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Minot, James Jackson, M.D., Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Austin Whitney, 1826-1889 (The author, 1934)

Ancestors and Descendants



1826 - 1889

[Crest of Whitney, motto "Fortiter Sustine"]





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Ancestors and Descendants of


Numbers 1 to 644 are those in "The Descendants of John and Elinor Whitney" by Henry Austin Whitney, 1857.(1) See this book for details.

All cities and towns unless stated are in Massachusetts.

First Generation

1.--John1 born 1590, bapt. July 20, 1592, St. Margaret's Church, London, England; d. June 1, 1673, Watertown.

There is a question as to which of two persons was his father.

(a)--John probably was the son of Thomas Whitney of Lambeth Marsh, 9 miles from London, and Mary Whitney, dau. of John Bray, Westminster. Thomas was the son of the last but one of the Sir Robert de Whitneys of Whitney-on-the-Wye in Middlesex, now Shropshire (next to Wales).(1) and (2)

(b)--John may have been the son of John Whitney the younger, the son of Richard Whitney (Richard was the son of a previous John) of Islip, Oxfordshire (Richard died in 1602). John lived at or near Lambeth Marsh at a place called Islesworth, County of Middlesex.(3) and (4)

John M. (1) Elinor . . . , b. 1605; d. May 11, 1659, Watertown. (The Indian name of Watertown was Pequisset.) Elinor was the mother of all the 8 children. M. (2) Sept. 29, 1659, Judith Clement, b. . . . ; d. . . . ; she died before John.

John emigrated in April, 1635, in the "Elizabeth and Ann" with his wife Elinor and their children (John, Richard, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Jonathan) to Watertown. He was a prominent citizen. He held many offices. He was selectman for 17 years. He owned much land, 190 acres or more. The First Church of Watertown record reads "1673, John Whitney, widdower, deceased the first day of June, aged about 84 years.(5)

Second Generation

6.--Thomas2 (Johnl). Fourth child, b. 1629 in England; d. Bolton, Sept. 20, 1719; M. in Watertown Jan. 11, 1654/5, Mary Kedell, or Kedall (no record of her birth or death). They had 11 children. Lived in Watertown, Stow, Bolton.

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Third Generation

33.--Thomas3 (Thomas2, John1). First child, b. Aug. 24, 1656, Watertown; d. April 12, 1742, Bolton. M. Jan. 29, 1678, Watertown, Elizabeth Lawrence, b. Jan. 30, 1659; d. Feb. 8, 1742; dau. of George, b. 1630, and Elizabeth (Crispe), d. May 28, 1635, Lawrence. (They were married Sept. 29, 1657.) 8 children. Lived in Watertown, Stow, Lancaster (Bolton). He owned land in each of these towns. (Mrs. Henry Austin Whitney (B.-3) and George Lawrence above are of the same Lawrence family. This was found out at the Mass. Hist. Soc.)

Fourth Generation

130.--Benjamin4 (Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). Fifth child, b. Oct. 7, 1687, Stow; d. Oct. 24, 1737, Boston. (Will dated Oct. 13, 1737.) M. (1) Feb. 7, 1710, at Marlborough (now, Marlboro), Sarah Barrett, dau. John, Jr. and Deborah Barrett, b. Nov. 28, 1692; d. Feb, 15, 1729/30. 9 children. M. (2) in 1730 Abigail Bridge, b. April 1, 1696, Cambridge-farms (Lexington); d. Aug. 1, 1767, Boston. Buried in Granary Burial Ground; dau. Matthew, b. May 5, 1650; d. May 29, 1738, and Abigail (Russell) Bridge, baptized May 12, 1668; d. Dec. 14, 1722. Matthew Bridge lived at Lexington, formerly called Cambridge-farms. 5 children. She signed her name Abigail Whitney. He was an energetic and enterprising man and active in the Indian Wars. He owned much land in Marlborough. He died very soon after he had moved to Union Street, Boston, and opened a shop there. He was the first or one of the first Whitneys to move to Boston. His widow Abigail took up the business of her husband. She imported and sold English and India goods and was very successful.

Fifth Generation

564.--Samuel5 (Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). Fourth child of Benjamin and Abigail Whitney, b. Sept. 5, 1734, Marlborough (now, Marlboro); d. May 29, 1808, Castine, Maine. M. Oct. 20, 1757, at the church in Brattle Close (Brattle Street Church), Boston, Abigail Cutler, dau. David and Lydia (Belknap) Cutler of Union Street, Boston, b. March 24, 1735, Boston; d. July 2, 1813, Castine, Maine. 17 children. Lived on Union Street, Boston, until 1737; then Concord in 1767; then Pitts Lane, Boston; then

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Castine, Maine, 1793. He, Samuel, continued his mother's business in Boston on Union Street and had a branch shop in Salem. When the depression came before the Revolution he moved to Concord in 1767, bought a farm and established a store. His house at Concord was later occupied by A. Bronson Alcott and later by Nathaniel Hawthorne.(5) He held important positions there and was in the first Provincial Congress 1774 and 1775.(5) He went to the Concord fight, April 19, 1775.(5) Samuel's wife Abigail drove the children to a place of safety. A bullet went through the chaise just grazing the heads of the children. When Boston was evacuated 1776 he resumed business in Boston till 1793 when he moved to Castine, Maine (formerly called Bagaduce). In the first Boston Directory 1789, Samuel was the only Whitney. Henry A. Whitney, b. Oct. 6, 1826, great grandson, wrote his life. Privately printed 1860.

