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From Llyfr Baglan, or the Book of Baglan, compiled between the years of 1600 and 1607, by John Williams, transcribed from the original manuscript preserved in the Public Library of Cardiff and edited with explanatory notes by Joseph Alfred Bradney (London, 1910), 5, 34, 44, 103.

p. 3. Edward the 3, K' of E' began his Elinor da. . . . ., Earle Barri, espowsed ll'n ap ragne 1326, he espowsed Phillippa, m'edith ap Owen, lo' of Iscoed, w'ch Owen da. to Wm. E. of henold. She was sone to gru' ap R's ap gru' ap R's ap beareth O., quartred 4 lions S. Theodor, prince of South wales. Courant. = = | |_____________ ____________________|___________________________________________ | | | | | | | | Ladie Adan esp' Ladie margar' Ladie Jane espowsed Ladie Marie espowsed Joan da. to ll'n, | Rob't Veer, E' of esp' the E' of the Emperoure of John mountfort, ducke lo' of Iscoed, | Oxford,1 & had Penbrocke2 & Spaine3 and had of Brittayne, and had espowsed Rees | issue. had issue. issue. issue. ap ll'n ap R's ap | gronow ap Cra- |_________________________________________________________________________________ doc ap Ricked | | | | | | | ap Owen ap Edward, Will'm of hart- Jon. of Edmond Langley, Tho' of wood- Wm. of Einon ap Koll- the black for died w'th gaunt, d' of Yeorke, 5 stocke, d' of wynsor, oyne, w'ch was prince, out issue. 4th sone, sone to Ed' the 3, gloc', 6 sone 7 sone lo' of Singhenith sone & h' --- duck of esp' da. & one of to K' Ed' the to King and one of the to K' Lionell, 3 sone, Aqui- the h' of the E' 3, esp' Eliza' E' the 3, xv' genelogies of Ed. e, had issue. tan and of Kent. da. to ye E' of died North wales, had issue. = Lancas- = Heref'. w'thout had issue. = | ter. | issue. = | | = |________________________________ | | |_____ |_____________________ | | | | | | | | | | Richerd of Bur- Phillippa, da. & Henrie Edmond, Richerd, Constance, Jenkin ap R's deux, K' of Eng- sole h', espowsed the 4th, E' of Earle of espo' of glyneth, land, deposed Edmonde morti- K' of Som'sett Cam- Edmund esquier. bye K' H' the mer, Earle of E'. = bridge. holand, E' = 4th, died w'out m'che. = | = of Kent. | issue. = | | | = | A | B | C | D | E | F | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 This is wrong. Robert Vere, earl of Oxford, who died s.p. 5 Edward III., married Margaret, daughter of Roger Mortimer, earl of March. 2 John Hastings, 2nd earl of Pembroke and 14th lord of Aberganvenny, K.G. By this wife he had no issue. His 2nd wife was Anne, daughter of Sir Walter Manney, knt. He died 1375. 3 Lady Jane, or rather Joan, was spoused to Alphonso, king of Castile and Leon, but died of the plague in 1348, when only 14 years of age, before she was married.

