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Old Messages through 31 Dec 2009


Albert Russell Whitney family

I have finished updating Albert's family page that you started. It doesnt appear when you do a search from the main page but does show a link to an article for him. Do I have to create another page for him for it to show up or can it just be copy and pasted? Thanks, Jim

Operator Error

Okay, You can ignore this one Tim, operator error. I wasnt using the search bar properly. Thanks, Jim

Missing Photos


Check out Archive:A Family Sketch. There are several missing images there. I cannot find these files in my computer and backups. Do you have copies?

-- Robert - Talk to me 07:49, 9 January 2010 (CST)

Carlos Whitney

Thank you for starting a page for Carlos Whitney. I contacted the author who had mentioned him in his book and while he didn't have any new info., he did suggest a couple resources re: Adirondack Guide History. I will certainly add any info. I find to the page.

Thanks again, Sherry.

My William

Dear Tim,

That's him! (Feels silly think of him as 'mine', though I guess he is my 3rd great grandfather!) What we know from history is that the Neil House burnt to the ground in 1860. We find William and his wife & daughters at this time still in Ohio, and William is working as a RR conductor. In 1870 the family lives in Indianapolis, as well as a new addition, little William, age 8 (who was born in Ohio, so we can deduce that the family moved sometime around/after 1862). William (now a 'Sr' of sorts) is employed as a RR Clerk. We know from "Selected Counties of Ohio 1789-1850, Marriages" that William's daughter Harriet married Frank Bird, and I do have a newspaper clipping from March 14, 1900 detailing the marriage of Harriet's daughter Jessie Holiday Bird to Harry William Griffith (son of Elnora Libby & William Chenowith Griffith). My grandmother's notes declare that Harriet passed away 13 July, 1924. Her daughter Jessie would go on to give birth to Richard Gordon Griffith (1902)and Nancy Bird Griffith (1907). Jessie died in 1957 in Battle Creek, MI. Her daughter Nancy, mother of Jane Griffith Peirce Wood, is my grandmother.

I have correspondence from a genealogical hunt that Nancy and a friend of a friend endeavored back in the late seventies, and they where totally stumped as to Harriet's parentage. It feels good to know that I am at least one step closer to solving the mystery! (And to think - they had to do all the research by hand! Oy! Thank Goodness for computers!)

Thanks you so much for your help and your resources!


My Whitney Family


Thank you for the welcome, and for looking over what I'd done. I couldn't work out how to link the pages myself, so thank you for doing that. I do have a couple more generations to add on, before we get too close to the present.

I did wonder if mine might connect somehow to the John Whitney of Stoke-Goldington - however, at the moment that almost 300 year gap isn't bridgeable. I have a lot of ideas on how to go further, mostly involving parish registers, but living in outback Australia makes some research quite difficult.

My most recent Whitney ancestor was my great-great-grandmother, Salome, so I don't have any contact with any male Whitney relatives, although there are many in Australia - the family took literally the urge to "go forth and multiply"! There has been a research book published on this Whitney line in Australia - is there somewhere on the site I could add this, as well? I didn't write it, but I do have a copy.

Fascinating site, I'm still finding new things.

Regards, Fiona

Chicheley Records

Yes, they are on my list of things I want to do, but when I say I live in the Australian outback, I mean outback. The nearest FHC is approximately 7 hours drive away from here. I am hoping for a trip to Sydney in the near future, and will see if I can order films in advance then, but I don't get to the city very often.

This is probably one of the worst places in the world to live for a genealogist, much as I love it for everything else!


Thank you

Thank you Tim, for the welcome and the edit on my lineage. The information that I had retrieved of my Whitney lineage, I was unassure of it, however it just seem to continue from the family trees I had seen. However I do hope to discover the parenatge of Thomas Whitney from that point. This research group has been a great help.

Blessings and Thank you,

Shannon Stevens

Problem Page


Check out this page: Archive:Some_of_the_Descendants_of_John_and_Elinor_Whitney

There is something very wrong with it!

Robert - Talk to me 14:49, 15 April 2010 (CDT)

Patrick Whitney

Thank you for the welcome. I was just looking at that Patrick yesterday. I'd like to find more documentation between John and Patrick if I could. It's a place to start anyway. LOL

John H. Whitney

Hi Tim,

Thank you for making the page for me, I'm lost, I messed it up, but I think I managed to resave it as it was. Not sure what I did wrong.