Sixth Generation

644.--Joseph6 (Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). Tenth child, b. Sept. 19, 1771, Concord; d. June 24, 1812, Boston, buried in Granary Burial Ground in the tomb of Henry and Oliver Smith next to the grave of his grandmother Abigail (Bridge) Whitney. M. (1) Sept. 24, 1793, Boston, Sally Collins, dau. Elijah and Susanna Collins of Newburyport, b. June, 1773; d. Sept. 22, 1799, Newburyport, of yellow fever. 1 child, Joseph. M. (2) Oct. 18, 1803, Catherina Smith, dau. Henry and Elizabeth Smith, b. Aug. 20, 1778, Halifax, N.S.; d. June 20, 1809, Boston. They went to Halifax, N.S. when Boston was evacuated and returned later in 1776. No children. M. (3) Catherine (Whitney), b. . . . 1774; d. a widow May 26,1836, aged 62 years. No children. (See No. 5 of the Bibliography.)

Joseph was named after his mother's brother Joseph Cutler. He did not go to Castine with his father but went to Newburyport, where his Cutler uncles were merchants and he had employment there 1793. The town record gives date of his birth as Sept. 27, but his father's record shows it to be Sept. 19, and Sept. 19 is on the tombstone in the Granary Burial Ground, Boston.

Seventh Generation

B-1.--Joseph7 (Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). Only child of Joseph6, and Sally Collins Whitney, b. June 11, 1796, Newburyport; d. Sept. 11, 1869, Hyde Park, now

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Boston. He had hired the Whittier house there for the summer. He was left an orphan when 16 years old "without a friend in the world to whom he had a right to look for assistance and nothing to depend upon for maintenance but his own exertions".(6) M. July 23, 1822, Elizabeth Pratt, dau. John, b. Chelsea, Oct. 15, 1761; d. Mar. 11, 1836, and Mary (Tewksbury) Pratt, his second wife. (They were married 1793.) The Pratts lived in Malden, Chelsea (Prattville) and 1836, Boston, at Harris' Folly, 26 Purchase Street.

He, John Pratt, was son of Thomas and 6th generation from Richard of MaIden, England, who emigrated to Malden, Mass., 1616. She, Elizabeth Pratt, b. Aug. 29, 1800, Malden; d. Jan. 5, 1890, at 102 Beacon Street, Boston. 3 children. She signed her name Elizabeth Pratt Whitney. Joseph lived, after his mother Sally Collins had died, with his great uncle and aunt, Samuel and Sally Cutler on Union Street, Boston, until his father married again. "While still before he was of age he was a partner in a business firm in Boston. By industry, ability, and strict integrity he met with ample success and that too during times of financial depression."(6) Joseph became the head of a firm under name of Joseph Whitney & Co., manufacturers of boots and brogans. Joseph lived at "Harris' Folly" on Purchase Street, 59 High Street, 146 Tremont Street, and 102 Beacon Street, Boston.

Eighth Generation

B-2.--1--Caroline Elizabeth1, b. Oct. 25, 1823; d. Apr. 24, 1908. M. Hezron Ayres Johnson of New York, Nov. 28, 1847. He d. . . . .

9 Generation, Children: (Johnson)
  1. Josephine Whitney--b. Jan. 19, 1849; d. Mar. 10, 1927. M. Henry A. Coit Taylor of New York. No children.
  2. Fanny Lawrence, b. Sept. 27, 1851; d. June 46, 1932. Not married.
  3. Alice Willington, b. June 21, 1856; d. . . . . M. Herman LeRoy Emmet of New York, Dec. 2, 1885. He d. about 1926. One son died of diphtheria about 1900 when about 4 years old.

2--Henry Austin (christened Henry Augustus). Name changed to Henry Austin (See B-3.) Feb. 1857, by Probate Court, Boston.

3--Sarah Josephine, b. Jan. 18, 1837; d. Mar. 25, 1842.

B-3.--Henry Austin8 (Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). Second child, b. Oct. 6, 1826, Boston, at "Harris'

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Folly," 26 Purchase Street; d. Feb. 21, 1889, 261 Marlborough Street, Boston. Harv. A.M. 1846. M. Mar. 3, 1852, Fanny Lawrence (christened Mary Frances, changed name to Mary Fanny and omitted Mary on marriage), b. Boston at 3 Bulfinch Street, Aug. 19, 1828; d. at 54 Boylston Street, Jan. 28, 1883; dau. William, b. at Groton, Sept. 17, 1783; d. at Boston, Oct. 14, 1848 and Susan Ruggles (Bordman) Lawrence, b. Apr. 29, 1787; d. Aug. 7, 1828. William Lawrence lived finally at 160 Tremont Street and his brother Amos at 158, corner of West Street, in Colonnade Row. Lawrence Ancestry--Fanny7, William6, Samuel5, Amos4, John3, (John3 was brother of George Lawrence whose daughter married Thomas3 Whitney), Nathaniel2, John1, immigrant to Watertown, 1635.(6) Signed her name Fanny Lawrence Whitney. Lived: 54 Boylston Street, Boston; from 1854 in the summer at Milton on Brush Hill Road; 1882 on Blue Hill Avenue where he built a new and large house; 1886 and 1887 summer and winter there; 1888 at 261 Marlborough Street, a new house, Boston. In 1849 he became a partner in Joseph Whitney & Co. and in 1872 the firm was dissolved. He was a director in many corporations and industries. 1876 he became the president of the Boston and Providence R.R. and held that office until he died. He was "respected as a man of liberal ideas, sound judgment and upright business methods."(7) He was president of the Suffolk National Bank, trustee of estates; trustee of hospitals, etc. He had a large library of 5000 or more books and read a great deal and remembered what he read.(7) and (8) He wrote many articles, etc. See his bibliography in Joseph C. Whitney's life of his father.(7) and (5) There were 6 children.

