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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, T. O. Worcester Co. Fitchburg abt 1852 Massachusetts 155
Whitney, Temperence Norfolk Co. Weymouth abt 1805 Massachusetts 276
Whitney, Theodore Middlesex Co. Ashby abt 1830 Massachusetts 183
Whitney, Theodore Worcester Co. Westminster abt 1807 Massachusetts 16
Whitney, Theodore D. Suffolk Co. Boston, 6th Ward abt 1847 Massachusetts 97
Whitney, Theodore P. Suffolk Co. Boston, 10th Ward abt 1830 Massachusetts 239
Whitney, Theodore T. Norfolk Co. Milton abt 1846 Massachusetts 150
Whitney, Theodore W. Middlesex Co. Medford abt 1843 Massachusetts 117
Whitney, Thomas Middlesex Co. Shirley abt 1800 Massachusetts 25
Whitney, Thomas Norfolk Co. Dorchester abt 1840 Maine 260
Whitney, Thomas Worcester Co. Lunenburg abt 1847 Massachusetts 75
Whitney, Thomas B. Middlesex Co. Watertown abt 1835 Massachusetts 45
Whitney, Thomas E. Essex Co. Lawrence, 5th Ward abt 1827 Massachusetts 406
Whitney, Thomas F. Middlesex Co. Watertown abt 1822 Massachusetts 106
Whitney, Thomas H. Essex Co. Newburyport abt 1805 Nova Scotia 299-300
Whitney, Thomas J. Nantucket Co. Nantucket abt 1804 Massachusetts 133
Whitney, Thomas L. Middlesex Co. Waltham abt 1858 Massachusetts 162
Whitney, Thomas P. Essex Co. Nahant abt 1813 New Hampshire 535
Whitney, Thos. Middlesex Co. Stoneham abt 1816 Massachusetts --
Whitney, Thos. C. Suffolk Co. Boston, 12th Ward abt 1827 Maine 552
Whitney, Thos. J. Norfolk Co. West Roxbury abt 1849 Massachusetts 67
Whitney, Timothy Franklin Co. Deerfield abt 1835 Vermont 62
Whitney, Timothy Worcester Co. Petersham abt 1789 Massachusetts 145
Whitney, Tirzah Franklin Co. Montague abt 1795 Massachusetts 204
Whitney, Triphosa Hampden Co. Westfield abt 1820 Massachusetts 8
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