Anyway you make a comment about my ancestor John H., his mother being Nancy, this is right. Nancy would before/later ( forget the order) marry a man with the last name Sickles. They had a daughter Margaret Sickles who married an Anderson. I don't have my stuff in front of me, and I don't have a credit card to get back on to get this all straightened out again in my mind.

Having said, I feel that John H. Whitney's father was Richard.

If you look here: At the 1850 Izard county Arkansas census (Izard is a neighboring county to Independence), and close to the Missouri line (does anyone know what the real boundries were back then? What info can one trust...)

Anyway Nancy gets from northern Arkansas to southwestern Arkansas over the next ten years.

Just remembered she married the Sickles man first, then (must be) Richard Whitney.

Anyway get back to me if you want, I am exicted about this all again!

My Email is should you want to contact me that way.

Help needed in sending you information

Hi Tim,

  I'm not good at high tech, Do you have an E-Mail address that I could use to send you

a two page letter about Stephen and Ruth (Boody)Whitney descendants, namely the children of Stephen and their locations. I also am developing a large file on Family Tree Maker of them, and am wondering how to send it to you. Gerald E. (Jerry) Whitney Milford, NEbraska 68405

Asa Whitney of Dutchess Co., NY

Hi Tim

I just went into the connection for Asa Whitney. Yes it is assumed he is the son of Ebenezer and Martha Sherwood. In the 1800 census for Litchfield, Conn Ebenezer is listed and below him is a John Sherwood. Helps to confirm maybe.

Asa's date of birth is August 14, 1804 and he died April 24, 1863. Asa was married to Julia Ann Quick ( this name comes from Sarah Jane's death certificate) b July 4, 1807 in England and died June 7, 1849. He later married Martha Bennett Wilson ( my grandmother who was married to Charles Wilson The Whiteys and the Wislon were next door neighbors.

There are 3 gravestones in the South Amenia Cemetery for Asa, Martha and Charles Wilson.

Marthann was the daughter bor May 5, 1825 Eliza was the daughter born Oct 11, 1827

Idid not see how I could make these corrections

Thank you for you help. We have lots more info on Sarah Jane including death cert.

Geri Zuccarino

Hi agaim Tim

The Dna testing is being done on a male descendant of Stephen Morey Whitney. They hae some of the results which leans to John and Elinor in 1635. The rest of the testing should be finished soon and then I will let you know for sure.

Appreciate the extensive work that is done on this family.


Maryland John J. & Mary Turner Whitney

Hi Tim,

I wrote to St. Mary's Church in Hagerstown Maryland looking for the marriage record for John & Mary Turner Whitney.

They didn't have a record for them, but they sent me one for: Michel Whitney marriage to Mary Ellen Payne from Four Locks on 14 Oct. 1858. Witness: Patrick Ryan & John Whitney

I can scan and send the record to you if you want. One page is a typed index and the other is the actual record. If you want me to scan it to this site, you'll have to walk me through it. I'm still learning to navagate :)


Wikipedia Books


There are several questions to which I don't know the answers. For example, if you implemented this, would there be a capability to import pages from other wikis, such as Wikipedia itself, in addition to pages from the WRG wiki? If so, or even if not, this could, indeed, have some benefit for our members, in my opinion. I can envision creating a book entitled, "Our Whitney Lineage", or "Our Whitney Cousins".

Robert - Talk to me 17:00, 11 May 2010 (CDT)

Patrick Whitney, II

Hi Tim,

I have no problem with the edits, I've yet to get the hang of it yet. Do whatever needs to be done to make it right.

Hi Tim,

I found an obituary notice for Patrick Whitney

I'm not sure who to give the information to. I found the following on the "Washington County Free Library" site.

Obituary Notice for Patrick Whitney Dated: 9-21-1851 From: Herald of Freedom

"Near Four-Locks, on Saturday the 15th inst. Mr. Patrick Whitney, in the 50th year of his age."

Obituary for James Whitney Dated: 8-14-1917 From: Daily Mail Newspaper

"James Whitney, former boatman on the old C. and O. Canal, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.A. Reed, 808 W. Franklin St. from heart trouble, aged 74 years. Besides his daughter, Mrs. Reed, he is survived by the following stepchildren: Mrs. E. O. Diffendaffer, this city; Mrs. Mary Scanland, Baltimore; Charles W. Durborow, this city, and William Durborrow, Sharpsburg. Funeral Friday at 2 p.m. by Rev. G.B. Townsend. Interment in Rose Hill cemetery."