  1. Henry Lawrence b. Boston, Oct. 27, 1853.
    d. Milton, Oct. 23, 1866.
  2. Joseph Cutler b. Boston, Dec. 7, 1856; see B-4.
    d. Milton, July 18, 1911.
  3. Ellerton Pratt b. Boston, Aug. 21, 1858; see B-5.
    d. Milton, Feb. 24, 1928.
  4. Elizabeth b. Boston, Mar. 23, 1860; see B-6.
    d. Boston, Feb. 19, 1903.
  5. Constance b. Boston, May 11, 1865; see B-7.
    d. Milton, June 4, 1924.
  6. Hugh b. Milton, Sept. 7, 1870; see B-8.
    d. Hamilton, Oct. 23, 1907.

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Henry Lawrence Whitney was a handsome boy, bright and beloved by every one, young and old. He was accidentally shot October 23, 1866.

Ninth Generation

B-4.--Joseph Cutler9 (Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Boston, Dec. 7, 1856; d. Milton, July 18, 1911. Harv. 1878, A.A. M. Nov. 9, 1882, King's Chapel, Boston, Georgiana Hayward, b. Jan. 22, 1857; d. Dec. 18, 1933, dau. George Hayward, Harv. 1839 A.M.; 1843 M.D., b. Dec. 11, 1819; d. Mar. 29, 1901; and Annie Upton Hayward, b. June 28, 1830; d. Dec. 2, 1883, of Boston. (George Hayward 1819-1901 was a nephew of George Hayward, Harv. 1809 A.M.; Univ. Pa. 1812 M.D.; he did the second operation under ether at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Oct. 17, 1846. The first operation was done by Dr. John Collins Warren, Oct. 16, 1846.) Her name after marriage, Georgiana Hayward Whitney. Lived, Boston, 124 Marlborough Street, 232 Marlborough Street. Summers, Brush Hill Road, Milton, where his father, Henry A. Whitney (he hired this house and place of Mr. Tufts), had lived before building his house on Blue Hill Avenue. Joseph C. Whitney bought the land and house and added to them. He was in the wool business for some time; then took care of real estate and served as trustee. Selectman of Milton. He travelled over many of the western states on business and pleasure. He was Secretary of the Harvard class of 1878.

10 Generation, Children: (Whitney)
  1. Henry Lawrence b. Boston, Jan. 13, 1886. See C-1.
  2. George Hayward b. Boston, Jan. 31, 1892. See C-2.
  3. Robert Upton b. Boston, Nov. 6, 1895. See C-3.

B-5.--Ellerton Pratt9 (Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Boston, Aug. 21, 1858; d. Milton, Feb. 24, 1928. M. June 5, 1901, at Union Chapel, Magnolia, Ellen Cushman Sargent, b. Feb. 12, 1876; d. . . . ; dau. Joseph Sargent of Worcester, b. May 15, 1849; d. Mar. 11, 1910; Harv. 1870 A.A., and Nellie Louise (McClure) Sargent, b. Jan. 28, 1853; d. Nov. 19, 1909. Her name after marriage, Ellen Sargent Whitney. Lived at Milton, Blue Hill Avenue, in the house his father built. 1927 at the "Capen" house, 20 Brush Hill Lane, off

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Brush Hill Road, Milton. He did not go to college; went to Nebraska and had a ranch there with Charley Codman for a number of years; was vice-president of Merchants and Miners Transportation Co., succeeding his father. Trustee of several large estates. He was a member of the Metropolitan Park Commission. Ellen Cushman Sargent is a descendant of John Whitney, b. 1643, No. 13 (in the printed genealogy of John and Elinor Whitney).(1)

10 Generation, Children: (Whitney)
  1. Ellen Louise b. Milton, Dec. 12, 1902. See C-11.
  2. Ellerton Pratt b. Milton, Dec. 9, 1905. See C-12.

