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Calendar of probate and administration acts 1407-1541 and abstracts of wills 1541-1581 in the court books of the Bishop of Hereford

Edited by M.A. Faraday and E.J.L. Cole
With an introduction and an index compiled by M.A. Faraday

London : British Record Society, 1989.


E = executor
A = administrator
W = will copied into Court book probated in calendar with page reference
B = beneficiaries
O = overseers of will
Obit: = obituary listed in will

Fiche 7 page 616 Index

Whitney; Wytteney; Whitteney; A Wyttney

Alice: 552/146x
Elinor: 555/1x
Elizabeth 94/4x;534/11x; 555/1x
Eustance: 525/1
Henry 91/10
James 91/10x; 94/4x; 525/1x
Johan 88/3
John 523a/20; 525/64x; 525/257x
Margaret 555/1x
Margery 523a/20x
Nicholas 552/95x; 58/40;88/3x
Richard 53/51x; 58/40; 88/3x
Robert 91/10x; 94/4; (517/30x); 527/41x; 530/16x;555/1
Thomas 555/1x; 562/1x
William 535/11x

Third Fiche

Page 199

Weobley 11 January 1517/18

517/7 Thomas Crompe of Whitteney, E: Hugh Phelpots (p.21) DW: against John ap Howelle ap Richard and David Taylor of Whitney; Witness: John Phelip son of Hugh; (p. 55 A: Robert Whitteney gentleman)

Page 221

Newent 26 January 1523/24

523/21 John Whitteney of Mynsterworth who died oversears. E: Margery his relict and William Rery and John Hoper (p. 6r)

Fourth Fiche

Page 273

Weobly 5 April 1540

539/13 Richard Rowbayge of Almaly. E: Margery his relict and Walter Rowbayg

Page 297


555/1 Robert Whitney of Castleton, gentleman. W: made 17 July 1555; E: his wife Elizabeth and his son Nicholas Whytney; B: his unmarried daughters Elinor and Margaret and his son Thomas Whytney; Witn: Sir Androwe vicar of St ___ and ___ ap John and Howell David and William Morgan and John Wyllis. (damaged and faded) (f. 28v)

555/2 William Watkyn of Clifford. W: made 6 April 1555; E: Richard (? Awhiton) and Adam (? Watames) gentleman.; B: his wife Alice and his daughter Margery and his sisters Margery and Anne; Witn: Istance Howell and David Lewys and Thomas ap John. (damaged) (f. 34a)


Page 301

558/15 Morgan William of Montgumry. W: made 16 March 1559; E: Cateryne his wife; B: his sister Elizabeth and Margaret Herbert daughter of William Herbert and William Owen and Anne Owen and Owen Taylor and Owen’s wife Elizabethe and Jevan ap rees Gwylliyme; O: Morgan Broughton; Witn: Sir William Elckes clerk and Morgan ap Broughton and Howell ap Hugh and John Elckes; Dr and Cr: lists.

Page 304

562/1 Ricahrd Smithe, yeoman, of Mydlewoodd in Clifford. W: made 4 April 1563; E: his eldest son William Smithe and his father in law David Harper of Kynley; B: his wife Alice verch Davyd and his other 3 children Caterine and Elizabethe – both unmarried – and Edward; Witn: Nicholas Witney and Thomas Wytney and Jenkinge Aprice and Philippe Richardis and Johan Harper

Page 307

564/13 Thomas Colcombe of Kingis Pewne. W: made 4 November 1564; E: Thomas Crose and Thomas Colcombe and Jamys Colcombe and Richard Colcombe; B: his umarried daughter Alice and his wife Alice and his servant Thomas Whitney and his sons Thomas and John and Richard and John Alen’s children; Witn: Thomas Tyler vicar of Kyngis Pewne and Edward Broughton gentleman and John King and William Crose and John Crose.

Page 313

517/2 Lewis ap Yevan of Clifforde. W: made 27 May 1572; E: his wife Elice verch Thomas and John ap Rees vicar of Clifforde and John William Phillipe of the Haie; B: his unmarried daughter Ales verch Lewis and his 2nd son Thomas and his eldest son Eustache Lewis and his youngest son James Lewis and Nicholas Lewis – both unmarried - and his cousin Richard ap William; Witn; Llawellyn ap John and James William David and Lewis Llewellyn and Thomas Lewis; Drs : list.

Page 315

576/7 Ancharet Shakerley of Brome in Hopesay. W: made 1576; E: Master Mathew Brome; B: Mathew Brome son of Thomas Brome the younger and George Jukes and Alice and Margaret 2 daughters of Thomas Brome of Aston and Joice and Alice Spensar 2 daughters of William Spensar; O: Thoams Jukes son of her sister Alis Brome; Witn: Elizabeth Brome and Thomas Longford and John Longford and William Powell.

Fiche 2

Page 135

1491-1492 Register of Thomas Moreton, Commissary General and Archdeacon of Salop
Weobley 13 April 1492
91/10 Sir Henry Whitney chaplain of Webeley. A: The distinguished Master Robert Whitney esquire and James son of said Robert (p 14)

Page 139

1494-1495 Register of Richard Judde, Commissary General
Weobley 6 October 1494
94/4 Robart Whitteney, esquire of Whitteney. E: Elizabeth his relict and James his son (p.5)

1525-1526 Register of William Burghill, Official Principal, Commissary General and Vicar General
Weobley 9 October 1525
525/1 Ustans Whitney of Clifforde. E: James his son (p.3) (Faraday page 223)

Weston Deanery 1552-1553 552/95 John Hughes of Clifford, husbandmen. W: Made 2 November 1552; E: Katherine his wife and Eustache Vaghan clerk parson of Wynfreton; B: Agnes his daughter and Robert and David and Lewys his sons and his daughter’s son Robert and Sir Andro Marshall clerk, Witn: Nicholas Whitney gentleman. (Faraday page 293)

1534-1536 Register of Humfrey Ogle, Archdeacon of Salop: And Later of Hugh Coren and William Edwards

Weobley Deanery

Faraday page 251.

524/11 Sir (John) William Massey (p. 23 Masse vicar of Clyffort. W: made 17 June 1535; E: Sir David Johns (p.21 David ap John) and Hygones Brace; B: his godson William Wytney and Elysabeth Wytney and James ap Harry and Myle ap John

1525-1526 Register of William Burghill, Official Principal, Commissary General and Vicar General, page 223 9 October 1525: Ustans [sic] Whitney of Clifforde. Executor: James his son (p.3.)

Copyright © 2006, Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq., Robert L. Ward, and the Whitney Research Group

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