    (From the Herald & Torchlight Newspaper)

1870 Census-Michael Whitney (District 15) Clearsprings Page 419

188, 214, Whitney, Michael, 29, M, M, Laborer, Born-Maryland, (Under if married in the year list month)-Aug.

                  Sarah, 27,F, M, K. house, Born-Ireland, (Under if married in the year list month)-Aug.

With the St. Mary's Church record: Michael Whitney (Of Four Locks)married Mary Ellen Payne on 14 Oct. 1858. She must have died and he married Sarah-August of 1870 as per the Census.

If I should be directing this information to some else let me know.

Thanks for your help! Colleen

I would take the test, but I have no idea what that "kit" would cost.

I take random drug tests at work. The test is oral. You keep the test surface between the cheek and gum for 3 minutes, then insert it into a plastic vial, break off the perforated handle then cap the vial.

Call me anyway. 903-853-0609


John Whitney

Hi Tim, Would you please move John Whitney married to Adaline Mosher to the unconnected section. He is not the son of Nathaniel and Clarissa Hoar Whitney. He could be related to them but not as a son. We have not connected John at this point time. Thankyou Terr

Nathaniel Whitney (1800-1838)


I have just sent a ton of family information, plus two Federal Census extracts, please delete as much as you want...the information was copied from my Coombs family data base. You said you wanted information...

Do we know anything about the Whitney's who lived in the Standish/Scarbourough/Portland area of Cumberland County, ME in the late 1700s-early 1800s? I have been trying to link my Nathaniel to this group for years with no success. I think that my Nathaniel may have been the son of the Nathaniel listed in the 1840 Federal Census living in Standish, Cumberland County, ME (page 16) as being 70 to 80 years of age and living with 1f 20-30, 1f 30-40 and 1f 60-70.


Andrew Whitney

Hi Tim;

Thank you for your assistance. I admit that I don't have any other resources than Memoirs of Worcester County Vol. II. The author notes that there is no birth record found for Silas Whitney, yet the account seems pretty sure of the lineage. I'm curious what information leads you to dispute the record as given in this account--though in any case my lineage still seems to trace back to John Whitney of Watertown.

I'm happy to have my Whitney lineage confirmed. I've always been told that we were descended from the Whitneys, and that they made their fortune in Chicago manufacturing. This turns out to be Charles Andrew Whitney, and the Memoirs record was actually written as his biographical sketch. There is some census data available on Charles Andrew, and he may be worthy of his own page on this site, if there isn't one already.

I'm curious why you removed Charles Andrew's wife, Martha Waters, from my lineage--as written in the Memoirs book.


Andrew Whitney


Thanks for the note about Crane's identification. There are several reasons why I disbelieve what is written there. First, it is one of those mug books, which are notoriously inaccurate. Secondly, the list of Silas's children is very incomplete, as is data about Silas himself, not even including his wife's maiden name or their marriage record. Thirdly, Andrew was born in 1754 (according to his age at death from the church records in Princeton), four years before the marriage of Silas and Jane in 1758.

Onomastics isn't much help here. Andrew did not name a child Silas, Jane, Andrew, or Tabitha. He did name a son Elisha Dana Whitney, and Abraham had a son Elisha who probably married Abigail Dana.

So if Andrew wasn't son of Silas, who was he? There is an otherwise unaccounted-for Andrew, son of Abraham, who was, indeed, born in 1754. Thus the connection to Abraham. Abraham's family is very interesting. The children seem to have all left home and scattered.

I hope this is convincing.

Robert - Talk to me 11:47, 28 May 2010 (CDT)

Nathaniel Whitney 1800-1830


The only source that I have for the date of marriage for Nathaniel Whitney & Charlotte Cook is that it is contained in a hand-written family genealogy chart prepared by my grandfather, Frederick A. Coombs, prior to 1904. Since Nathaniel was his grandfather, the presumption is that it came from family papers. Sorry.