p. 4.
                        A |               B |        C |          D |         E |             F |
   _______________________|            _____|          |            |           |               |
  |              |                    |                |            |           |               |
Roger        Elizabeth espowsed     Henrie       Jon. duck of    Richerd,    Elinor, espo'    Rees ap
mortimer,    henrie p'cye, Earle    the 5,       Som'sett        ducke of    James, lo'       Jenkin.
Earle of     of northum'b'land.     K' of E'.        =           Yeork,      Audley.             =
m'che                                  =             |           had            =                |
   =                                   |             |           issue.         |                |
   |                                   |             |              =           |                |
  _|________             ______________|             |              |           |                |
 |          |           |            ________________|              |           |                |
 |          |           |           |          |         ___________|           |                |
 |          |           |           |          |        |             __________|                |
 :          |           |           |          |        |            |          _________________|
 :          |           |           |          |        |            |         |    | | |     |
. . . .1  Edmond    Henrie the   henrie,    m'garet   Edward      Constance   Jon.  Wm.      Joan vxor
 :        m'tim',   6, K' of E'  d' of      espowsed  the 4th,    ma. Robert  ap     --      ll'n ap ....
 :        Earle of  deposed &    Som'sett.  Edmond    Kinge of    lo' whit-   R's.  Tho'.    ap .... ap
 :        m'che.    slain bye       =       E' of     England,    ney.         =     --      .... R's
 :                  K' Ed' ye       |       Rich-     had issue.      =        |    Jenkin.  ap Einon
 :                  4th.            |       mont.         =           |        |             Sais.
 :                     =            |          =                      |        |                 =
 .......               |_______     |______    |_____                 |        |_________        :
       :                       |           |         |                |          |       |       :
Edward the 4, K' of E',   Prince Ed',    Charles   Henrie the 7th,   James      Rees   Will'm    :
deposed K' [H'] the 6     also slaine    Som'set   K' of E', de-     whitney.   ap     ap Jon.   :
& optayned the Kin-       bye the said   E' of     posed K' Rich-       =       John.  ap R's.   :
dom of England.           K' Ed' the     worc're   erd the 3.           |                =       :
                          4th.             =              =             |                |       :
   ________________________________________|              |             |                |       :
  |           ____________________________________________|          ___|                |       :
  |          |                |                                     |                    |       :
Henrie,    Henri the 8,    m'garet eldest da. ma. Ja' the 4th,    Rob't whitney.    moris Wm.    :
E' of      K' of E'        K' of S'. The said M'garet secun-            =           of Keven     :
worc'.         =           darlie ma. Archduball duglase,               |           llitha.2     :
  =            |           d' of anguis.                                |                =       :
  |            |                    =               =                   |                |       :
  |        ____|_______________     |______         |              _____|  ______________|       :
  |       |         |          |           |        |             |       | |        |           :
Edward,  Ed', K'  mary,      Eliza',    Ja' the  m'garet    Sr. Robert  Jon. had  Jonett ma.  Sr. d'd wi[l-
E' of    of E',   Q' of E',  Q' of E',  5, K'    ma.        whitney,    issue     Wm. Jon.    liams],3
worc'.   died     died       died       of S.    mathew     knight.     reputed.  ph'e & had  knight,
  =      w'th-    w'thout    w'thout      =      stuard,       =          ---     issue Jon.  Justice of
  |      out      issue.     issue.       |      lo' d',       |        Harrie    Wm., &      the Comon
  |      issue.                           |      E' of L'.     |        Moris     others.     pleas and
  |                                       |         =          |        had                   Assise.
  |                                       |         |          |        issue
  |                                       |         |          |        reputed.
G |                                     H |       I |        J |

   1 The intervening descents are--Anne, daughter of Roger Mortimer, earl of March, married Richard, earl of
Cambridge, who had issue Richard, duke of York, who had issue king Edward IV.                                                     
   2 In Llantilio Crossenny, Monmouthshire.
   3 The page is torn, and it is not therefore clear here what the descent of Sir David Williams is, but by reference to
other authorities he was son of Gwilym, son of John Fychan, son of Gwilym Gwyn, the son of Llewellyn, who married Joan,
daughter of Rees ap Jenkin above. He was a distinguished judge, with an estate and residence in Wales at Gwern-yfed
near Talgarth, and in England at Kingston Bagpuze in Berkshire, where he died and was buried in January 1612/3. His son
Henry was created a baronet in 1644.

p. 5.
G |                                                H |       I |       J |
  |             _____________________________________|         |         |
  |            |                          _____________________|         |________________________
  |            |                         |               |                        |               |
Henrie,1     Marie Stuard, Q' of S', = henri lo' d',  Charles stuard ma.      Sr. Ja' whitney  Eustance
lo' herb't.  espowsed Henrie Stu-    | E' of L',      Eliza', da. to Sr. Wm.  died w'th out    whitney,
             ard. lo' darley, E' of  | ma. marie      Candish, knight.        issue.           lo' whit-
             linouxe.                | Q' of Scots            =                                ney, 1611.
                 ____________________|                        |____________________
                |                                                                  |
             James the 6, K' of S', & nowe K' of E', ff', & I'               Ladie Arbella.
                |                   |                           |                  |
             Henrie, p' of w'.    Charles, d' of Yeorke.    Ladie Eliza'.    Ladie m'garet.

                                        CLIFFORDE.6                 p. 26.

Eustaunce Whitney ma. da. & h' to Myles Walters of Clifford, had issue James.
James Whitney ma. Sibil, da. to Harrie Myle of newcourt,7 bye Aeles, da. to
      Simon mylborne, knight, had issue Eustaunce.
Eustaunce whitney ma. Counstaunce, da. to Sr. Richerd Vaghan of Brodwarden,8
      knight, sone to Tho', sone to watkin, sone to Roger vaghan & Gladice, the da.
      of Sr. Dauid Game, knight, had issue James.
    |                                | |                        |
James whitney ma. Anne, da. & h'  Sibil ma. Tho' Wenland.    Anne ma. James
to Oliue' Vaghan, had issue Eus-             ---             Prosser of Camp-
tance that ma. Anne, da. to Paul  Blainch ma. Robert Duppa.  ston.10
Delahae of Alterines,9 Esquier.

