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The Whitney Research Group (WRG) is an informal group of individuals interested in the scholarly research of Whitney families around the world and throughout history. It was formed in April, 1996. This group is generally considered to be those individuals on the WHITNEY-L mailing list as well as those with accounts on this site. The WRG is a group whose members actively seek Whitney data and whenever found, submit it to the mailing list and/or to this site in hopes that it will be of interest to someone else. In this way, we are collectively building a much better understanding of the various families.

Please feel free to search through the information on these pages that we have collected thus far. We also encourage you to join the group by joining the list and by creating an account here.

Many of our members have submitted their Whitney connections to our Lineage List.
The Whitney Research Group website is designed and maintained by:
Tim Doyle - E-mail Tim
Robert L. Ward - E-mail Robert
This website is a "wiki", meaning that you can log in and correct any problems that you may find. If you are not comfortable doing that, please contact Robert or Tim to report suggestions, broken links or other problems.

Whitney Research Group Member Lineages


  • ca. 12/95 Jeanne Muse posts ELI.GED to aol.com, prompting many other Whitney researchers to contact her. These individuals form the original group under Jeanne's organization. Jeanne sent out a weekly newsletter and instructed each member to add or remove members from the list as needed.
  • 12/95 to 5/96 No messages from the group survive. - Robert Ward sent messages from 12/25/96 to 10/31/97
  • 1/4/96 Jon Aston released 'Whitney1.ged'.
  • 3/7/96 Jon Aston released 'Whitney3.ged'.
  • 3/23/96 Jon Aston released 'Whitney5.ged'.
  • 4/17/96 Jon Aston released 'Whitney6.ged'.
  • 4/21/96 Jon Aston released 'Whitney7.ged'.
  • 6/96 Robert Ward joins the group. It is from his files that the earliest known messages are recovered (6/96 to 12/96).
  • 10/13/96 The list, previously hand edited by each and every member on their own machines, is moved to a true mailing list. Its new address is WHITNEY@rmgate.pop.indiana.edu. The list consists of about 80 subscribers and is maintained by Michael Whitney.
  • 10/21/96 The list has grown to 87 subscribers.
  • 10/24/96 The abbreviation 'WRG' (and hence the name Whitney Research Group) is first used. Previously it had been called the "Whitney Family Discussion List" as well as other such names.
  • 11/21/96 The group's Vital Records Project is begun with a tremendous amount of the work being completed by Peg Sanborn.
  • 12/5/96 Robert Ward announces his Whitney related website.
  • 1/97 to 9/97 No messages from the group survive. - Ronald Whitney sent messages from 5/18/97 to 8/18/97
  • 2/8/97 Jon Aston released 'Witney11.ged'.
  • ca. 5/11/97, the MAISER mailserver program at indiana.edu was swamped by a spammer, and was taken offline. Almost all the mailing lists hosted there were clobbered, and the host institution and owner decided not to revive them.
  • 5/11/97-6/11/97 Allan Green relayed all messages using a large personal mail alias.
  • ca. 6/11/97 the list was transferred to rootsweb.com, through the gracious offer from the owners there to host all of the defunct lists.
  • 8/22/97 Jon Aston released 'Witney12.ged'.
  • 9/97 Tim Doyle joined the group.
  • 11/8/98 Jon Aston releases 'Witney13.ged'.
  • 1/26/99 The Pierce Project is started
  • 5/31/99 Our new website at www.whitneygen.org is announced.
  • 1/8/06 The new wiki website is created.
  • 2/5/06 The new wiki website is announced to the group.

  • Vickie Elam White <102657.1616@compuserve.com> has 'some' messages from 1/97 to 9/97.
  • Barbara Crowder Black <Babseeb@aol.com> has many original messages.
  • Jon Aston <MRJ79@aol.com> has most emails since 11/95
  • Ronald Whitney <ronwhitney@worldnet.att.net> sent messages from 5/18/97 to 8/18/97
  • Robert Ward sent messages from 12/25/96 to 10/31/97
  • 12/95 to 12/25/96 No messages from the group survive.

For more information, see History of the WRG, by Allan Green.