During my search this past weekend, I came up with the following two pieces of Whitney information:

1. -- The Evergreen Cemetery, City of Portland, ME contains two numbered lots in Section G (#24 & 25) in the name of David Averill with the following interments: [Name; Age; Date of Death]: Caroline W. Coombs 83 Feb. 24, 1915; L. Augustine Coombs 43 1871; Charles W. Coombs 80 Jan. 24, 1940; Charles H. Whitney 57 Sep. 16, 1885; Hannah P. Whitney 1854; J. Frederick Whitney 1870; Nattie Whitney 1854; Charlotte Whitney 1850; Nathaniel Whitney 1838

I'm not sure who all these people are or what David Averill's connection is.

2. -- I found four small undated hand-written pages of family information written by Alonzo Cook MD of Los Angeles, Calif:

"Sally Whitney mother of Charlotte Cook was a daughter of a Gary, who was sister of Ellbridge Gary, signer of Declaration of In, Vice Pres. when he died. This sister was m. in Marblehead to Grandpa Whitney a merchant of that place. He failed in business but was a very proud man so took his family & 2 slaves & moved to the wilds of Casco Maine and they 2 children -- our grandmother (Rosa's) and one more little girl we children called her big Aunt Jane.

    ***** End of page #1 *****

"Our grandmother, Sally Whitney, married Hezekiah Cooke whose father was a Scotchman and Dr. Francis Cooke a cousin of ours tells me he was descended from the Cooke of the Mayflower.

    Alonzo Cook MD
    Los Angeles, Cal.
    Member of Board Health
    ***** End of page #2 *****

"Charles H. Whitney; John d. infancy; Harriet F. Whitney; Mary Caroline Whitney; Rosa A. Whitney

Nathaniel Whitney and Charlotte Cook

Money in England thru Gerry family

Charlotte Cook's brother was Gerry Cook and her maternal grandmother was a Sally Gerry

Ephraim; Mary m. _____ Averill; Gerry -- only son Alonzo Cook; Margaret; Jane

     ***** End of page #3 *****

"Anne; Hezekiah; Zachariah; Daniel; Asa; Moses; Pltiah (sp?) (the last six names are contained within a bracket and labeled "doubt"


Great grandmother Gerry Whitney lived and died in Casco @ 103-12-20 & was blind several years"

     ***** End of page #4 ***** 

I hope that this is of use to you.


Thanks for the greeting

Thanks for the greeting. So I'll do the data entry but slowly. Today I'm augmenting my John Smith Whitney family group with your information. Had quite an eventful day yesterday with the descendants of George Washington Whitney. Because one grandchild was named Rinaldo I was able to string together some events that read like a plot proposal for a soap opera. I posted the story on my entry.

What do you make of this record Tim?

1860 United States Federal Census about Richard Whitney Name: Richard Whitney Age in 1860: 35 Birth Year: abt 1825 Birthplace: New York Home in 1860: Ruddell, Independence, Arkansas Gender: Male Post Office: Batesville Value of real estate: View image Household Members: Name Age John Micheal 20 Sidney Vaughn 25 Richard Whitney 35 Nancey Whitney 32 Marcy A Whitney 7 William Whitney 6 Joseph Whitney 4 Amanda E Whitney 2 Marcy A Wilson 30 George A Wilson 1 Hiram Morris 35 Elander J Morris 28 John B Morris 11 Hiram Morris 7 Artemis J Morris 5 Paul Morris 2 Peter Morris 3/12

It's the only record I find of Whitney's with Moriss'es... This Richard Whitney surely must fit in the Wade Whitney connection somehow...

Thanks for the welcome

Tim, thanks very much for the welcome and for adding in the links to my Whitney lineage. I admit I haven't researched them as extensively as other branches in my family, but am now motivated to do more in hopes of contributing back to this resource. Best, Sara.

I have created 4 or 5 pages now the first of which have shown up as links in my ancestral line. I'm proud to be able to contribute. I notice that many older pages have each fact documented in footnotes. I would be glad to do that for my pages but don't know how. Do you have instructions for that and a style sheet for various types of entries? Also, I'm guessing you add the census data that appears at the bottom of some pages. If not, how would I add that? About to start on John Franklin Whitney after I get a bit of breakfast.

thankyou and see below

Did you receive my message about dna for your families and robert L Whitney? Terry

Elijah Whitneys


Your connection of the two Elijah Whitney family groups makes a lot of sense. Of course, if there is confusion in Phoenix, it is because his informants provided that information, and they were living many years after the events in question. Actually, it is surprising to me that we haven't found more inaccuracies in what is presented there. Compare to Pierce's accuracy record!