B-6.--Elizabeth (Whitney)9, (Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Boston, 54 Boylston Street, Mar. 23, 1860; d. Boston, 188 Marlborough Street, Feb. 19, 1903, buried in Minot tomb at Forest Hills Cemetery. M. Oct. 30, 1884, at the First Parish Church (Unitarian), Milton, by Rev. Henry W. Foote of King's Chapel, Boston, and Rev. Frederick Frothingham of Milton, James Jackson Minot, Harv. 1874 A.A.; 1878 M.D., b. West Roxbury (now Boston); son of George Richards and Harriet (Jackson) Minot. George Richards Minot, the grandson of Judge George Richards Minot, Harv. 1778, A.M.(9) and the son of William Minot, Harv. 1802, A.M.(13), was b. Oct. 28, 1813 at 61 Beacon Street, Boston; d. Dec. 4, 1883 at "Woodbourne," Bourne Street, West Roxbury. Harriet (Jackson) Minot was b. June 28, 1813; d. Dec. 29, 1886, at 245 Marlborough Street, Boston; dau. of Dr. James Jackson, Harv. 1796 A.M.; 1802 B.M.; 1809 M.D.; 1854 LL.D. Hon., and Elizabeth Cabot of Beverly, b. Apr. 16, 1776; d. Nov. 10, 1817. She (Elizabeth Cabot Jackson) was mother of all the children. George R. Minot was in the East India Trade 1839 and later, 1857, merchant, agent for cotton mills. The firm was Minot and Hooper. He did not go to college. Her name after marriage was Elizabeth (Bessy) Whitney Minot. Lived, first year at 77 Marlborough Street, 1885 at 188 Marlborough Street, built for her by her father. Summers at her father's house, Blue Hill Avenue, 1890 at Capen house, Brush Hill Road, built new house 1891 at 616 Blue Hill Avenue, Milton, adjacent to the west side of her father's place. Spent part of the summers at the Minot house, in the Field, Bar Harbor, Maine. Part of a summer at West Chop, at Falmouth Heights and at Nonquit Beach. One winter, 1889-1900, was spent at Santa Barbara, California. She was beloved by every one. She was always doing things to make others better and happier. She

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was engaged in many charities. Devoted to her children. She and her husband grew up together from the time she was 3 years old.

10 Generation, Children: (Minot)
  1. George Richards b. Boston, Dec. 2, 1885. See C-4.
  2. James Jackson b. Boston, Nov. 17, 1891. See C-5.
  3. Henry Whitney b. Boston, Feb. 6, 1896. See C-6.

James Jackson Minot, M.D., physician at the Boston Dispensary, at the Carney Hospital, at the Pauper Hospital, Long Island, at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He was a trustee of the Boston Consumptives Hospital (now the Boston Sanatorium); trustee of the Mass. Hospital for Inebriates and Dipsomaniacs; President of the Mass. Society for Emergency and Hygiene; and is now Vice-president of the Boston Tuberculosis Association, Chairman of various committees for outdoor schools and so forth and of the Prendergast Preventorium.

B-7.--Constance (Whitney)9, (Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Boston, May 11, 1865; d. Milton, June 4, 1924 (buried in Whitney lot at Mt. Auburn Cemetery). M. Franz Eduard Zerrahn of Boston, Sept. 11, 1890, at the First Parish Church (Unitarian), Milton. He was b. Boston, Mar. 28, 1858; d. Dedham, June 19, 1928. Son of Carl Zerrahn of Melchow, Germany, and Boston, b. July 28, 1826; d. Milton, Dec. 28, 1909, and Carlotta Evers, b. Germany, Jan. 10, 1853 (?); d. Jan. 4, 1893, Boston; lived at Staten Island, N.Y. and probably married there. Carl Zerrahn emigrated to America some years before 1854. Her name after marriage, Constance Whitney Zerrahn. Lived at Milton in her father's house; in 1901 went to Europe; and then built a house about 1906 on easterly part of what was her father's place; moved into the house 1907.

10 Generation, Children: (Zerrahn)
  1. Constance b. Milton, June 21, 1891. See C-7.
  2. Elizabeth b. Milton, Mar. 20, 1899. See C-8.

Franz Eduard Zerrahn was an architect. He was a special student in Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1874-1875. He lived then at 130 Chandler Street, Boston.

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B-8.--Hugh9 (Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Milton, Sept. 7, 1870; d. Hamilton, Oct. 23, 1907. M. Oct. 20, 1897 at Beverly, Eleanor Amelia Marguerite Cecilia Shattuck of Boston, b. Nov. 22, 1874; d. . . . ; dau. George Brune Shattuck, b. 1845; d. 1923; Harv. 1863 A.A., 1869 M.D., and Amelia Schutte (widow, Lavalle) Shattuck, b. 1824; d. 1918. Her name after marriage Eleanor Shattuck Whitney. Lived at Milton, Beverly, and Hamilton where he built a house.

10 Generation, Children: (Whitney)
  1. A son b. Beverly, July 20, 1898; d. July 21, 1898.
  2. Eleanor b. Milton, Sept. 2, 1899. See C-9.
  3. Hugh b. Beverly, Aug. 21,1903. Harv. 1925 A.A., 1927 A.M. See C-10.

Mrs. Whitney, widow, m. (2) Nov. 17, 1909, Dr. Elisha Flagg of Boston.

Tenth Generation

G-1.--Henry Lawrence10 (Joseph Cutler9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Jan. 13, 1886; d. . . . ; Harv. 1910 A.A., 1914 M.L.A. M. Aug. 25, 1923, King's Chapel, Boston, Rosamond Houghton of Cambridge, b. Aug. 23, 1894; d. . . . ; dau. Henry Oscar Houghton b. Feb. 18, 1856; d. July 14, 1906; Harv. 1877 A.A. and Rose Rysse (Gilman) Houghton, b. Aug. 23, 1863; d. . . . . Her name after marriage Rosamond Houghton Whitney. Lived 7 Exeter Street, Boston. Summers, Brush Hill Road in "Clark"(10) house built by Robert Tucker 1663, remodeled 1875, by Miss Susan M. Clark, a descendant of Tucker. The house was moved about 1898 from Brush Hill Road opposite Robbins Street to Joseph C. Whitney's place. This house is probably the oldest in Milton. The Clark house is now called "The Centuries." He also spent part of the summers at Nantucket. He now owns his father's place at Milton and now (1934) lives there.

