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The Whitney Research Group website uses the following transcription conventions:

Transcription Conventions

  • Non-standard spellings are left as they are in the document.
  • Abbreviations are expanded, except where the abbreviation is common knowledge, such as Mr. for Mister.
  • When abbreviations are expanded, the missing letters are placed in ( ) parentheses.
  • Crossed out words are designated like this.
  • [ ] is used to designate any conjectural reconstructions of the text supplied by the transcriber
  • & is retained as is, even in various versions
Example - Tironian 'et': Tironianet.jpg
  • Where letters or words have not yet been transcribed, they are replaced by approximately the same number of underscores as there are letters missing.

Common Abbreviations

  • The letter "p" with a horizontal line through the descender is an abbreviation for "per-", "par-", "pre-", or "pro-"
Example - ""p(ro)secute": Prosecute.jpg
  • A long sweeping "e" at the end of a word is an abbreviation for "-es" or "-ies"
Example - "forty pownd(es)": Forty powndes.jpg
  • A horizontal line over a word designates missing letters.
  • A downward and backwards stroke through a long s stands for "ir", "er", or "ur", and this abbreviation alone means "Sir"
Example - "S(ir) David p(ar)son": Sir David.jpg
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