I would suggest going ahead with the merging of the two pages, with appropriate discussion in a Notes section.

Now that creates another issue: Hannah (Whitney)(Bass) Whitney now is a person a generation older than we previously thought. Can we tentatively identify her and/or her Bass husband with that new age information?

Robert - Talk to me 12:09, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

Elijah Whitneys, pt. 2


See Family:Whitney, Elijah (1710-b1741) for Rebecca (Seymour)(Whitney) Boughton. I suggest that the Seth whose administration was granted in 1760 was another child of this couple, who died unmarried and without issue, and after whom the younger Seth was named. That would make Seth's administrator his brother, an entirely reasonable situation.

Robert - Talk to me 13:12, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

Change of name, Reuben to Stephen Whitney

Because of the latest information of Ruth Boody as wife of Stephen Whitney as found in the "Early families of Limington, Maine" and the incomplete findings of Mrs Frank S. Healey )Eleanor Katherine Whitney, Filed in the Detroit Society of Genealogical Research, a descendant of Remington Hobby Whitney and his first wife Eliza Weaver, daughter of Daniel Wing and Amy (Underhill) Weaver. It is my belief, that Stephen and wife Ruth Boody are the parents of Crosby Whitney, Remington Hobby Whitney, Robert B. Whitney, Nathan W. Whitney, Peter Whitney, above born in Maine, Jane Whitney,b in Conn. Henry Whitney b unk. , Mary Whitney b. New York, Sally Ann Whitney b. New York.

   From the book "Early Families of Limington, Maine" by Robert L. Taylor under the name of

Boody Rev. Robert then child viii is Ruth b. 13 June 1779 at New Durham, NH and married 26 Jan 1800 to Stephen Whitney both of Limington " They moved to Painted Post, Stuben Co., New York. Painted Post is 40 miles south of my to be 3rd great grandmother, Mary Carman. Mary Carman is also related to Amy Underhill, Mary Carman marries Crosby Whitney abt. 1821. Remington Hobby Whitney is found in 1830 Census at Sodius, Wayne Co., New York.

   I believe that the printing of Hardin Co., Iowa History book printed 1911 has many mistakes

and that when my 2nd great grandfather George Whitney b. 12 Sept 1822 in New York, told his story, there was a clerical error, when the name was listed as Reuben and Ruth it should have been Stephen . This stands to reason as others beside myself have never been able to find a Reuben in or from Maine that fit the time factors.

Change of (DNA) #37765 of Reuben to Stephen Whitney

  Because of recent findings I am asking you to change my family line to 

living, Earl E., Herman G., Crosby, George, Crosby, Stephen, Phineas, Isaac, Nathaniel, Benjamin, John, Thomas Whitney.

Possible Identification


Check out these two pages: Family:Whitney, Elijah (b1750-a1782) and Family:Whitney, Ebenezer (c1747-a1800). The children of both include brothers Ebenezer and Samuel, and half-brothers Elijah and Joseph. My suspicion is that there was no Elijah, and Ebenezer was the father of the children listed on his page.


Robert - Talk to me 01:53, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

Greetings Tim Doyle:

I am Bruce T. Whitney, I have been doing Whitney research on my family tree since the 1960's. I've got a wealth of information and completed family lineages for Horace B. Whitney through to my children. Horace who married Lucetta Frazier 1828. I've got Lucetta's family bible page that tell of his birth and more importantly his death. I've got full history of his family onward.... I'd love to share this as I have had a grand time discovering the history of Horace back to Thomas 1550 and have read with great interest the story of possible links back to 1225

I can be contacted via email: I can put my info on a disc. from Horace B onward.... and I can combine it with the WRG material if you'd like.

thanks for your time and consideration

In searching, Bruce Thomas Whitney (1955)

Tim, I'm not sure who I need to talk to about this but I am in the midst of a fued with people in England that had a meeting July, 2008 about the Bayeux Tapestry and the image being Turstin FitzRolf in the scene 55. There is a new book coming out that has changed thet figure to Robert, Williams 1/2 brother. I have written to a few people about this and find it is too late to change the book as it is already set type and being printed by Oxbow, Oxford. If you can help me, please email me I have more information but I need to know where to go with this.

Thank you


Warning and Danger


The file Template:Warning is not working properly. Possibly it is because of the hard-coding of the IP address in the URL for Danger.jpg, but I am just guessing.

