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I am trying to locate a David M Abbey. I came across his name online and have information about Julia Ann Whitney Abbey his great great grandmother. I currently live in Watkins Glen in the house that she and her husband Tyler Hover Abbey built. If anyone has any contact info that they can send me I would appreciate it. My e-mail is Thanks Tina

Knowles (Noles)/ Whitney


My family hit a road block with our Noles genealogy, and my uncle was kind enough to take a ydna test to help us discover which Noles/Knowles family we descended from. To our surprise, we descended from the Whitneys, and my uncle's results were due to a non- paternity event. We would love to find our Whitney ancestors. We don't know where to begin, and we aren't experienced in evaluating Ydna results. We were able to trace our Noles line to Captain Leo Noles in Perry County, OH, b. 1829. We did discover a Knowles/Whitney connection, Jerusha Knowles marrying Dr. John Whitney. I know that she died very young. There is a record of her sister's husband having guardianship over two of her sons, the oldest and youngest. All of her children were minors at the time, not sure why only two are listed here. Guardianship at that time was different than it is now, it doesn't mean raising the child, just responsible for legal documents, I believe.

Do you think Enos Knowles(Jerusha's brother), or other aunts or uncles raised a few of the Whitney boys as "Knowles," and the Whitney bloodline continued through the Knowles/Noles name? One of Enos's sons is the same name/ birth year as Jerusha's son Seth. In this time it was not uncommon to be raised by a family member if a mother or father died young. It would explain why there are no records of them past a certain time.

This theory may have no weight! Just a start to discovering our newfound Whitney heritage.

Does anyone know anything? We would appreciate any help we can get!

Thank you kindly for your insight.

Erin Cole

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