11 Generation, Children: (Whitney)
  1. Georgiana b. Milton, May 23, 1925.
  2. Rosamond b. Boston, Dec. 1, 1930.

C-2.--George Hayward10 (Joseph Cutler9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Jan.

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31, 1892; d. . . . . M. Jan. 20, 1925, Boston, at his mother's house, 232 Marlborough Street, Boston, Dorothy Jordan, b. Oct. 17, 1901; d. . . . ; dau. Robert Anson Jordan of Brookline, b. Aug. 30, 1871, Harv. 1892 A.A.; B.U. 1894, LL.B., and Edith M. (Taylor) Jordan, b. Oct. 6, 1873. Lived for some years at his mother's, 232 Marlborough Street, Boston; then at 222 Highland Street, Milton, which his mother bought for him.

11 Generation, Children: (Whitney)
  1. Dorothy b. Boston, Dec. 23, 1925.
  2. George Hayward b. Boston, May 1, 1927.

C-3.--Robert Upton10 (Joseph Cutler9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Nov. 6, 1895; d. . . . ; Harv. A.A. (war degree as of 1918, 1920). M. Aug. 18, 1917, at the Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal), Mattapan, Boston, Lucy Holman Burgess, b. Dedham, Sept. 23, 1898; d. . . . ; dau. George Ebenezer Burgess, b. Mar. 23, 1872; d. Aug. 19, 1902, Harv. 1893 A.A., and Elizabeth (Wadsworth) Burgess, b. Aug. 25, 1871; d. . . . . (Mrs. Burgess lived at Milton after Mr. Burgess died. She M. Guy Waring, Harv. 1882 A.A.) Her name after marriage Lucy Burgess Whitney. Lived at Groton a year, then Milton, then Short Hills, N.J.

11 Generation, Children: (Whitney)
  1. Robert Upton b. Milton, June 7, 1918.
  2. Mary Burgess b. Short Hills, N.J., Aug. 13, 1920.
  3. Fanny Lawrence b. Short Hills, N.J., Aug. 10, 1922.
  4. Joseph Cutler b. Short Hills, N. J., Apr. 14, 1927.

C-4.--George Richards Minot10 (Elizabeth9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1). B. Dec. 2, 1885; d. . . . ; Harv. 1908 A.A., 1912 M.D.; 1928 S.D. (Hon.); 1931 F.R.C.P (Edin.) (Hon.) M. June 92, 1915, at the First Parish Church (Unitarian) of Milton by Rev. Palfrey Perkins (now minister at King's Chapel, Boston), Marian Linzee Weld, b. Milton, May 17, 1890; d. . . . ; dau. Christopher Minot Weld, son of Francis Minot Weld of Jamaica Plain, now Boston, and Elizabeth Rodman Weld of New Bedford, b. Jamaica Plain (Boston), Oct. 2, 1858; d. Milton, Aug. 27, 1918, Harv. 1880, A.A., and Marian (Linzee) Weld, dau. of

[p. 13]

Thomas Amory Coffin Linzee and Sarah Parker (Torrey) Linzee, b. May 11, 1862, Boston; d. . . . . Her name after marriage Marian Weld Minot. [The Minot and Weld houses at Bar Harbor, Me., were next to each other and alike.] Lived, Boston, 224 Marlborough Street; 247 Beacon Street; 30 Marlborough Street, Boston; built a house at 71 Sears Road, Brookline, 1930.

11 Generation, Children: (Minot)
  1. Marian Linzee b. Boston, Oct. 6, 1918.
  2. Elizabeth Whitney b. Boston, Dec. 4, 1920.
  3. Charles Sedgwick b. Boston, Mar. 18, 1930.

C-5.--James Jackson Minot10 (Elizabeth9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1); b. Nov. 17, 1891; d. . . . ; Harv. 1913, A.A.; M. Oct. 12, 1921 at St. John's Church, Beverly, Miriam Sears of Boston, b. July 13, 1893; d. . . . ; dau. Richard Dudley Sears, Boston, b. Oct. 26, 1862 ; Harv. A.A., 1883, and Eleanor Mary Cochrane Sears, b. Sept. 27, 1872; d. . . . . Her name after marriage Miriam Sears Minot. Lived at 229 Marlborough Street, then bought and altered 104 Beacon Street, 1922, Boston, and summers at Mr. Sears', Prides Crossing, then bought a house at 56 Grover Street, and altered it 1927, with many acres of land, Beverly.

11 Generation, Children: (Minot)
  1. Eleanor Cochrane b. Boston, Jan. 25, 1923.
  2. Louisa Sedgwick b. Beverly, Sept. 16, 1924.
  3. Constance Whitney b. Boston, Nov. 2, 1927.
  4. Miriam Mason b. Boston, Dec. 28, 1930.