Robert - Talk to me 17:45, 11 February 2011 (UTC)

Another Issue


The page Whitney Family Groups has an issue near the bottom under Australia.

Robert - Talk to me 09:26, 12 February 2011 (UTC)

George Orrett Whitney

Hi Tim I am interested in the compositions of G O Whitney. Do you know whether there are any surviving descendants? best wishes from Roz Trubger


I know you haven't heard from me for a while, but the real reason is I am pretty much caught up on all my family, except of course the tie to John Whitney's father and mother. I just wanted you to know that my wife and I are going to do the DNA test next month and was going to ask what the best test for our money is. Also, I want to commend the whole WRG on the help they have given to the many projects that have been done, thanks to your hard work. Thank you and thank you and thank you again. I have been watching you know. I am a school bus driver now in our (!gulp) old age. That hurts.


Arv Whitney

Discussion Forums


Are the Discussion Forums dead? If so, what happened to all the messages posted there?

Robert - Talk to me 08:48, 13 April 2011 (UTC)

Horace Burnham Whitney

Mr. Doyle:

I have information of the Horace Burnham Whitney family, and have done extensive research into this direct line. I have the family information for his line up to the present.

Horace Burnham Whitney was born 9-13-1806 in Lansingburg, NY and died 9-21-1831 aged 25 years and 8 days by drowning in the Mississippi River, 40 miles upriver from Fort Armstrong. According to Lucetta (Frazier) Whitney, his wife's, hand written notation in the family bible. I have a photo copy of the page notation.

I also have the children of his son Horace Burnham Whitney's family listing following the line through to myself, going through Layfayette, Clyde, Thomas and myself Bruce. Taken from census, gravestones, Adams and Hancock Co. ILL records, as well as birth, death and marriage certificates, family notes, bibles and accounts.

Thank you.

Ephraim Bennett Whitney

Do you have any information on Ephraim Bennett Whitney?

New Main Heading?


We have several pages which are similar, but probably don't fit well under any of our current main headings under Archives: (Extracts, Court Records, Tax Records, Land Records, etc.). I found:

Perhaps there are others, too.

Would these perhaps fit into some new main heading, or an existing one? Then we could give them some decent breadcrumbs.

Robert - Talk to me 00:51, 8 June 2011 (UTC)

New Main Heading, II


How about "Collections" or "Repositories" for the new main heading (as above)?

Robert - Talk to me 12:51, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Inserting an Image into a Pierce Page


I have been having trouble inserting an image into a Pierce page. Apparently just putting [[File:Name.jpg|thumb|right|<p class="Plaintext" align=center>Caption.</p>]] is not enough. When I tried that, it shifted all the text at the left out of Pierce-text mode and back into the basic mode. I also tried using a table, even an HTML table, and put the text in the left part and the image in the right part, but the text was still in basic mode, even if I tried <p id="Pierce-text> or <p class="Plaintext"> inside the left-hand part where the text is.

Should we just put a link from the string "[Photo]" to the file with the image in it? I don't like this kind of "solution", but I can't see what else to do.

Is this issue related to the one with a table in which the plaintext has different sizes in different cells?


Robert - Talk to me 13:01, 23 June 2011 (UTC)



I created "Archive:Repositories" and populated it, then created breadcrumbs for those pages linked from it. That leaves just seven pages without proper breadcrumbs. I am baffled what to do with them:


Robert - Talk to me 15:20, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Missing Image from Pierce


I just went through the list of images scanned from Pierce and uploaded. There is one missing. It should be named

File:J. L. Whitney, Pierce, p. 275.jpg

Can you get your source for the other images to provide this one, too? If not, the one in my reprint is actually of fair quality, and could serve.

The odd thing is that it is not included in the List of Illustrations on page 7 of Pierce! Furthermore, it is not clear of whom this is a picture. Possibly it is of James Lewis Whitney, #1984, on p. 279, although the data included there for him is very sparse.

This is the strangest error in Pierce I have seen yet, and that's saying something!

Robert - Talk to me 15:38, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Category:Vital Records


Today I stumbled on Category:Vital Records. Obviously it hasn't been used for the purpose for which you created it. Should we just get rid of it (my preference), or should we spread it onto all vital records pages?

