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One of the advantages of the Whitney Research Group is that we have collected a substantial amount of information from a wide variety of sources and made them available here in our Archives. As you use the information provided here, remember that all of this information was gathered and published by volunteers. As you work on your own research, keep an eye out for anything containing a Whitney name. If you find something, bring it back here - it may not help you, but it'll help someone!

Over 21,600 sources have been extracted in this collection.
Bible Records - Containing Whitney individuals.
Biographies - Bios of some famous (and not-so-famous) Whitneys.
Cemeteries - Many gravestones and other cemetery records.
Census Records - Indexes and extracts of Whitney entries in many early census listings.
City Directories - Whitney entries for various towns around the country.
Court Records - Trials and other court records.
Databases - Listings of collected descendants of various immigrant Whitney ancestors, plus alternate versions and so-far unconnected lineage groupings.
Extracts - Whitney material extracted and copied from many various publications and information sources.
Immigration Records - Extracts from immigration records of Whitney individuals.
Land Records - Deeds and other land ownership records of Whitney individuals.
Old Letters - Old letters written by or about Whitney individuals.
Military Records - Information about Whitney participation in various conflicts.
Newspapers - Information extracted from a few New England papers.
Photos - Photographs of Whitneys or Whitney related sites.
Probate Records - A collection of wills and probate records.
Repositories - Locations where collections of documents have been found.
Tax Records - A collection of tax records.
Vital Records - A collection of Whitney birth, marriage, and death records from various sources. A large collection for Massachusetts with additional records from other areas.