C-6.--Henry Whitney Minot10 (Elizabeth9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1); b. Boston, Feb. 6, 1896; d. . . . ; Harv. 1917, A.A. M. Oct. 18, 1924, at Trinity Church, Boston, Ellen Sears Curtis, b. Aug. 20, 1899; d. . . . ; dau. Charles Pelham Curtis, Boston, b. Sept. 7, 1860; d. . . . ; Harv. 1883, A.A., 1885 LL.B., and Ellen Amory (Anderson) Curtis, b. Nov. 22, 1868, d. . . . . Her name after marriage Ellen Sears Minot. Lived 9 Lime Street, 323 Beacon Street, 108 Marlborough Street, Boston; 275 Goddard Avenue, Brookline, one year and built a house at

[p. 14]

85 Sears Road, Brookline, 1930. Summers on North Shore and in 1933, Blue Hill, Maine.

11 Generation, Children: (Minot)
  1. Henry Whitney b. Boston, Aug. 1, 1925.
  2. George Richards b. Beverly, July 6, 1927.
  3. Ellen Amory b. Boston, Apr. 12, 1929.

C-7.--Constance (Zerrahn)10 (Constance9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1); b. June 21, 1891; d. . . . ; M. Apr. 5, 1913, at the Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal), Mattapan (Boston), Charles Burnet Bradley of Morristown, N.J., b. Apr. 15, 1883; d. . . . ; Harv. 1904 A.A., 1907 LL.B., son of Charles Bradley, Morristown, N.J., b. Aug. 21, 1857; d. . . . , and Julia Elizabeth Brown Ballantine, b. Sept. 18, 1858; d. . . . . Her name after marriage Constance Zerrahn Bradley. Lived at Morristown, N.J. Summers at various places on North Shore, Mass. and Northeast Harbor, Maine.

11 Generation, Children: (Bradley)
  1. Charles Burnet b. Morristown, Apr., 1915.
  2. Constance b. Morristown, Dec. 31, 1917.

C-8.--Elizabeth (Zerrahn)10 (Constance9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1); b. Mar. 21, 1899; d. . . . . M. June 3, 1922, at Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal), Mattapan (Boston), Theodore Chadwick of Boston, b. Brookline, Jan. 5, 1891; d. . . . ; Harv. 1913, A.A., son of George Whitefield Chadwick, b. Nov. 13, 1854; d. Apr. 4, 1931, and Ida Brooks Chadwick, b. May 1, 1865; d. . . . . Her name after marriage Elizabeth Zerrahn Chadwick. Lived, Boston: 870 High Street, Dedham. Summers at West Chop.

11 Generation, Children: (Chadwick)
  1. Theodore b. Boston, Apr. 24, 1923.
  2. Constance Whitney b. Dedham, July 22, 1926.

G-9.--Eleanor (Whitney)10 (Hugh9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1); b. Milton, Sept. 2, 1899; d. . . . . M. June 2, 1921, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston,

[p. 15]

Thomas Robeson Morse of Boston, b. Kansas City, Mo., May 29, 1895; d. . . . ; Harv. 1918 (war degree 1919 as of 1918). Son of Charles Fessenden Morse, Kansas City, Mo. and Boston, b. Sept. 22, 1839; d. Dec. 1, 1926, and Ellen Holdredge Morse, b. Sept. 10, 1851; d. . . . . Her name after marriage, Eleanor Whitney Morse. Lived, Boston, Brookline, Weston, built house 57 Tyler Road, Belmont. Summers at various places, in 1933, Blue Hill, Maine.

11 Generation, Children: (Morse)
  1. Esther b. May 3, 1923, Boston.
  2. Hope b. July 12, 1924, Boston.
  3. Hugh Whitney b. Aug. 20, 1925, Boston.
  4. Thomas Robeson b. Sept. 19, 1927, Boston.

C-10--Hugh (Whitney)--not married. Lives with his mother.

C-11.--Ellen Louise (Whitney)--not married. Lives with her mother.

C-12.--Ellerton Pratt (Whitney)10 (Ellerton Pratt9, Henry Austin8, Joseph7, Joseph6, Samuel5, Benjamin4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1); b. Milton, Dec. 9, 1905; d. . . . . M. Oct. 1, 1932, at Bangor, Maine, Suzanne Boutelle Savage of Bangor, Maine, b. July 22, 1907; d. . . . ; dau. Eugene Treat Savage, b. Apr. 14, 1880; d. Aug. 30, 1933, and Anne Curtis Boutelle, b. July 17, 1876. Lived at Bangor, Winterport, then at 78 Grove Street, Bangor, Maine, and in autumn of 1934 moved to Boston. Her name after marriage, Suzanne Whitney.

11 Generation, Children: (Whitney)
  1. Ellerton Pratt b. Jan. 15, 1934.

[p. 16]

No. 1

The name of Whitney is of Saxon origin. Witan in Anglo-Saxon signifies "wise man." Witney now used in Oxfordshire; Witerine, spelling in Herefordshire according to Domesday Book. The genitive is Witena.(11) and (4) In the Life of William Whitney Rice(2) it says "it probably derives its name from two words signifying "white water," the first huit, pronounced whete and the second Ey, water."

The name of the parish of Whitney-on-the-Wye River is written at different times Witteneye, Wytney, Wittney, Witenie, Whiteney, Witenil, Whitteney, Wyteney, Wytneye, 1575-6, Wyttney, Wytteneye, Witney, 1603, Whiteneye, Witny, 1603, Whitteney, Whetny, 1673, Whitney. (11) and (4)

Before the time of William the Conqueror, and during the reign of Edward the Confessor, the name of Whitney was borne by the tract of land where the parish was.