Robert - Talk to me 15:15, 18 July 2011 (UTC)

DNA Testing

Tim, I was looking at that section earlier this week and considering this option. Not sure i fully understand the "my talk" function, but will try contacting Whitney Keen (whitldna) about the next step.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Brad --Bradrockwood 20:50, 18 September 2011 (UTC)

DNA Testing II


Is Whitney Keen still cordinating testing? I left a "my talk" message a week ago or do I just contact FamilyTreeDNA directly for a test kit?


--Bradrockwood 20:45, 30 September 2011 (UTC)

Bot Task


There are many, many links to the NEHGS website. Unfortunately, the URL for that has changed from "" to "". Please write and run a bot to make this change everywhere.

- Robert Ward - Talk to me 20:40, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

New Page for Mother

hey tim i made a new family page for my mother, could you please delete the old one: Mayer, Beverly Jeanette (?-?)

thanks. i texted you last night about our articles -- i see you got lots of work on this site to keep you busy!! LOL.

i'm crazy busy at work today.

talk soon!!!


Clinton Russell Whitney, etc.

Hi, I don't have much information about the Whitney family, just what I think is correct. My uncles name is Jimmie Whitney or James and he was born in the 1920s or 30s. Someone wrote me on ansestory and said his name is James Evander Whitney. It was confirmed, she and her husband knew him as kids. They spoke on the phone. She knew all the Whitney brothers. But he couldn't have been born in the 1800s hes still alive. My grandfather was Everett I believe, he was married to Gladys Doucette. He owned an auto body shop with my father Clinton until my dad went to the Army. I would like to know any information family history, but I'm also really trying to find my mother. Stella L. White-Whitney married to Clinton Russell Whitney about 1958. My other uncles were Evie or Everett, and Richard Whitney they both are deseased.



Anna Whitney brickwall BUSTED !!! (a 5 yr effort)

Tim, I haven't talked to you in about 2 years. In that time I have visited the LDS Library in Salt Lake City twice and the last trip, in August, I discovered Anna Whitney's parents - ya gotta love Probate Records! She is the daughter of Joshua Whitney (b. Dec 23, 1757 in Willington, CT; d. May 18, 1797 Belchertown, MA) and Dorothy Knowlton of Belchertown, MA. I also found in the record a complete listing of their other children. I also found the probate records for Benjamin Whitney (Willington, CT and Belchertown, MA) who is the father of Joshua. I would like your recommendations on how best to get all this information loaded into the WRG site. I am looking to do much more on this effort in the coming winter months. I can enter the information as I did before with the sources identified and hopefully you are able to adjust any mistakes. I haven't "published" any of this information yet but I am in the process of creating a website using TNG (another learning experience!). I really want to get this on the WRG site first since it has been extremely helpful in my search. Thanks, Doug Wood

Re: Your DNA Results


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I hadn’t really considered an immigrant from a later date angle. I’ll keep looking, perhaps not as intensely for a while, but I’ll keep looking. After all, we Whitney’s don’t give up!

I assume if I checked all the boxes correctly on, someone will be receiving a copy of my results and posting them. If they don’t get a copy, we can work out an alternate arrangement of sending in the results.

Thanks again!

Brad - my talk

Immigrant Research


I’ve been thinking more about what you said about immigrants other than the well-known families being a possible source for my family. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that; guess I still have a lot to learn about genealogy. For all I really know, Daniel could be the immigrant himself despite what his bible record says except there isn't a Daniel in the list.

Can you provide some guidance on how to go about such research? I’ve looked over the various lists, but noticed there are no links to family pages. Does this mean we don’t know anything about them or that there just isn’t a link? I guess I haven’t looked at enough family pages to know if some include immigration records.


Brad - my talk

Jason Frost Whitney and my grandmother Mary Winona Whitney

I'm sorry...but I just can't seem to catch on to the methods of adding onto my line on here.

It would the same for me (with Jason and Mary) as Durrell has. Can you copy the info on my line for me.

I'm afraid my technology genealogy days or pretty much over. Thanks...Tricia

Found Baby Book on some Whitneys

Eunice Douette is my Great Grandmother J Douette is my Great Grandfather (I thought Doucette had a C in it?

