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"Notes and Queries: Family of Milborne or Herefordshire," Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica]], vol. II (1876), p. 204.

Family of Milborne or Herefordshire. - In the Harleian MS. 6596, folio 72, is the following curious statement:-

"The Milbornes came out of Lincolnshire. King Edward V. and Sir Piers Milborne descended of two sisters. The Milbornes came of one Isett, and Sir Piers was one of Lord Beauchamp's heirs and Chancellor to the King of England, which Sir Piers married the d. and h. of Sir John Alesford, or Ausanne, Kt, Lord of Tillington, in the parish of Burghill, co. Hereford. The said Sir John received the King into his house, and kept him certain days at his own cost and charges. Sir Piers had a son of the aforesaid daughter, which hight Sir John Milborne. He married the d. of Sir Walter Devereux, of Weobley; This doth appeare on a faire tombe in the parish church of Burghill in this incription. 'Here lieth the bodies of Sir John Milborne and Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of the most honorable knight of England, Sir Walter Devereux, who was slain at the great battle of Pilleth.' "Of the said Sir John and Elizabeth came Sir Simon Milborne.

Sir John Baskerville, Lord of Erdesley, and Sir Ralph Baskerville are brothers: the mother of them was the daughter of the Lord Audeleigh [note in the margin, "not soe in the pedigree of the Baskervilles"], whose mother was one of the daughters of the Earl of Arundel. Ralph married the d.& h. of Sir John Blackett, in Cotswold, at a place called Icombe, whose d.& h. Jane, Simon Milborne married, and one son and 13 daughters. The son and 2 daughters died without issue. Simon Milborne knowing the goodness of his title and pedigree, went to law with King Henry VIII, and recovered an advowson of 50 pounds, and against the king, - the king to give it on one vacancy, and Sir Simon on another. Sir Edward Milborne inherited the lands of Sir John Alesford, Sir John Oldcastle, and Sir John Blackett, Knights."

The above paper has already been the subject of a brief inquiry in 'Notes and Queries,' but has received no elucidation. As the thirteen coheiresses all married into good Herefordshire families (two single ones excepted), it might be interesting to verify, if possiblie, some of the above remarkable statements.

Can any of your readers elucidate the connection with Edward V., - the heirship of Lord Beauchamp, - which of the Kings of England Sir John Alesford entertained, - and when and where is any account to be found of the Lincolnshire ancestors of the Milbornes? W.G.B.

Milborne of Herefordshrie. - On the evidence of Harl. MS. 1995, fo. 165, it would appeare that this family is descended, by a female, from the Berkeleys of Durseley. The pedigree is as follows: -

Sir John Blackett, Knight.= Margaret, d. of Sir John Berkeley, Knight.
               Margaret d. & h. = Ralph Baskervile, of Erdesly, Kt.
                   Jane, d. & sole heir of Ralph. = Sir Simon Milborne, Kt.

The above receives a degree of confirmation from the following inq. p. mortem of 8 Henry V.: - "Margaret quae fuit uxor Joahnnis Blackett, Chevalier." Then, after enumerating four separate manors and messuages in Somersetshire, the inquisition adds, "Dodemarton or Dedmarton Maner' ut de honore Glocester." From Rudder's 'History of Gloucester,' "Doddington Manor," it appears,was held by Robert de Berkeley and his descendants of the honour of Gloucester, according to the records of 47 H. III., 21 Ed.III., and 4 Henry IV. It was held by William de Berkely, 5 Ed. III.; by John de Berkeley, 19 & 22 Ed. III.; by Sir Nicholas Berkeley, his son, together with one messuage and two yard lands, 6 Rich. II.; Maud, widow of Robert de Cantelupe and daughter and surviving heir of Sir John Berkeley, was served of this manor, 4 Henry IV.; as was Margaret, the widow of Sir John Blackett, 8 Henry V. Perhaps some of your readers may be acquainted with some other evidences which might confirm, what appears to be probably, that Margaret was daughtrer and coheiress of Sir John Berkeley and sister of Maud. C.J.R.

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.

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