The family was founded by Jostan or Jurstin, the Fleming, at the time of the Norman Conquest. He was a follower of William the Conqueror; he was Standard Bearer at the battle of Hastings, 1066. Jurstin was given estates in nine different counties by William. One was the little parish of Whitney-on-the-Wye in what is now Shropshire County of 1500 acres. He was succeeded by his son Eustacius, Lord of Whitney and was probably the first to bear the name of Whitney as a surname. Eustacius was succeeded by a list of descendants, in which the names of Eustacius and Robert were most frequent for a long time; after that more modern names appear, as James, Thomas, and John, Lords of Whitney. A Sir Robert de Whitney went with Richard Coeur de Lion to the wars of the Crusades; because of his bravery he was knighted. He devised the crest of the family, the head of a bull and below "Magnaminimeter Crucem Sustina" (now, the words below the crest are "Fortiter Sustine). A Sir Robert de Whitney built a castle at the parish of Whitney-on-the-Wye. It was destroyed later. Feb. 14, 1404, the King (Henry IV) gave to a Sir Robert de Whitney the castles of Clifford and Glasbury.(4)

There was a church at Whitney-on-the-Wye. The river Wye some time in the first half of the 18th century changed its course and the church and graveyard are now at the bottom of the river.

[p. 17]

A new church was built on the other side of the river. Henry Whitney Minot, born Feb. 6, 1896, went to Whitney-on-the-Wye in 1931. He copied from the register of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul as follows: "1345 Thomas de Whitney, 3rd Rector; 1345 Sir Eustace de Whitney, Patron." He looked them up at the College of Heralds, London. There this ancestor is entered as "Eustacious de Whitney, made a Knight of the Bath, May 22, 1305." The Whitneys were patrons of the church from 1345 to 1663 except in 1544 when Henry VIII, destructor of monasteries, reigned and in 1554 by lapse. H. W. Minot copied from the register "1369 Sir Robert de Whiteney, 1439 Sir John de Whitney, 1663 Thomas J. Whitney," apparently no longer "Sir." There is a monument to Constance Whitney at the Church of St. Giles, Cripplegate, London. She was the granddaughter of Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlescote, who prosecuted Shakespeare for poaching on his land.(2)

No. 2

Laurentius, called St. Lawrence, chief deacon of Sixtus, Bishop of Rome, was fastened to a gridiron and broiled to death A.D. Aug. 10, 258.

The first Lawrence who lived in England was Lawrence the Monk. He came from Italy. He died A.D. 916 and is buried in the Abbey of St. Austins.

Robert Lawrence of Lancashire, England, born 1150, went with Richard Coeur de Lion on the Crusades. He so distinguished himself at the siege of Acre that he was knighted "Sir Robert of Ashton Hall" and obtained for his arms "Argent, a cross vaguly gules" A.D. 1191.(12)

Mrs. Henry Austin Whitney (B-3) was a Lawrence, daughter of William.

[p. 18]

Whitney Portraits


Joseph Cutler Whitney, b. Dec. 7, 1856, had:

  1. Henry Whitney (651-XVII in Henry Austin Whitney's Descendants of John and Elinor Whitney) a great uncle of Henry Austin Whitney. Now belongs to R. U. Whitney, 1934.
  2. A copy of the picture of William Lawrence that belonged to Mrs. William Warren Tucker (Susan Elizabeth Lawrence, b. Oct. 5, 1822). Now belongs to G. H. Whitney, 1934.
  3. Joseph Whitney, b. June 11, 1796; d. Sept. 11, 1869, father of Henry Austin Whitney. Now belongs to R. U. Whitney, 1934.
  4. Henry Austin Whitney, b. Oct. 6, 1826; d. Feb. 21, 1889. Now belongs to G. H. Whitney, 1934.
  5. Grandmother Tewksbury, grandmother of Elizabeth Pratt (Mrs. Joseph Whitney (No. 3). Now belongs to H. L. Whitney, 1934.

Ellerton Pratt Whitney, b. Aug. 21, 1858, had:

  1. William Lawrence, b. Sept. 7, 1783; d. Oct. 14, 1848. This picture belonged to Mrs. William Warren Tucker (Susan Elizabeth Lawrence) and given by her son Alanson Tucker to Ellerton Pratt Whitney.
  2. Mrs. Henry Austin Whitney, b. Aug. 19, 1828; d. Jan. 28, 1883.

Elizabeth Whitney, b. Mar. 23, 1860; d. Feb. 19, 1903, Mrs. James Jackson Minot had:

  1. William Lawrence, b. Sept. 7, 1783; d. Oct. 14, 1848, her grandfather. A different picture from the one above Ellerton Pratt Whitney has.
  2. Elizabeth Pratt--her great grandmother.
  3. Elizabeth Pratt Whitney--her grandmother.
  4. Copy of a crayon of Elizabeth and Constance Whitney, by Rouse, 1871. (Mrs. Charles B. Bradley has the original.)

Constance Whitney, b. May 11, 1865; d. June 4, 1924; Mrs. Franz Eduard Zerrahn had: now owned by Constance Zerrahn Bradley, her daughter.

