Lee, and Santee and Guy. Go figure. I bet this is where my half brother got confused as Guy was named after William Guy Whitney being a civil war hero, and thus the mix up began.

Now I have busted my brains trying to figure her father Henry M Fellows info as far as his family. That is a roadblock for me. I am wondering if he was adopted. How does one just not have parents showing on a census?

Diane Whitney

Gustavus L. Mills


I have created a Civil War pension page for Gustavus L. Mills. See Archive:Civil War Pension File, Gustavus L. Mills. Please add the Application Number, which was not apparent from the four photos you gave.

- Robert Ward - Talk to me 13:46, 11 February 2015 (CST)


Hello Ken,

My family, particularly my mother, aunt, and myself have been researching our Noles genealogy for many years. We hit a road block with Captain Leo Noles Sr. born in Perry County, OH in 1829. My uncle, Clarke A. Noles, was kind enough to take a yDNA test through Family Tree DNA and we learned that we descended through the Whitney line. So... Now we are trying to figure out when a non-paternity event occurred, apparently at some point in history, a male Whitney was raised as a Noles/Knowles.

The only Knowles/Whitney connection I have seen is Jerusha Knowles marrying Dr. John Whitney. At some point it appears that after her early death two of her minor sons are given guardianship to her sister's husband. At the time of her death, all of her sons were minors and it is unclear why guardianship was only appointed to the oldest and youngest. I wonder if any of the boys were raised as Knowles? And this could possibly be our Noles/Whitney line? For example, I think her brother Enos had a Seth (born same year as Jerusha's Seth,)

I realize that many NPE's are kept very secret and could have nothing to do with this one surname connection.

I understand if you have no insight into our discovery, but can't help but ask if you have any insight.

Your expertise and time are greatly appreciated.


Erin Cole