                                         6 In Herefordshire.
   7 In Bacton, Herefordshire.           8 Bredwarden, in, Welsh Brodorddin.
   9 Delahay of Allt-yr-yn-ys. This old mansion was before this the seat of the Cecils (Sitsyllt),
in the parish of Walterston, Herefordshire.
  10 In the parish of Grosmont.

p. 34.
[fo. 12] The mothere of Sr. Robert Whitney was the da. of Sr. Tho. Ouldcastle,
    and her mothere was the ladye webley; and ane other Sister ma. the Lord
    Jestyn,1 and her Children was Richerd haclet and Tho. haclett and a da. the
    mother of Sr. Tho. Cornwall; and ane othere sister ma. Sr. John Harley;2 ane
    othere Sister was the mothere of Tho. Parrie of Postowne, esq.; and ane other
    sister ma. halcot, the mother of the wief of Sr. John Baskervil.
The issue of Dame wenllian, the da. of Sr. Tho. Ouldcastle, was Sr. Robert Whitney
    and Eustaunce Whittney, and she had a da. called Alson who was the wief of
    Harrie Gru' of newcourt;3 Peryn Whitney ma. Abrall;4 Jaen Whitney
    ma. walwyn of Longford; and Eliza' Whitney ma. Roger Blwntt.
The childrene or issue of dam Eliza', ladie webley,5 were Sr. Jon. deverex, Lord
    fferys, Dam Anne Herbert Countes of Penbrock, Dam Sibil Baskervil ladie
    of Ersley.
The mothere of Sr. Eustaunce ap Sr. Eustaunce was Joan, the da. of Sr. Harrie
    Oddyns, and her mothere was the da. of the Lord Talbot bye the da. of
    Sr. Rees the younger, son to Sr. Rees mychell,6 and her [fo. 13] mothere was
    the ladie Gladice, da. to Sr. Gru' ap ll'n ap Iorwerth drown dwn.7 prince of
The wief of Mr. Rob't whitney was Constance, the da. of the lo. Awdley,8 and the
    mothere of Constance was Elinor, the da.9 of Edmond Holand, Earle of
    Kent, and the mothere of Elinor was Constance, the da. of Edward, ducke of
The mothere of the last Sr. Robert Whitney was the da. of Sr. Simon Mylbrwn.10
The mothere of Eustance Whitney (1597) was the da. of Sr. James Baskervile.

   1 Why called Lord Jestyn I do not understand.  Elizabeth, dau' of Sir Thomas Oldcastle
married Walter Hacluit of Eyton in Herefordshire, and had issue Richard, Thomas, a daughter
married to Edward Cornewall, a daughter married to Richard ap Harry of Poston (Visitation
of Hereford, by Cooke, 1569.  Edited by Weaver, 1886).
   2 Sir John Harley married, Joan, dau. of John Hacluit of Eyton (Collins' Peerage).
   3 In Bacton, Herefordshire.
   4 She was the third wife of John Abrahall of Abrahall.
   5 This is incorrect: the Lady Weobley (Agnes, dau. of Thomas Crophull) was wife of
Sir Walter Devereux. Their son Walter married Anne, only child and heir of William, lord
Ferrers, and was summoned to Parliament 1 Edw. IV. as lord Ferrers.  William Herbert,
1st earl of Pembroke of the second creation, married Anne, sister of Walter, lord Ferrers.
   6 Michel, the equivalent of much or great; i.e., Sir Rees the elder.
   7 Trwyn dwn, fractured nose.
   8 James Touchet, lord Audley.                                    9 Base daughter.
  10 Simon Milbourn of Tillington in Herefordshire; he was never knighted.
  11 The celebrated Sir David Gam, who was knighted as he lay dying at the battle of

p. 44.

Simon Mylborne,2 knight, had issue 6 da.,
Blainche that ma. James Whitney, esq., who had issue James Whitney, who had
    issue Sr. Rob't Whitney, knight, had issue Sr. James Whitney and Ewestance
    Whitney now living, 1607.
The said Blainch ma. afterwards Sr. Will'm Herbert of Troe,3 knight, and had
    issue Sr. Charles Herbert, knight, and Sr. Thomas Herbert, knight.
[blank] 3 da. ma. Wm. Ridoll of Ridoll,4 esq., one of ye Judgs of E. & King's
    attorney, had issue John Riddoll, had issue John Riddoll, had issue Wm.
    Ridoll nowe liaving, 1607.
[fo. 275] Aeles Mylborne, 7 da., ma. Harrie myele of Newcourt,6 esq., and had
    issue 19 childrene, myele apparrie of newcourt, Simon apparrie of Whit-
    house,7 Margaret Parrie that ma. Howell ap gwatkin of Penbedile,8 and
    Blainch apparrie that sarved in Court Queene Elizabeth.
The said myele apparrie had issue, Harrie myele that died w'thout issue, and
    two daughters, (viz.), Eliza' Parrie ma. Rowland Vaghan of Porthamale,9
    esq., and Blainch that ma. Neppe Haworth,10 sone to Humfrey
    Haworth of Hereford.