  1. Elizabeth Pratt Whitney, great grandmother--in small oval frame.
  2. The "three graces": Susan Elizabeth Lawrence (Mrs. William W. Tucker), Harriet Bordman Lawrence (Mrs. Seth Edward Sprague), Fanny Lawrence (Mrs. Henry A. Whitney).

[p. 19]

  1. Original crayon of Elizabeth and Constance Whitney by Rouse, 1871. Now owned by Mrs. Charles Burnet Bradley, her daughter.
  1. A small picture of a Bordman boy, born about 1730. He was the grandfather of Susan Ruggles Bordman, who married William Lawrence, May 20, 1813. A picture of her grandmother Whitney, Fanny Lawrence, as a young woman. A picture probably of the mother of Fanny Lawrence and who was a Bordman. Now owned by Elizabeth Zerrahn Chadwick, her daughter.

Hugh Whitney, b. Sept. 7, 1870; d. Oct. 23, 1907, had:

  1. Great grandmother Lawrence (Mrs. Samuel Lawrence) (Susanna Parker). This picture came to his daughter, Eleanor Whitney Morse. She has lent it to Henry Whitney Minot, her cousin.

Mrs. James J. Minot owned two white and painted glass mugs that came from the shop on Union Street, Boston, of Abigail (Bridge) Whitney, wife of Benjamin4. Mrs. Joseph C. Whitney9 had one. Now owned by her son, Henry Lawrence Whitney. All are cracked. They are more than 150 years old.

Robert U. Whitney, born Nov. 6, 1895, now owns an old Whitney clock made about 1800.

James J. Minot, Jr., born Nov. 17, 1891, now has the tall hall clock that belonged to William Lawrence, born 1783, father of Fanny Lawrence who married March 3, 1852, Henry Austin Whitney.

Cotton-gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1793. He was b. Dec. 1765; d. Jan. 8, 1825. Graduated at Yale College. He was son of Eli of Westboro, bapt. May 3, 1740, and grandson of Nathaniel, b. Jan. 23, 1695/6. M. (2) Judith Hazelden of Sutton. See No. 251, 305 in Descendants of John and Elinor Whitney, by Henry A. Whitney, 1857. "Eli Whitney conceived the idea of his wonderful machine while under Mrs. Greene's (wife of General Greene of the Revolution) roof at Mulberry Grove, Georgia, in 1752. Whitney, then a poor law student, was protected by Mrs. Greene, who provided him an apartment where he labored and produced his cotton-gin."

See: Historic Fields and Mansions of Middlesex, by Samuel Drake, published by Roberts Brothers, 1876.

The difference between the Julian Calendar, "old style," and the Gregorian is ten days between 1582 and 1700, and eleven days between 1700 and 1800. The "ten" and "eleven" are to be added to the old style to get the new style. The Gregorian adopted by England and

[p. 20]

her colonies in 1752, when September third of that year was made September fourteenth. Before that time the year began on the twenty-fifth of March. Usually double dating is used for the first three months of the year.

In this genealogy all dates previous to 1752 are old style.


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  2. William Whitney Rice, A Biographical Sketch by Rockwood Hoar; also The Whitney Narrative, being an Account of the Whitney Family, written by Mr. Rice. pp. 83. Worcester. Charles Hamilton, 1897.
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[p. 21]

  1. Minot Genealogy by Joseph Grafton Minot, 1897--privately printed.
  2. Colonial Families of the United States of America--George Norbury Mackenzie. Vol. VI. The Seaforth Press, Baltimore, Md.


See also:

  1. Histories of Watertown, Mass.
  2. Vital records of Stow, Watertown and Framingham by Cutter, N. E. Hist. & Genealog. Register.
  3. Cutter's Mass. Genealogies.
  4. Savage's Genealogy--several volumes.


The following documents were privately printed
by Henry Austin Whitney

He wrote March 31, 1859 "It is my intention, at some future day, to prepare a more full and complete account of the immediate progenitors of my Great-Grandfather, Samuel Whitney, than is contained in the little volume entitled, 'A brief account of the descendants of John and Elinor Whitney of Watertown, Mass.,' printed in 1857. . . . , a manuscript . . . is constantly in danger of being lost or destroyed. It has therefore seemed expedient to print a few copies of the Deeds, Wills, etc., relating to different generations especially as having but little time to devote to the subject it may be several years before my collections will be completed and ready for the press. . . . There have accordingly been printed:

Appendix to First Generation, ten copies, October, 1858. (17 pages)
Appendix to Third Generation, ten copies, November, 1858. (12 pages)
Appendix to Fourth Generation, twenty copies, March, 1859. (36 pages)
Memoranda relating to the name of Whitney in England, five copies. In press."
The first three items measure 13 7/8 x 10 1/2 inches and the above note is from the "Appendix to Fourth Generation."
Mr. Whitney also had printed October 6, 1875, in same size as above, 19 pages. "The First Known Use of Whitney as a Surname: its probable significance, and other data."
The wills of Joseph Whitney and Henry Austin Whitney, his son, have also been privately printed. The printed copies each measure 10 x 12 1/4 inches, the former with two codicils composes 15 pages, and the latter 7 pages.
"Wills relating to the name of Whitney in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, England, 1549-1603: with a pedigree." Was privately printed Boston 1865 by Henry Austin Whitney--12 copies, The Press of John Wilson & Sons, Cambridge--23 pps, 14"' x 10"' inches.

Copyright © 2001, 2006, The Whitney Research Group

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