Gladys Marie Douette is my Grandmother
Clinton Russell Whitney is my Father

Carre Johnson is my Great Grandmother James Whitney is my Great Grandfather

Grandfather is Everett Whitney
Father is Clinton Russell Whitney

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original deed to Shadrack Whitney

hello MY name is Alfred Tambling and i have the original deed that shows that Jereniah Ball sold a lott of land to your ancestor Shadrack Whitny.The deed is from 1739 and the town is townshend Mass and written in the old English.this document is in remarkable condition for being almost 300 years old.It was sold to him for the price of twenty pounds and still refers to the king as the owner of the said providence.So if there is anyinterest in this you may reach me at 802-885-5177 thanks so much for your time Alfred

Getting in Touch

You seem to be the source by which I've come across a certain Kiko Whitney. I am the brother of Kiko's biological mother and perhaps he may be interested in finding out more about her. I've left a message in the User talk and had sent an email. To date I have not received any notice. Is there any other way to communicate with Kiko? Thanks

Richard James Whitney

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Hi Tim:

I received DYS#1-37 for my father last year, but they have not been recorded on the site. A relative has inquired about them so I want to make them available to her. Thanks for all you do to enlighten us regarding our ancestry.

Lorraine B.

Canada census at

Hi Tim - It's been a long time since I've visited WRG. I, of course, am still looking for family before my William! I have recently concluded a volunteer project that took up a good bit of my now I'm looking for a new project. I see on the to do census list - 1851 Canada at (World Membership required)along with additional future years. I'm not sure what the World Membership provides but working at West Virginia University I have access to and, therefore, Canadian census records for 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. I'm wondering if this will provide the information needed? I think there are 780 Whitney's listed in the 1911 census.

I saw on your facebook page that Whitney Keen has spent 10 years working on the DNA project. Has anyone ever made a connection with the DNA results?

I really like your facebook pictures of Dallas. One of my bucket list wishes is to live in a big city...I love NYC but it's a little out of my price range. I want to get up in the morning, head for the neighborhood deli for breakfast and to read the newspaper, stop at the local grocer for one days food and use public transportation daily rather than driving myself. I grew up in a very small town - 11 in my graduating class - friends and family think I've lost my mind.

When you get a chance let me know about the Canada census. Thanks.


Canada census at

Hi Tim - It's been a long time since I've visited WRG. I, of course, am still looking for family before my William! I have recently concluded a volunteer project that took up a good bit of my now I'm looking for a new project. I see on the to do census list - 1851 Canada at (World Membership required)along with additional future years. I'm not sure what the World Membership provides but working at West Virginia University I have access to and, therefore, Canadian census records for 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. I'm wondering if this will provide the information needed? I think there are 780 Whitney's listed in the 1911 census.

I saw on your facebook page that Whitney Keen has spent 10 years working on the DNA project. Has anyone ever made a connection with the DNA results?

I really like your facebook pictures of Dallas. One of my bucket list wishes is to live in a big city...I love NYC but it's a little out of my price range. I want to get up in the morning, head for the neighborhood deli for breakfast and to read the newspaper, stop at the local grocer for one days food and use public transportation daily rather than driving myself. I grew up in a very small town - 11 in my graduating class - friends and family think I've lost my mind.

When you get a chance let me know about the Canada census. Thanks.


Whitney Photo #177

What happened to Whitney Photo #177 (of my maternal grandfather, Frank. L. Whitney)? I posted it a few years ago and it has appeared until recently. All I seem to access is the copy that accompanied it.

Whitney Photo #177

What happened to Whitney Photo #177 (of my maternal grandfather, Frank. L. Whitney)? I posted it a few years ago and it has appeared until recently. All I seem to access is the copy that accompanied it.

Hi Tim

Have been off line .... getting back into it see the site nice to know it's still here. How is the DNA research going?


Hi Tom,

      I was working on my file to add in some more information and came across a problem for Phineas W. Whitney ( son f Phineas and Hannah).

I am finding a few different birth dates in records as well as Christning dates.

One is May 7, 1844 the other is June 14, 1843, both have listed as parents:Phineas Whitney and mother Hannah, also both are for Portland, Maine.

Can you offer any help.

     Thank you

How to find Gen Tree on WRG?

Dear Tim:

 I'm finally trying to report in on my father, Raymond Lloyd Whitney, and mother, Jane McMicken Whitney, and their 3 daughters (I'm the oldest living here in Frisco, TX).  Way back when, you and Robert assigned me a username to login.  At that time, I saw a Genealogy Tree from the descendants of John Whitney.  How do I find that again?
 Nancy Whitney Doxey