   2 Simon Milborne lived at Tillington in Herefordshire; he was never knighted.
   3 Try, near Monmouth.                      4 Rudhall of Rudhall, near Ross.
   5 Two folios are thus numbererd.           6 In Bacton, Herefordshire.
   7 In Vowchurch, Herefordshire.             8 Penbiddle, in Monmouthshire.
   9 Porthaml, near Talgarth.
  10 Epiphan Howarth of the Whitehouse in Vowchurch, Herefordshire. There appears to be
some confusion here. The wife of Rowland Vaughan of Newcourt was his cousin Elizabeth,
daughter of Rowland Vaughan of Porthaml, M.P. The wife of Epiphan Howarth is given in
Robinson's Manors of Herefordshire as Blanch, daughter of Rowland Vaughan.

                                                                                 p. 45.
Elizabeth mylborne, the eldest da., was ma. to Sr. Thomas monyngton of Sarnfill1
    in Hereford sheere, knight, who had issue bye her vijen. children. And aftere
    his decease she ma. a woorshippfull John Whittington, and had by hyme xije.
Sibill, the seconde da., ma. Richerd Hackled,2 esq., and aftere his decease she ma.
    John Braynton,3 esq., and had issue by eithere of them.
Joyce, the 4th da., was ma. to Tho. Hiett of the forest,4 esq., a man of faire lands
    & possessions, & had by her manye childrene.
[fo. 28] Katerin, the 5 da., was ma. to Barton5 of Webley, esq., a man of faire
Elinor, the 8 da., was ma. to John Moore of Gloc'sheire, esq., a man of great
Margaret, the 9 da., ma. John Bishoppe of worchester sheire.
Anne, th 10th da., ma. to Tho. Wallwyne,6 esq., a man of 3Cli. lands a
    yeare7 in Heref' sheire.
And Jane mylborne, the 11th da., was ma. to Sr. Tho. Cornewall8 in Herefordsheire,
All these said daughters had manye childrene, of whome came great ofsprings, for
    the most p't of the gent' in Heref' sheire and manye in Gloc' sheire & worc'
    sheire are of theme descendede.

   1 Sarnsfield.         2 Hacluit.         3 Breynton of Stretton Sugwas.
   4 The Forest of Dean; he was of Lydney.                      5 Thomas Barton of Weobley.
   6 Of Hellens in Much Marcle.                                 7 £300 a year in lands.
   8 Recte Sir Richard Cornewall of Eye in Herefordshire.
   9 Recte Eylesford.                                      10 Lord Ferrers.
  11 The inscription in Latin is given in Cooke's Continuation of Duncomb's Herefordshire, part i., p. 58.

                                  WHITNEY1                            p. 103.

Sr. Baldewyn Whitney, knight, ma. da. to [blank].
Sr. Eustance Whitney, knight, ma. Margerye, da. to Ralf Grouncell.
Sr. Estane Whitney, k., ma. da. to Sr. Thomas Trefor, knight.
Sr. Rob't Whitney, k., ma. Joan, da. to Sr. Robert Ryssell, knight.
Sr. Robert Whitney, k., ma. Joan, da. to Henrye of the nashe.
Eustance Whitney ma. da. to Sr. Thomas Tryssell, k.; she beareth or, true loves
Robert Whitney who was called lord Whitney ma. first the da. of the lorde
    Audley; his second wief was Eliz', da. to Watkin Vaghan of Hergest,2 esq.,
    who had issue James Whitney.
James Whitney ma. Blainch, on of the heyres of Symon mylborne,3 esq.
Robert Whitney ma. Elizabeth, da. to Robert Wey, esq.
Sr. Robert Whitney ma. Syble, da. to Sr. James Baskervill.
                 |                              |
[fo. 115]  Sr. James Whitney, knight,       Estaunce Whitney, ma. the da. of
           died w'thout issue.              wm. Vaghan of Glasburye.

1 On the banks of the Wye in Herefordshire.
2 Hargest, near Kington.                        3 Vide pp. 44, 45.

Copyright © 2006 Robert L. Ward and the Whitney Research Group

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