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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, N. C. Niagara Co. Niagara abt 1796 Massachusetts 272
Whitney, Nabby Franklin Co. Dickinson abt 1799 Massachusetts 115
Whitney, Nancy Albany Co. Albany Ward 3 abt 1795 New York 149
Whitney, Nancy Cortland Co. Taylor abt 1775 Connecticut 188
Whitney, Nancy Delaware Co. Walton abt 1816 New York 17
Whitney, Nancy Jefferson Co. Henderson abt 1813 [New York] 220
Whitney, Nancy Livingston Co. Avon abt 1798 New York 334
Whitney, Nancy Monroe Co. Parma abt 1786 Connecticut 77
Whitney, Nancy Oneida Co. Kirkland abt 1838 New York 148
Whitney, Nancy Saratoga Co. Halfmoon abt 1833 New York 39
Whitney, Nancy Steuben Co. Bath abt 1782 Massachusetts 192
Whitney, Nancy Tioga Co. Owego abt 1814 Vermont 246
Whitney, Nancy M. Oswego Co. Albion abt 1823 New York 125
Whitney, Naomi J. Westchester Co. Cortlandt abt 1820 New York 177
Witney, Nathan Dutchess Co. Poughkeepsie abt 1772 Connecticut 29
Whitney, Nathan Onondaga Co. Cicero abt 1814 New Hampshire 394
Whitney, Nathan Saint Lawrence Co. Oswegatchie abt 1832 New York 111
Whitney, Nathan Steuben Co. Bath abt 1767 Connecticut 187
Whitney, Nathan Tioga Co. Owego abt 1825 New York 235
Whitney, Nathan A. Saint Lawrence Co. Lisbon abt 1823 New York 168
Whitney, Nathan D. Tioga Co. Candor abt 1814 New York 131
Whitney, Nathan P. Wayne Co. Ontario abt 1831 New York 119
Whitney, Nathan L. Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1827 [New York] 486
Whitney, Nathaniel Lewis Co. Denmark abt 1838 New York 207
Whitney, Nathaniel Oneida Co. Vernon abt 1835 New York 75
Whitney, Nathaniel Saint Lawrence Co. Fowler abt 1788 New York 231
Whitney, Nehemiah Saint Lawrence Co. Oswegatchie abt 1795 New York 111
Whitney, Nelly Delaware Co. Andes abt 1790 New York 490
Whitney, Nelson Genesee Co. Batavia abt 1826 New York 214
Whitney, Nelson New York Co. New York Ward 10 abt 1843 New York 105
Whitney, Nelson Oneida Co. Whitestown abt 1836 New York 68
Whitney, Nelson Onondaga Co. Syracuse Ward 4 abt 1815 New York 221
Whitney, Nelson Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1815 New York 467
Whitney, Nelson Orleans Co. Carlton abt 1807 New York 20
Whitney, Nelson Westchester Co. Ossining abt 1844 New York 21
Witney, Nelson H. Chautauqua Co. Pomfret abt 1777 New York 212
Whitney, Newton Saint Lawrence Co. Potsdam abt 1828 New York 10
Whitney, Newton Wyoming Co. Java abt 1847 New York 67
Whitney, Newton L. Niagara Co. Wilson abt 1838 New York 480
Whitney, Newton P. Saint Lawrence Co. Canton abt 1844 New York 326
Whitney, Noah Cattaraugus Co. Olean abt 1817 New York 170/340
Whitney, Noah Herkimer Co. German Flatts abt 1850 New York 120
Whitney, Norman Essex Co. Chesterfield abt 1802 ----- 268
Whitney, Norman Madison Co. Sullivan abt 1801 New York 20
Whitney, Norman Oswego Co. Oswego Ward 4 abt 1817 New York 222
Witney, Norman K. Chautauqua Co. Chautauqua abt 1819 New York 273
Whitney, Norman S. Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1840 New York 433
Whitney, Northa Allegany Co. Burns abt 1824 New York 77
Whitney, Norton Allegany Co. Burns abt 1822 [New York?] 82
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