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The Whitney Research Group is an informal group of individuals interested in the scholarly research of Whitney families around the world and throughout history.

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Whitney Families

Over 8,500 Whitney family groups are documented in this ever-growing collection.

Whitneys by Branch

John Whitney Family of Watertown, Massachusetts
Henry Whitney Family of Long Island, New York
Samuel Whitney Family of Bermuda & the American South
Unconnected Whitney Families

Whitneys by Location

All locations
Whitneys of the American South
Whitneys of England, Wales, Ireland

Whitneys by Name

Whitneys by Given Name

Other Whitney Groupings

African American Whitneys
Medieval Whitney Families

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Whitney Surname - History, meaning, and spelling variants
Whitney Surname Distribution in England & the United States
Whitney Family DNA Project
Whitney Heraldry
Places Named Whitney
Mailing lists, forums, etc.
and many more items...

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Featured Photograph


William Garrett Whitney, Medal of Honor Recipient

More Photographs

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Whitney Records

Over 21,600 sources in this collection.

Bible Records
Census Records
Book & Periodical Extracts
Military Records
Probate Records
Vital Records
and many more record types

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Find your Whitney Ancestry

Would you like free professional help finding your Whitney ancestors? Simply follow the following steps:

1. Log in or Register for a free account on this website.

2. Add your Whitney lineage. Include names, locations, and estimated dates, if known. Select the Save Page button.

3. Check back periodically for updates!

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Whitney Research Group

Welcome to the Whitney Research Group (WRG) website. We encourage you to look around and join in.

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Current Projects

Census Identification Project
Phoenix Project
additional projects

How to Join In

Quick Start Guide
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