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Major Whitney Families


Whitneys of England
Whitneys of Wales
Whitneys of Ireland
Medieval Whitney Families
Whitneys of Whitney
Whitneys of Clifford
Whitneys of Castleton
Whitneys of Westminster
Whitneys of Coole Pilate

United States

There are three large Whitney families in the United States, descended from:

John1 Whitney of London, England and Watertown, Massachusetts;
Henry1 Whitney of Southold, Huntington, and Jamaica, Long Island, New York, and Norwalk, Connecticut;
Samuel1 Whitney of Bermuda (ca. 1615 - 1674) and his descendants in the American South.

Other Groups:

Unconnected Whitney families in England, Ireland, the U.S.A.


We're just starting to obtain information on Whitneys in Australia. If you have any information on these or additional families, please let us know!

Whitneys in Australia

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